Twinj – An unusual love story (Episode 14)


Thankyou for ur comment and everyone who read pls comment.. okay!! And yes, ur questions, my answers. So, I was saying- Why can’t step bro and sis unite?. Love is blind? Isn’t it? They need confession♥♥ Ok ur questions my answers.. ask in the comments if u want.
No one has ever asked me who is playing Veer and Aanchal??
Wanna know
Read full cast name at the end of this epispde

Recap- Veer misbehaves with Aanchal. She teaches him a lesson. Veer finds himself attracted to her. Because of not concentrating on his revenge, he hurts his hand by hitting it on mirror. He ignores and sleeps. By mistake he is sleeping in Aanchal’s room. She comes and pours water on his face to wake him up and tells him to leave. He leaves. She sees her room’s mirror broken with blood on it. Understanding the situation, she…..


Aanchal thinks ‘Omg babji, what did he did? He hitted his hand on mirror but why. Someone knocks on Veer’s door. He says- Come in… Aanchal clears her throat. He says- What? She says – I have bought first aid box for you. He smiles and says- Thanks. Now you can leave. She thinks- Yeh Khadus aese thanks bol raha hai jese koi ehsaan kar raha hai. He says- U wanna say something. She says- No bye. He is unable to apply ointment with left hand. Aanchal sees it and comes to him, snatches the ointment rudely, but sweetly and applies it on his hand. He looks in her eyes. She says- Done!! Now Mr. Khadus, tell me ur name. He says- Veer. She moves her hand for friendship- She says- Friends? Veer smiles and moves his hand. He says- Forever and Sorry. Aanchal says- Oh God. I was never upset with u but just fed up. But now- We are friends. She smiles. Veer thinks- Maybe more than friends??. He smilesl. Veer thinks- She teached me how to smile. He thinks- Today, I must hear what my heart says- My heart says- I am attracted towards her beauty, her innocence, her cuteness, her talks, her forgiveness, her everything. I have started loving her. Now what I will do is correct.

He goes to Kunj. Kunj says- How dare you.. Actually you don’t deserve staying inside this room. Out!! He says- Kunj, I don’t want to say anything to you except sorry. I want ur forgiveness. Twinkle is shocked as she hears it. Veer says – Sorry Twinkle for what I did. Kunj says- Ohk Its now ur another cleverness. Veer says- No Kunj, you are misunderstanding me. Actually, I… aanchal completes his line- He is my friend, good friend and he deserves it bhai…. He said sorry to me too. Kunj says- Don’t believe him, he can harm u. We know him more than u. Twinkle says- Ok so can u prove it. He says- Yes I can. Kunj says- So leave this house now. He is silent. Kunj laughs and says- I knew it u r a liar. Twinkle sees in his eyes and says- Kunj, I think he is right. Let him speak also. Veer says- But I want to talk to Twinkle alone because I don’t know whether u will understand me or not. Kunj says- No say before me. I know what u did last. Twinkle says- I can see truth in his eyes. Veer says- Ok fine. Actually.. Aanchal says- Speak.. Kunj says- Aanchal, leave.. Aanchal- But bhai.. Kunj- Aanchal leave now.. Aanchal- Ok fine. She leaves. Twinkle asks Veer to speak
Veer- Actually Kunj, I have started loving ur sister.
Kunj- Oh so now this is ur plan
Veer- No no! Really.
Twinkle- I think we must give him a chance. His eyes are a proof.
Veer- If u will not let me and Aanchal unite, I am ready to leave this house and forget it for her.
Kunj- Ok Enough Veer. Please leave. We will discuss and tell u.
Veer- Ok Fine. He leaves.
Kunj thinks

Twinkle- Kunj, I think you must give him a chance
Kunj- Twinkle, its the matter of life of my sister.
Twinkle- Kunj, I am 99% sure he is right guy for her
Kunj thinks smiles and says
And I am 99.99% sure. But I hope our trust on him will be worthwhile.
Twinkle- Yeah… But now.
Kunj smirks happily and says- Veer
They knock on Veer’s door. He opens the door. They see that he is packing. Twinkle says- Why are you packing up?
Veer- I know you wouldn’t believe me. I am ready to leave.
Kunj puts his hand on his shoulder
Kunj- I am trusting you Veer, I know you are right guy but don’t break my trust..
Veer becomes over happy and hugs Kunj in excitement. I love you Kunj. He hugs Twinke and says- Thankyou both of you.
They both leave. Veer throws his bag in air and shouts- Yehhh, I am in love.

Lead cast
Jasmin Bhasin as Twinkle Taneja/Twinkle Kunj Sarna- Main female lead protagonist
Sidhant Gupta as Kunj Sarna
Main male lead protagonist
Vivian Dsena as Veer/Veer Sarna
Sanjeeda Sheikh as Aanchal Sarna/Aanchal Veer Sarna
Other cast
Vaishnavi MacDonald as Leela Taneja
Bobby Parvez as Manogar Sarna
Deepika Amin as Usha Sarna

Vivian and Sanjeeda
Veer and Aanchal♥♥
Hope u guys loved it
Dont forget to comment 🙂

Credit to: Sareena

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  1. Hey NYC episode… But don’t u think making a bro fall for his own sis is lil bit weird… I knw u have ur own story line.. But step or own they bro n sis n r children of the N I anchal had to call veer by any name Dan it wud b “bhaiya”…
    So anyways I have a suggestion, y don’t u make I like veer is not at all the son of manohar n he just blackmailed manohar n acted to b hhis son…
    So definitely he can love aanchal….

    Am really very sorry if I’ve hurt u.. It’s anyways ur wish…
    Am really very sorry…… I just wanted to suggest u….sorry…
    But frankly speaking I just love ur ff… Keep going.. Luv usareena..
    Sorry once again….

    1. Hahaha.. that was a surprise for u all… u revealed.. 🙁

  2. Nice sareena keep going loving it but plz can u put twinj scenes it will be more awesome nd about the episode its cute sweet nd adorable… do continue ??

  3. nyc epi…..

  4. Star ( Dayne Reddy )

    Nice episode yaar.

  5. Osm epi dear loved it…….. Do cont soon plzzzzz……?????????

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