Twinj – An unusual love story (Episode 12)


Hi! The last ff’s discussion in comments was horrible. Sid??? Number???.. Hahaha. Let’s forget about it because a celebrity will set privacy. If you wanna check anyway, check.. now I will not write recap. Writing 2 times same thing and recognising it is difficult. Okay. Go ahead. Read On.
Twinj- An unusual love story Episode 12

Twinkle gets ready to go to Sarna House. She thinks- Why did Kunj called me?. Twinkle thinks- Ooooooh! His sister is coming from America today. That’s why? Chinky calls her and tells her to come urgently. Twinkle first goes to Chinky. She is driving but she sees Chinky. Twinkle comes out and says- Chinky? Why did you called me here?. Chinky says- Look Twinkle. Twinkle sees- Some boys are misbehaving with a girl. The girl is trying to ignore. The boys come near her. Twinkle gets angry. Chinky says- Your house was near so I called you Twinkle. Twinkle goes to the boy and says- How dare you touch her. She slaps him. Twinkle tells the girl to leave and sit in her car. She do it. He says- Whats your problem. He is trying to slap her but Kunj comes and stops him. The girl sees Kunj fron behind. Kunj slaps him. He tells her to go. Twinkle says- But Kunj..Kunj says- Go Twinkle. Twinkle says- Kunj but listen. Kunj shouts- Go Twinkle. Twinkle goes and sits. Twinkle thinks- Kunj is dissapointed because I again messed with a boy. The girl says- You are looking tensed. Twinkle says- Yeah.. I mean no. The girl says- You can share it with me. You have saved me. You are like my sister. Twinkle tells her everything. She says- Don’t worry. Leave everything on Babaji. Twinkle says- Ok. I will drop you. Where do you wanna go?. She says- No I will go myself. Twinkle says- Tell me. I will drop you. She says- No I have my own car. You told me to sit in yours so I sat. Twinkle says- Ok but phir kisi siyape me fas mat jaana. She smiles and nods in yes and says- Thank you. Twinkle says- You are my sister and no Thankyou okay. She again nods in yes and leaves.

Twinkle drives to Sarna House. Kunj and she both enter at the same time. Kunj gives an angry look, leave her behind and goes to the room. Twinkle follows him. Twinkle says- Kunj! At least talk to me. He is silent. Twinkle again repeats the same. Kunj says- You think that u can do everything on ur own. Right?. Twinkle tells him the whole incident. Kunj says- But you should have called me. The thing which happened can happen again. You know I cannot save you everytime. Twinkle apologies and says- But I have you Kunj. And till I have you, no one can even touch me. Kunj says- Ok Enough. My sister called me that she will reach in 5 mins. Lets go. Twinkle says- Ok. They both go out.

Kunj and Twinkle comes out. They see a girl standing. That girl runs and hugs Kunj. Kunj says- Aanchal you are back. Twinkle says- You? Oh you are his sister. Aanchal says- But how are you here. Kunj says- You know each other. Kunj tells Twinkle- She is my sister. He tells Aanchal- She is my fiancee. Aanchal says- Oh really. Aanchal tells Kunj how Twinkle saved her. Kunj gets glad. Aanchal hugs Twinkle. She says- Oh wow! I am so happy. Twinkle thinks- Thankyou Babaji. Now Kunj will not be miffed with me anymore. Usha comes. Aanchal runs and hugs her. She says- I missed you Maa. She says- I missed you too. One by one she meets all family members and tells them how Twinkle saved her from that boy. All get pleased with her. Kunj looks at Twinkle and smiles and mummers- Thankyou. Twinkle mummers- My pleasure. They both smile.

precap- veer comes and sees aanchal. he says- who are you beautiful. twinkle goes to him and says- don’t.. even.. try. aanchal comes and looks at him angrily and slaps him- how dare you. do you think i am an innocent and simple girl.? if you think, you are wrong. don’t mess with me. i will kill you.

Credit to: Sareena

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