Twinj – An unusual love story (Episode 11)


I have got an important task for you at the end. I will be very grateful if you do it. And please reply. It’s a request.
Recap- Twinkle and Kunj’s roka completes. Kunj tells her the whole story. She gets worried hearing it.
Twinj- An unusual love story episode 11

Scene 1
Twinkle hugs Kunj. Veer sees it from door and enters there. He says- I will make your life worse than hell. I will not let you live happily. Twinkle says- We both are together and our strength is a lot more than you. Because you are single. Twinkle and Kunj look at each other. Veer claps. He says- I am impressed with your believe and I feel pity on you. He laughs evilly and leaves. Twinkle says- How we will handle him. Kunj says- Everything will be fine. And Twinkle, I wanted to tell you that tomorrow, my younger sister is coming from America after completing her studies. She says- Wow that’s good. They both smile and goes downstairs. It’s time for Sarnas to leave. Twinkle says bye to Kunj. Veer says bye to Twinkle and gives her flying kiss. Twinkle ignores. He smirks. It’s night. Twinkle is sleeping. She feels that someone is in balcony. She says- Hey, Who’s it?. There is no answer.

Scene 2
Someone’s shadow is there. Twinkle picks up a pillow and goes there. She opens the door. He enters. Twinkle shouts. It’s Kunj. He says- Sssshhh.. keep quiet.. its me. Twinkle says- What are you doing here?. Kunj says- I wasn’t able to sleep so I came here. Twinkle says- It’s your drawing room that you came here. If someone must have seen you and… If you must have fallen. Have you ever thought? You must have taken my life. Kunj says- But nothing happened to me na? I am absolutely fine. Twinkle says- But… Kunj says- Sshh. Don’t you get tired of speaking too much?. Keep quiet. They share an eyelock. Kunj comes close to her. Twinkle moves back. She collides with wall. She closes her eyes. Leela says- Twinkle? Is there someone. She enters any opens the light. Twinkle opens her eyes. There is no one. Twinkle says- No maa!. She says- Ok but why you are not sleeping. She says- Actually..Maa. I also heard someone so I woke up. Leela says- Ok its too late. Just sleep. Twinkle says ok maa. Leela leaves. Twinkle takes deep breath. Kunj comes from behind curtain. Twinkle says- Kunj aaj to tumne marwaa hi dia tha. Kunj says- Wo toh accha hua ke mai is parde ki peeche chup gaya. Warna aaj. They both smile.

Scene 3
It’s morning. Twinkle wakes up. She looks in mirror. She remembers last night incident. She says- You are looking so beautiful Twinkle. She kisses the mirror. Kunj also looks in the mirror and remebers the same and smile. They both say- Love you. Twinkle smiles. Kunj smiles.


Credit to: Sareena

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  1. A new entry will increase the trp of your ff..lolz

    1. Haha u r right

  2. Muskan{News reporter}

    Ah a fab episode.

  3. Actually! I got Sidhant’s phone number- its 9026101799. But I am not sure whether he is Sidhant or not. So can anyone call him and identify his voice for me. I called him but that time his voice was too sleepy to understand. Please someone do this for me and tell me in this ff’s comments or notify me through email- [email protected]. please.

    1. Sareena I tried twice but I couldn’t recognize his voice..his WhatsApp dp is also a pic of Kunj..but when I asked him which sidhant Gupta is he,he said I don’t have time to explain dat..n when I called him again I tried 2 trick him n I asked him if he was sidhant Gupta from jamai raja(if he said yes dat means he is not our Kunj n if he says dat no I’m from tei,he is hamara wala Kunj) he said something which I could not hear clearly n then he said u all also plss try n tell us if he’s our Kunj or not..plzzzzzzz I beg u plzz

      1. Muskan{News reporter}

        If i can i will try…bt do an1 no his anything special about sidhant actualy he told he have a fav game i mean video game…wat is it.its something of football any1 knows then can tell na.

      2. I don’t think its siddhant gupta no i didnt called him but which celebrity is free to answer our calls? I still cant believe it

    2. From where u got the no. Plz reply i tried to call the no. Bt i can’t recognize the voice

      1. Aastha, Actually From Truecaller. Rest of the Sidhant’s had different pictures. And truecaller show you the name of the person who is registered with their mobile number. I mean when he bought sim card, he gave his id and his name and that truecaller shows. So no one is too much free or have money t waste to register with celebrity’s name and always put their dp on whatsapp. So I think he is Sid only because I called him and asked if this is Diana speaking. He said no its sidhant. I said sorry its wrong number. And also his voice was of sid I think and was too sleepy because I called at 11pm. I have an idea. We will save his number and will scan our phone book. Everyone who is on twitter will appear and I hope he also….

    3. Jis kisi ka v ye no. Ho bt uske dp m siddhant bht cute lad rha h

      1. Yes. Magar usne mujhe block krdia. Whoever it is pagal hai.. hahahha. He asked for my pic and intro, I refused so he said I dont have tym for u n u r not sending ur info and pic…. and he blocked me… unlucky me(if he is sid).

      2. No y will some one ask for u r pic and info
        I doubt he is sid

      3. Well I meant to say I don’t think he is sid

    4. Sareena did u check it wether it is sidhants no by using Twitter as u wrote earlier in one of ur comments

      1. No I dont use twitter

    5. Yes i also think he is nt sid … I checked he was online on whatsapp almost every time … A celebrity donot have enough time to change dp 3 times in 4 hr.. .so plz guyz donot waste time.

    6. Nd u did rg8 sareena it is nt safe to give pic n intro to any unknown no.( if he is nt sid)

  4. Keep it up sareena

  5. New entry osm cont soon..

  6. Sareena I dnt think he is sid because I checked on true caller every celebrity has a private account nd I saw an account whose name was sidhant gupta nd his account was from mimbai india.the no u gave I checked it he has written thay he is frm east uttar pradesh ..I dnt think it is sidhants no..account about I am telling has a blue tick

  7. Sareena u r just superb!!!

  8. i dont think he is our sid. he was boasting about himself on col. :/ Bt i cant recognize his voice. Sorry 🙁 . And he has tok wid me for 11 min. He told me he is properly from london. He asked me about myself, and then tell about his brother and sister in law (bhabhi) , his bhabhi name is himani gaur(sorry bro name i cant hear properly)

  9. i dont think at all, he is kunj, after i col him he col me back 😮 . He said he col me by mistake as he said he was colling some1 else , and then toked wid me for 12 mins. He said sonu nigam is his relative and he has come from london for tei. He has 3 movies. One of it is badmashiyaan. i dont know but i m not getting the feeling he is our sid ‘kunj’

  10. plzzz plzzzz plzzzzz kse b krk ye pta lagao k vo sid he k nahi

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