Twinj – An unusual love story (Episode 1)

An unusual love story of Twinj- Episode 1

So.. I must introduce my story. The story is totally different from the original one.
Twinj studying in same college. ♥♥
***Twinkle’s home***
Leela- Twinkle, you are going to get married with the son of Manohar Sarna.
Twinkle- No ma, I don’t want to marry him.
Leela- It’s final.

Twinkle- But maa!
Leela- Twinkle, go to your room!
Twinkle goes to the room and sleeps.

It’s morning. Twinkle goes to the college. Kunj is sitting behind her seat. Kunj sees that someone is trying to tease a girl outside the class. Kunj leaves to save her without letting professor know it. Twinkle sees it and thinks- How irrespectful he is. He is going out without taking permission. Twinkle is listening the lecture but she turns her face towards the window to find that Kunj is saving that girl. Twinkle thinks- I was so wrong. Kunj enters. Professor sees him and says “Where were you Kunj”. He says actually.. Professor says out. Kunj becomes dissapointed. Twinkle stands up and says- Excuse me Sir, a guy was teasing a girl outside the class. He went there just to save her. Kunj hears it. Professor calls him and tells him to sit. Kunj gets pleased with Twinkle. Lecture finishes.

College gets over. Kunj and Twinkle goes out. They both collide while going out together. They both say sorry. Kunj says Thanks. Twinkle asks for what?. Kunj says you told Professor the truth. Twinkle says- I just told the truth. She says By the way, I am Twinkle. Kunj says- I am Kunj. Twinkle moves her hand towards kunj and says- Friends. They both shake hands. Kunj is lost as he looks at Twinkle eyes. Twinkle says- Hey! Let’s go. Kunj recovers himself and says yes. They both go. Kunj asks Twinkle “May I drop you?. Twinkle says no. I came by my car. Kunj says ‘I also’. Both smile. Twinkle goes home. Twinkle stops her car there and goes inside. Kunj sees her from the back and drives inside his house. It’s night. They both are sleeping. They both remember each other and smile.

PRECAP- Leela convince Twinkle to marry the son of Manohar Sarna. They both go to Sarna House. Twinkle is sitting with all family members. Manohar calls Kunj. Kunj is busy talking on phone. Twinkle sees him from the back.

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  1. Kunj n twinkle don’t know that they r getting married to each other.. r8

  2. Twinkle know that she is getting married to son of Manohar Sarna and Kunj knows that he is getting married to the daughter of leela taneja

  3. wow very nice sareena

  4. Awesome Sareena di…loved it!!!

  5. wow a is just superbbbb

  6. episode is good

  7. Different but seems interesting.

  8. Meenat Abubakar

    Interesting sareena, luv it! Pls update soon

  9. wow….so nice…….. loved it..

  10. Update your next episode asap plzz ot us a request. ..
    I just loved it ..

    1. Ok yashika.. a few hrs more for publishing. I will Update it soon.. stay tuned..

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