twinj-tum jo aaye zindagi me baat ban gayi

Hey every1..
I m back…
Now u all must be thinking who m i..?
So i m jasmin…
Writer of a ff named twinj-a never ending love story(how tashan changes to ishq) n also wrote two parts of dilwale….3 shots..
N u all noe 1 remembered me…but its ok..
I m sorry all the ff writers as i din commented but trust me i read all..
N i m really sorry as i have not posted my ff from more than a month..but wat to do firstly i went to my grandmas place n then its been 5 days i got my hand plastered…
Kyonki i fell down from the slippery stairs n broke my hand..
Today i m with an os..
Hope u all like it..
Plzz plzz plzz comment..
Ok enough of my bak i want this title to be with crazy di only..:p
So lets start..

It all starts with a cabin…a doctors cabin is shown..there sits a person…n their convo startd
D-so kunj wat was her name…
So he is our handsome hunk kunj(sid only ha dare u think some1 else)
K-she…she was too good…ha good..i love her…but but she left me…she ditched me…n he goes to flashback…lets see..fb starts..
Flashback 1..
A boy is shown wearing blue t-shirt n grey lower pushing a swing…on the swing a girl is sitting wearing a floral printed short frock till her knees…her hair were left open…she is laughing…now the face of the boy is shown…he is our kunj…n the girls face is shown who is none other than…..maya(hehe…kitno ne socha she would be twinkle tell me honestly haa)…
Flashback 2
Kuya r shown walking on the road wen suddenly maya spots a coconut water vendor
M-kunj see nariyal pani(coconut water)..come lets have..
Kunj smiles
K-come lets have it..
They goes to the vendor
M-bhaiya give us two coconut..
K-no no bhaiya only 1
M-y kunj…
K-we will drink frm 1 only…give us 1 coconut and two straws..
Vendor gives them..n they r seen drinking it with straws n sharing ilock..

Flashback 3
Kunj brings maya to an isolated place…maya is blindfolded…he then removes his hand from her eyes..she slowly opens her eyes n is shocked to see a date set was a setup..with red n white balloons handing all over n on the ground…there r flowets on the edge of the walls of purple and white colours n a beautiful table in the middle…it was a perfect date setup…seeing this maya hugged kunj tightly..
Flashbacks ends….

K-my maya..who used to love me ditched me..but i love her..she will come…one day she will come..
Kunj loved maya alot n maya also loved him but one day she died in a car accident..n this disturbed kunj mentally…he thinks that she ditched him…but will come back to her..
Doctor left him to his ward n come to a room…there were some students of medical who came there for some operations….doctor(lets name him jay)
J-we need to give him electric shock…or else we cant do anything..without giving him shock we cant cure him…
All doctors agreed but one girl said
G-no doctor i can cure him without giving him shock…
J-no twinkle…this is impossible
So the girl is none other than our panjabi patakha twinkle..dhe is wearing a parrot green shirt with blue denims..n a white coat that usually doctors wear..
T-but sir..atleast i can try…plzz…
J-i give u chance..go n treat him..u have 1 month..after that we need to give him shock…
T-yes sir..i will try my best..

Saying this she goes to kunjs ward..n sees him sleeping peacefully…n a small curve appear on her lips…the thing was wen she saw him first she was really attracted towards him…she somewer started to like him…after about half n hour kunj woke up n saw twinkle was sitting near him…he immediately hugged her…twinkle was shocked but she reciprocated…while hugging kunj said
K-i knew u will come..u noe i was waiting for u for so long dont ever leave me..plzz maya i will die without u maya…
Twinkle was shocked..her eyes got teary..but she controlled her emotions…n said
T-never kunj..i will always be with u..never ever leave u again…
Days passed n kunj was thinking twinkle as maya n twinkle dint said anything coz she was close to kunj..she din wanted to loose kunj…now 3 weeks passed n kunj was becoming normal..all went rite until the last second day…

Kunj came to hospital n asked about maya(twinkle)wen jay came to him n took him to the room wer twinkle’s companions wer present…they told him that twinkle cheated him..she is not maya but twinkle..who was with him to cure him…Kunj was hell angry listening this…he immediately went to twinkles house…twinkle came down stairs n saw his eyes blood red..she got worried n rushed to him..she came to him n asked
T-wat happened kunj…did u cried…y r ur eyes so red…
Saying this she went close to his face…but got shocked wen he jerked her off..he started clapping…n said
K-wow miss twinkle taneja wow…u were acting since one month that u r maya….u played with my emotions with my feelings…do i look like a toy to u..y u did this twinkle y…u could have told me that u r not maya..n i could understood…but no u wanrpted to play with me…m i rite..
Twinkle was shocked to listen all this…
T-kunj i noe i lied to u that i m maya….but trust me my love for u is not a lie..i love u kunj plzz trust me…i dint played with ur emotions…i really love u kunj…
K-love…really twinkle..u love me…love is not a joke that u r doing it…love is a very pious relation…so plzz dont give ur task the name of love…love is that which gives u peace but u have given me only pain twinkle…i hate u twinkle i hate u…
Saying this he left from there…

Twinkle was heartbroken….she dint knew wat to do now…she went to her bedroom n started crying harder n harder while (aaj ro len de from 1920-londen returns plays)…
Next day twinkle opened her eyes n found herslef on the floor…she slept there itself weeping at night…her eyes were swollen due to continueous crying…she got up from floor..Went to washroom to freshen up..she came after about half an hour later..she wore a black kep-top with white polka dots in it…n a black leggins…she applied kajal done light makeup to hide her swollen face..n went to hospital..she reached there n saw that her whole class was there…jay came there n said
J-congrats twinkle..u have cured kunj without electric shock..i m proud that u r under me…
Twinkle smiled…on the other hand…kunj was seeing his and mayas pic in his laptop wen suddenly he sees his n twinkles photos…then he think
K-i did wrong to her…it was not her fault…i din allowed her to tell her identity to me..she did this for me only..n i shouted at this time i think she will be in hospital i should go before its late…
Saying this he rushes to hospital..he reached there n went to the room where twinkle n her classmates wer sitting…kunj reached there n kneeled down n said…
K-miss twinkle taneja would u like to become mrs.ywinkle kunj sarna..
Twinkle nodded her head in yes…n they hugged eo..every1 standing there clapped for them n twinj smiled..
They married eo n stayed happily ever after..its not like that k they dint face any circumstanes but they together faced it

So now its time for my bak bak…
So how was it…
Was it nice…
Plzz comment n let me know..
If i get more than 20 comments then i will post my next os soon…
N my ff will also be posted don noe wen…coz m lacking of ideas…
Plzz every1 tell me as writing is not my cup of tea..
Ur comments r really needed…
Ty every1 who comments on my ff…
N silent readers also…
Plzz guys its a humble request…
Now some messeges to some ff writers
Pali di,sweetie di plzz plzz plzz post ur epis..
Shamz di u r just amazing…
Ria di ur ff rocks…
Sattu di u r just amazing..
Sayeeda di i just love ur ff…
Krystal di u noe wat u r n amazing writer…
Bhavika di i m in love with ur ff….
Sorry if i forgot some one..
Haa haa i noe i forgot many…but extremely sorry…
See yaar i have written this is for 3 hrs…
As my hand no not hand but my fingers also broke hehe…
Plzz comment…
Love u loads…

Credit to: twinj forever:):)


  1. SidMin

    |Registered Member

    You are a lier ….
    (dar gaye na )Okay you lie that writing is not your cup of tea ….
    It is your cup of tea because you write so well Loved it
    It was so cute and I really thought that the girl was Twinkle and not Maya but still loved it

  2. dreamer....arundhati

    Jasmine yaar how can i forget u.. The os was 2 gud and cute
    Do write more and post ur ff soon. .I m waiting frm when
    And dear get well soon

  3. Lovely

    |Registered Member

    Well you forgot me dear..but koi ni words nahi emotions pe jaati hun…and I would say..” Tum Jo aaye is ff sang…baat toh guarantee ban gyi..lovely (just like me??)…and muaaah..
    Kya likha tha yaar
    And yes to tell you that.. Writing is not your cup of tea
    .but its your cup of coffee… Hehehe..(I used an exception..I don’t like tea naa…)..and apna dyaan rakho…apni ungliyon KO vapis chipkao(??)..and then you write OK…love u

  4. Ritzi

    |Registered Member

    Ya u forgot many uh! Hehe just kidding nd ya if u need sm suggestions regarding yr ff then pls tell me I knw I m not worth it but still I can give a try u just give a prologue so tht we can recall yr ff nd if u need any help then do send me yr email no I will help we as we all want u to continue with yr ff nd this os …….it was really awesome

  5. Sayeeda

    |Registered Member

    Amazing start dear… very much impressive….
    Thanks for liking my ff..I’m glad that u like it….
    All the best ….nd plzzz post ur previous ff …I like that one a lot

  6. baby

    amazing jasmin suprb bt pls comlete ur dilwale 3 shots n ur ff pls snd it also yr missing it badly dear

  7. sidhants dieharder fan

    are jasmin i know mere ko tujhe hi bolne ki jarurat nhi hai teri besti hu hahah vese lovely os loved it to the core ase hi continue krti rhehe….bye or as you now mai comment nhi kr skti so 1 comment hamesha add krna and to all ff writers aap sab bhi kyuki mai saare dil se padhti hu…cahl ab final wala bye….

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