twinj true love never ever die OS


Hi guys iam Tanishaa sharma tanya you are free to comment pls support

A guy is shown pproposing a girl they are non other than kunj and twinkle but twinkle rejects and runs towards the road when suddenly a car comess and hits her everyone gathers around her and some unknown person takes her to the hospital and call all her family members Lee LA RT everyone gathers in the hospital doc comes out after checking twinkle
L anD RT doc what happen to my daughter
D its your carkessnes I already told that she should not get any hurt because she has leikumia last stage but she is continuously taking the name of kunj pls call him
Leela is calling kunj in phone
L kunj pputtar pls come to city hospital
K what happen Maa is everything fine
L twinkle met with accident
K Maa iam coming take Care of twinkle
kunj rushes to hospital
Hospital location
Kunj rushes into twinkle ward and Seese her unconscious and caress her hair and suddenly twinkle gains concious
T kunj what are you doing here
K twinkle what did you T ougt of yourself if you have leukemia I’ll leave you
T no kunj I don’t want make your life a hell by making you love me
K shut up twinkle now see what iam going to do kunj leaves from there and takes a expired tonic and drinks it in front of twinkle both twinkle and kunj cries vigorously resting their heads in each other and dies in the same position

both twinkle and kunj died but their love won’t die it stays In their hearts it will never ever die may they soul rest in peace

So pls gguys comment if you want me to write more OS pls pls comment guts pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pksls

Credit to: tanishaa sharma(tanya)

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  1. Ver nice , short , cute story , it could be better if it would be long but still enjoyable????

  2. Good very good. Loved it

  3. hey..nice i dnt knw why everyone is writing sad os…y so much tragedy man….dont worry i didnt say it to to everyone..
    ur story was good.. 🙂

  4. nice..please continue with the os…

  5. I agree with you Tara I mean is it important to die to get true love kya I mean there also should be a happy ending in true love don’t you think Tanisha other ways it was awesome love it but I must admit that I hate sad ending

  6. Woooooooooooow
    Tara vo kya hai na
    I was very sad yesterday so I wrote sad stories

  7. twinj fan-(tamanna)

    amazing.nice story

  8. Awww such an amazing story n cute loved it so much

  9. Pls continue loved it

  10. Wooow….very nice, cute & sweet os

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