Twinj: true love never dies (3 part)

Hey guys Anushka here.
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So here it goes.
Characters- kunj, twinkle and kunj’s mom.

3rd person’s pov
This story is about my classmate who was the topper of the class. Her name was Twinkle. She used to spend time more on learning like a book worm with less concentration towards games, extra curriculars etc. She was not so beautiful. She was from a Orthodox family.( the one who promotes superstitious believes) Days passed by and she was still in her books studying and studying, she reached 8th Std.

And one fine day a new boy joined the same class. He was our hero, kunj sarna. Soon he became twinkle’s neighbour too. They just met for doubt clarifications about classes and mostly about studies. As days went, they started moving together as thick friends. Once the twinkle went to her hometown for somewhat 2months and kunj missed her like hell. When she came back, he immediately proposed her.

And twinkle who was waiting for these words, said OK immediately. It was 12th Std now and the parents of both of them were strict in scoring good marks. So they stopped meeting for some time. But during exams one day, both of them met and their bad luck : kunj’s mom saw them being close. They were seperated. Kunj for his mother’s wish studied well, stoped talking to the twinkle. But twinkle who was the topper in the class missed concentration.
~~~~~~ RESULTS ARRIVED~~~~~~

Twinkle scored less marks with an average % but kunj was under Distinction. He became the topper. Both passed school and went to college. Kunj kept up his promise with his mom and cut the relationship with twinkle. But twinkle was madly in love with him, so tried getting information about him and the college he studied.

~~~~~Months passed~~~~~

One day Kunj got a call in his boy’s hostel. It was 3pm. He was blank as his mom never used to call him by 3pm but she calls only by night. He said HELLO over the phone and the other side was just silence for a moment and then said HELLO in a sweet voice. Kunj felt so guilty. He knew it was she who called but he dropped of the phone saying dont call me again.

Then he received calls frequently and the guilty consious felt that he has spoiled the life of a girl, the girl whom he loved, his twinkle and started talking again as a friend with limits. But twinkle was the same. She loved him a lot.

Days passed and they became 30yrs but still unmarried trying to convince their parents for their marriage.

It was only becoz of twinkle’s true love for kunj which changed him. He understood her and her love. And loved her dearly.

I hope u like it as in this episode no one died.
Any guesses about the third person.??????

God bless
Love u all
Take care
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Credit to: Anushka


  1. Abc

    Thank god this time no one died but the story was good. U r really a amazing writer I think u should take that stream. U will get a lot of success.

  2. Aakanksha

    Seeee I told u na……anu twinj fans will always support and luv u….waise bhi u r such an incredible writer

  3. Aastha

    Yaar how do u manage to make me cry always by ur incredible story?? I just love this ff becoz of ur writing skills.

  4. Mystery

    Wooooooowwwwwww u nailed it today. I just loved this story. Thank god this time no one died. Love u yaar??????????

  5. Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow jus amazing n fabulous story dear loved it so so sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much……. do cont soon plzzzzz……. luv u….

  6. Srishti

    Hyeeee maar daala
    Tune apni ff padake
    Mujhpar Khushi ka rang
    Barsha dala.
    Hayes maar daala.
    U killed it today. It refers to the negative thoughts that must have arrived in some minds. U r really really really a good writer. I think u should be the script writer of original tashan e ishq. U nailed it dear. The story was perfect. I loved the story the way I love u.

  7. Anu

    I m so so sorry for late comment. But I don’t know y I think that today u got less comments than before. Because till this time u would have got above than 50. I m so sorry if I hurt u. I have a request to all the readers who r reading this os but r feeling lazy to comments plz do comment becoz if u feel lazy Dan everyone will. And the writer won’t get up to his or her expectations wale comments. Plz do comment on her os becoz they r worth reading.
    Coming to ur os dear I have become a huge wala fan of it. I just cannot sleep in the afternoon without reading it.

    • Anushka

      Yeah I also think the same i m not that hurt becoz I know they must have read my is. I will be hurt if readers don’t read my os. Thanq so so so so so so much anu for showing ur love. I would love if u become my sister.

  8. Twinj

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    Teri ff ko read karte hi
    Dil mai Chan the naan ho gaya……………

  9. Sakshi

    I m a silent reader but as u didn’t got much comments, that’s y I left comment on ur story. But ur ff made me mad. Y didn’t u post it from such a long time. U know I checked tu so many times just for ur story. I love ur story becoz I m often not active so I mostly miss the episodes and if we miss 3-4 episodes than there is no need to read that ff again. Will be waiting for ur next os

  10. Dheemahee

    Sorry for late comment it is because of my weak wifi connection but your ostensibly is just mindbloing I loved it a lot come back soon with another one dear love u a lot

  11. Earl


  12. Anu

    Sweety annu loved it……I have become of fan… your os nd u toooooo but what’s your age dear…….first I m confuse that r u annu or not…..but after seeing your id in upper comments..I realized u r annu only….u r am awesome writer loved it yaar??????????

    • Anushka

      Awww Thanq so much Anu. Love u tons anu. I m 14 and I m in 9th standard. What’s ur age??
      No anu I m nothing in front of u. But thanks for commenting. U made my day

    • Anushka

      Sanam u know I was missing u dear. It’s perfectly fine wid me. Mel I m speechless as receiving a comment from the great writer like u is just amazing. No dear Im ur fan because u write so good that I just can’t stop myself reading ur ff. Thank u dear for ccommenting means a lot

    • Anushka

      Oh my god thanq so much dear. U left me speechless. Ummm actually I think it is yuvi, chinki or mee. Because Im the writer. I know this might be sounding awkward.

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