Twinj: true love never dies (2 part)

Twinj: true love never dies (part 2)

Hey guys this is Anushka . I just wanna thank u all from the bottom of my heart. I just love u guys. In this story the characters I used r kunj, twinkle and Maya as sister of kunj.

I know guys it will not be good as earlier one. But still I’m trying to make it up to the mark.

Kunj’s pov
Twinkle. The one. She’s my everything and she doesn’t even know it. I’m so scared to tell her, so scared to tell her that every time I see her I feel weak, looking into her soft grey eyes, I feel like I am about to fly, and even the power of gravity will not be able to hold me down.

Douglas Adams ( a writer) once wrote, he felt like his whole life was some kind of dream, and he wondered who’s it was and whether they were enjoying it.

During these sixteen years of my life, I have learnt a lot of things. I realised that you are in charge of your own life. Only you can decide where you’re going in your life. I realised that one moment could change everything and one instant moment could leave you with a heartache forever. In the end, even your best friend could turn out to be your worst enemy.

Twinkle taught me to look beyond the pain and live for the moment. She taught me how to be strong. She taught to me to make every moment of my life so beautiful that it will be worth remembering forever. She was my hero. Sorry my heroin.

I still haven’t told Twinkle how I feel, even though I only have a few months left. I have leukemia and I have accepted it, so has my mumma … though she still has the occasional cry. But Maya is always there to comfort her and assure her that there’s still time. Maya is my younger sister. She makes out as if she’s not bothered, but I know she’s terrified. And, my dad … he wouldn’t know anything about it. He walked out on us when I was a baby. He left a scar in the family. He made me realise that I shouldn’t trust anyone but myself. I don’t actually remember him, but I’m told not to bring him up because mum gets emotional.

It was my seventeenth birthday and both our parents were allowing Twinkle and I to stay in an apartment in a beach in Mumbai. I walked up the pathway to her house and knocked on the front door. I glanced up to see her standing there, looking as beautiful as a always. She tossed her long, black brownish hair to the side and I leaned over and kissed her on her cheek. “Hey beautiful … you ready to leave?” I said in a whisper.

The ride to the beach was quiet, but the music covered the silence. “Kunj … I’m just going to freshen up, and then we head off to the beach. Is that okay?” She said in her sweet, soft voice. I was too busy staring at her sparkling eyes, I nearly forgot to answer. “Yeah, sure ” I quickly replied before she could say anything else.

Have you ever found yourself wishing for the impossible? I often wished life was unreal and we were just living for a short period of time. When faced with unknown most of us prefer to turn our backs into the world we are so comfortable with, most of us are trying to find ourselves and figure out who we truly are.


I only have two weeks left. I still have not told Twinkle. I think she is falling in love with me and I can’t help but feel guilty.

“Kunj, I don’t think it’s smart to hang out with Twinkle so often anymore,” Maya said to me once I got home after a long day with Twinkle. “What? Maya! You know how I feel about her. You know I … I love her” I shouted furiously. “Then stop being so selfish!” She said as she walked off leaving me drowning in guilt.

Twinkle called me later that night. “Hey, Kunj,” She whispered so her parents couldn’t hear her. “Oh, hi,” I replied back, trying to give the hint that I wasn’t interested. “What’s wrong? You seem annoyed?” She said in a curious voice. “Oh, nothing just tired. I’m going to get some sleep now” I said in a rude tone. I was crying inside but this just had to be done. “Oh … umm, I guess I’ll see you tomorrow?” She asked me in a hurt voice. “Okay,” I hung up quickly as I felt tears stinging my eyes.

A few days passes and I kept avoiding Twinkle. I was giving her the cold shoulder. I now have a week and a day left. “Kunj! What’s going on? Why haven’t we spoken in so long? Tell me the truth … is it over?”

“Twinkle, if you can live without me for the next seven days without any contact whatsoever, I promise to be with you”

“Kunj? What?” She said to me in a confused voice. “Please?” I pleaded. “Okay,” She replied. I took her into my arms, if only she could stay there forever. I watched her as she walked away. That was it. That was the last day I spoke or touched Twinkle.

Three days passed since I gave Twinkle the false hope that we could be together soon. I was in hospital. They were preparing me for what could happen anytime soon. I clenched her photograph tightly in my hand and held it, bringing it towards my chest. I could not help but wonder who was preparing twinkle for a life without me … kunj sarna passed away on the 11th of April 2016 at 12:01 pm.

Twinkle’s pov

I ran to Kunj’s house. It’s been a week! No contact … just like he asked. I was slightly worried because he hadn’t been in school either. The door was open, and his house was empty. Confused, I ran up to his room.

“Kunj?” No answer. Everything was gone. I looked around the room and noticed a not left on the wall and it said:

Baby? You did it. Well done. I’m so proud of you. I’m so sorry I didn’t tell you the truth. I’ve had leukemia a long time now. The day I left you, I had one week left and I couldn’t hurt you by telling you. I wanted to be with you but I knew it would be worse if you knew. Thank you for showing me what True Love is. I’m sorry I hurt you but I promise I never meant to. What was happening to me was hurting me, killing me inside; I hope I won’t be forgotten. I hope I’ll always be in your heart, I hope you stay strong and I hope you don’t fall apart. I was just so confused and I didn’t know what to do. But you lived without me for a week … now I know you can do it forever and be absolutely fine. True love never dies. I love you always, Kunj. x x x

Tear rolled from my eyes after reading that.

I m so sorry for making kunj die again but I would try to change it.

Hope u like it.
God bless
Love u all
Take care
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Credit to: Anushka


  1. Kiara

    OMG .. You are soooooooooooooo gud writer I jst can’t tell you.. M a big fan of all ff of TEI but though a silent reader but today u made my hands force to comment .. U seriously told true love never ever dies . Your previous one was also tooooooooooooooooo heart touching I jst cant tell u .. You made me cry every time when I read ur ff .. ????? keep going on and bringing more nd more emotional , heart touching ff. I jst can’t belive it that from, where u get these superbbbbb ideas …. The way u write it attracts the reader jst like a strong magnet.. I feel lyk I wouldn’t end it keeps going on so interesting u made it .. I have no words to express my feelings …. I jst don’t belive in love at all due some “reasons” but u made me realise wht true love is ???? never stop writing… U r a very gud writer ❤️❤️❤️

    • Anushka

      1st thing- Kiara dear Thanq so much for commenting that too for the first time nd in my ff.
      2nd thing- u made my day and left me speechless. I m seriously on infinite cloud after reading ur comment. U r just amazing dear. Thanq so so so so so so so so so so much dear. Love u muahhh

  2. Ritzi

    Anushka yaar i just wish i could send u my pic….i m crying badly! I was just so awesome…emotional……but pls a happy ending nxt time

    • Anushka

      I’ll try my best ritzi for making a happy ending. Thank u dear for commenting. Hey r u in 9th class???

  3. Joshika

    Oh my god Anushka. Today i couldn’t control my tears. It was just superb! I am mesmerized and indeed fascinated by your writing.

    • Anushka

      Thanq so much joshika. I also read ur ff and it’s amazing. Umm I m sorry I don’t comment but read it as silent reader.

  4. Aakanksha

    Shitttt yaar anu…. I swear I had tears in my eyes….All I can say is U JUST NAILED IT DEAR….luv u loadssss…..stay blessed always

  5. dAnGeR

    Omg ……….. U know what it was the best. I m like sincerely crying. Hats off to u Anushka. I loved it. I just simply want say that u deserve a pat on ur shoulder. But when will u upload invisible chords that joins 2 hearts. Plz upload both soon.

    • Anushka

      I m just overwhelmed I’ll ing ur comment. All I can say is a big Thanq Siddharth. U r very very very good frnd of mine. And yes I’ll upload next one soon.

  6. Aurora

    Hey yaar y u always bring kunj’s death. Plz I just can’t imagine that. But the story was breathe taking. U r d the writer who always force me to comment. Love u yaar.

    • Anushka

      I m sorry Aurora but next time I won’t do that. Sorry if I hurt u. And Thanq . Love u tooo dear

  7. Shanaya

    It was PERFECT! I loved it! I got teary eyed in the end…. U are an Amazing writer!! Keep writing! Love u! ❤

  8. Varun

    It’s mind blowing. This is something which is called a story. Thanjs for posting this story.

  9. Srishti

    Annu u know I was crying reading it. How romantic and emotional it was. I have a request plz in next episode don’t make kunj die… Plz plz. And one more thing plz post invisible chords that joins 2 hearts as soon as possible. Otherwise the episode was just osm

  10. Anu

    U r I m attracted towards ur this fff. The way u write is marvellous. U rock. Fff is for fan fiction foreva

  11. Crazy

    Wowwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s very coooooool. I m so sorry for commenting too late. Good episode. Nice…….. Update next part soon

    • Anushka

      Thank u so much crazy for commenting. Dear no need to ask for sorry for commenting late. But I m so sorry for replying so late.

  12. Twinj forever

    Perfect love story. The message of ur story is perfectly conveyed. It was beautiful. U made my day annu dear.

  13. sonali

    u r really osm writer. u know what ur ff made me always cry. it is one of d nest ff. hats off to u

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