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Jealousy game on ?

Kunj was still surprised 😶 he was not able to believe that he loves Twinkle❤..

Kunj :I love Twinkle ? But kab aur kaise hua(he remembers his romantic moments with her❤ ) I realize it very late because Twinkle is going to marry that Yuvi  💔 but I will not give up , “I love you ” tho meh shadi se pehle bolke rahunga❤❤❤…..

In the hall which was fully decorated with 🌸 everyone were applying haldi to Twinkle , she was sad & there was lots of pain in her eyes 😭😢 Tara notice her sadness 😔…

Tara :Yeh kya sad sa face kyu banaya hai?Haldi hai tumari 😄 enjoy kar!!!!

Just then Kunj  arrived & gets mesmerize seeing Twinkle 😍😍 She sees him but she avoids him 😭wich hurts Kunj 💔 Yuvi comes to Twinkle & kisses her on the cheek 💋💋 wich makes Kunj more jealous 👀👀👀👀….Kunj  looks at her & both share an eyelock 😍

Twinkle : Tara I am going to the washroom , I am not feeling well 😩

Tara nods yes & Kunj  follows her😍 …finally she arrives in the washroom  & confronts Kunj 😩..

Twinkle :Why you are following me , what you want now?😔..

Kunj comes close to her meanwhile she was surprised 😯

Kunj: I want you Twinkle  ❤

Twinkle  was shocked after listening him 😱😱 he comes more close to her , very close to her 😍😍 he touches her face with his face 😍😍😍 meanwhile she closes her eyes ❤❤❤ then he cares her face (little haldi was on his face 💖) 

Later he  kisses her forehead 💋 she was completely lost in him 😍😍😍 then he moves to her lips & Twinkle holds his shirt titly ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤..

Kunj : I love you 💋💋💋

Twinkle was 😱😱😱😱 she was not able to believe  that Kunj says “I love you ” to her 😭😭😭❤ she pushes  him away 💔💔💔

Twinkle :Plz don’t lie , you don’t love me & I don’t want you to make fun of my emotions….💔💔💔

She tries to walk away but  Kunj stops her from behind 😭❤😭❤leaving her speechless… 

Kunj makes her turn & cares her face 😍 meanwhile she looks on emotionally 😢…

Kunj :Twinkle plz believe me !!! I really love you ❤, I realize it now that I fell in love with you 💕 many times my heart say that I love you but I never believed 😭



So basically after marriage Kunj decided to take Tara on a romantic dinner to cheers up her because she was upset with him 💗 so Both Twinkle & Kunj went to her house ….

Tara gets happy & cares his face 😍 meanwhile Twinkle make a fake smile 😳..

Kunj :So miss Tara are you ready to come with me on a romantic dinner ?💞💞..(he kiss her hand💋)..

Twinkle  was little jealous 😜..

Twinkle :Wow romantic date with two girls 😛😛 lucky Mr.Sarna 😂

Kunj gets irritate 😤 but make a fake smile & they leave ….Twinkle was looking at Kunj because he was looking so hot ❤ & she was lost lost in him …she was about to slip but Kunj holds her 😍😍😍 they share an cute eyelock ❤ & Kunj says “Be carefull” & Twinkle smiles & say “Tum ho nah mujhe hold karne ke liye ❤”

but then Twinkle gets suprised because she say this line to Kunj but he takes it as a joke😱😱😱 Tara was looking at them sadly 😢😢😢 but she thinks about her love & trust with Kunj 💞💞…

After some time they arrive in a romantic place decorated with red flowers 🌹🌹🌹 just like a perfect date place ❤❤ Twinkle & Tara gets mesmerize 😍😍 then Kunj holds Tara’s hand ❤ & a romantic music starts & they starts dancing romantically 😍

 Twinkle  was looking at them 😭 but she was feeling uncomfortable seeing their closeness 😯😯 ….Kunj & Tara were lost into eachother eyes 😍😍 & Tara makes  him close the eyes 😍 & when he opens it he gets shocked to see Twinkle a 😱😍 who was caring his face ❤

Twinkle : When you will accept that you love me & not Tara ah ?❤️

He was shocked 😱 but then he gets realize that it was a weird immagination of him 😍😍..


Twinkle : I can’t believe you 😭 how can you forget Tara ?💔

Tara pushes him again 💔 she tries to walks away but Kunj again stops her from behind 😭❤😭❤ he cares her arms & kiss her 💋 meanwhile she was emotional 😭😭…

Twinkle p.o.v :”I want to believe you Kunj😭, I love you ❤ but I am afraid that Tara will never let you go , I know her very well & I have to control my emotions but I love you so much ❤❤😭❤”

Twinkle pushes his hands away & walks away leaving Kunj  dishearted 💔

M:Twinkle I will make you believe that I love you ❤ & that’s Mr.Kunj Sarna’s promise!!!!!

Twunkle compose herself but she can’t stop thinking about Kunj’s word & same happens with Kunj 💔 on the other hand Tara & Yuvi was aware about all this 

Twinkle was being ready for mehndi function & Tara helps her ❤..

‌Tara:You are looking like a fairy…Yuvi tho faint hojayega😂😂

Twinkle makes a fake smile 😩 then Kunj enters in the room & hugs Tara wich make Twinkle uncomfortable 👀

Tara:I missed you so much baby😍

Kunj wants to makes Twinkle jealous 💖…

Kunj:I missed you more baby , you are looking so beautiful that I can’t take my eyes from you 😍…

Twinkle: Ahah jaise koi beautiful ladki dekhi nahi kabhi(she talks to herself)😂..

Kunj: Kuch kaha tumne Twinkle  ?😂😂

Twinkle: naa continue your romance 😏

Kunj was happy because he see Twinkle’ s jealousy  ❤❤

‎Kunj:Write my name on your hand Tara 💖

Tara shily runs away & Twinkle  gives tashan while Kunj tries to talking 😂…

Twinkle :First you say that you love me & now you are flirting with  Tara saying her that ” you can’t take your eyes away from her “?? Beautiful ladki dekhi nahi kya?😮

Kunj smiles & holds her hand & push her close to him 😍

Kunj :Are you jealous 😂?? By the way you are looking so beautiful that no one will take their eyes from you ❤ including me 😙😙 your beauty always leave  me  breathless 😍😍😍

They both share an eyelock 👀❤ Twinkle interrupts it & walks away meanwhile Kunj smiles😍…

Kunj :Very soon you will say I love you to me in front of everyone 😍😍 just wait & watch Mrs.Sarna🎶…

In the hall with floral decoration …Twinkle came down with Tara & Yuvi was lost seeing her 😍 Kunj was not able to take his eyes from her 😍 meanwhile Twinkle  looks at him ❤ 

Tara notice their eyelock & gets irked 😕….Yuvi gently holds her hand & kiss it 💋 but someone was fuming in jealousy 👀💔…

Yuvi:I am lucky that I am marrying the most beautiful girl of this world 😙 you will be mine forever 💋..

Kunj gets stunned 😱Twinkle  notice his jealousy 😉…

Kunj: mr. Chipku, he is always close to Twinkle like fevicol😂 just hate him 😡 Twinkle is mine  ❤( he said to himself )…

Tara comes to Kunj & holds his hand & he gives her a kiss on the cheek  😍 wich irked Twinkle 👀💔…

Kunj : Yeh mehendi function hai , nach gaana to hona chahiye…lets dance  Tara & creat a shadi wala atmosphere 🕺💃🎶🎶🎶…

‍Tara :Music!!!!!

Tara & Kunj dances togheter, Kunj was continuesly  looking  at Twinkle 😍meanwhile she was not liking his closeness with Tara 😡but Yuvi was enjoying 😄

Twinkle  joins them & come in between Kunj & Tara 😂 & dances with Kunj 😍😍😍 this irked Yuvi 💔

(Imagine Twinkle & Kunj dancing on cutie pie song🎶🎶🕺💃❤)

Tara was irked seeing them togheter 😡because Kunj ignores her😭

After the super dance performance…mehndi designer ask Twinkle  about her groom’s name 💖…Twinkle  was thinking about Kunj 😍…

Twinkle: Kunj

The designer writes Kunj on her hand 😍…Twinkle  come out from her thought & gets shocked to see his name on her hand 😱😱 & she immediately runs to washroom to clean it but it didn’t remove 😩

Twinkle :How  I said Kunj’s name & why I am not able to remove it & if Yuvi see this😱😱😩

Just then Kunj come & holds her hand with his name & smiles 😍 meanwhile she was nervous 😔


Kunj :Tum jitni  bhi koshish karlo but you can’t remove it now 😍😍❤…

He kissed her hand 💋 she looks on 😍

Tara was searching Kunj & just then a lady stops her meanwhile she was surprised 😯

Lady : Listen to me , Kunj nah tumse pyaar karta hai aur nahi Twinkle se

Tara was 😱😱😱


A big twist is coming so plz keep reading 💕

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    Kunj ka accha hai… Tara bhi Twinkle bhi. 😷😑
    Accha hai he decided whom he loves.
    But I wanted Tara and Kunj. 😭🙁 Par koi na….
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