in car after twinj applying haldi dey hug&
share sm cute moment
den inside yuhi 2put haldi rv pass near by ishani den sm1 comes with haldi bowl without
knowing he dashes with
d lady den d haldi falls on ishani also,abi after applying haldi on arnav,
near pillow he see sm pink cloth2 wipe d haldi
on his unknowingly he wipes his hand on dat pink cloth pra was sweating so she wipes her face with her shawl
haldi in d shawl came on cheeks abi notices dat was not d cloth in which he wiped his hand but it was pra’s shawl a:sry,pra p:that’s ok
a:thank u den dey talk abt many thngs

bebee:leelaji,ur 4 daughters r perfect fr our sons
leela:yes,bebee im happy dat my daughters will very happy with ur sons infact dey r d 4prince who r going 2 marry my 4princess
b:2day talk to family& soon give good to prepare fr marriage
l:ok bebee haldi function gets over
taneja mansion:
l:pra,do u lyk abi
p:yes,he is good
l:do u lyk his family

p:yes offcourse ma
l:i lyk 2 marry my daughters 2 sarna sons
pre:praghya’s opinion abt sarnas

Credit to: sanjana

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  1. Muskan{News reporter}

    Good one

  2. Meenat Abubakar

    nice one sanjana, looking forward for next episode

  3. Nice one

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