arnav kushi exchanges
der rings engagement
over masti starts d who danced will remain same no change in der pair the lights will go off the pairs ll b messed up one person ll sing song the other pair must find der pair ri8
d game starts m:sings song every boys get confuse but uv finds it is mahi
kunj:sings song t:goes to him ri8 pra:sings abi finds
rv:sings ish also finds

b:hi baa hw r u?
ba:im fine manohar usha rt leela returning frm london 2day
b:yes,baa arshi thanks every1 fr giving dem company d function gets over
[email protected]:
k:[in twk’s cabin seeing some reports] twk climb in a stool to take so flie but she looses her balance she was about to fall kunj sees dis&caught her in him[sajana ve play] k:why cannot u see& stand if some3ng happended to u t:no3ing ll happen when ur der with me
k:ok leave it
maya:they r in luv but dey don’t confess
till now i ll make dem confess[maya come to twk’s cabin]

t:hi,maya [t still in kunj’s arms] m:kunj leave her down dis hos
k:ok,sorry maya

Credit to: SANJANA

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  1. it was nice sanjana ,
    I wd like it to be a bit longer

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