TWINJ TASHAN-E-ISHQ PERFECT LOVE STORY [EPISODE-16] Akku di I miss ur ff Hi sanjana here thank u my dear frndz im vry happy with ur comments throw ur valuable comments on my ff weather its positive or negative every type of comments r welcomed by me kamya im vry happy dat u mentioned my mistake thank u dear I always welcome u to point out my mistake so dat I can improve my writing thank u kamya time to stop my bakbak
TANEJA MANSION:-der was knock in twinkle’s room

T-kunj sm1 is knocking d door
K-twinkle let dem knock say dem we r busy (his hands was in her waist he was not in his sense)
T-kunj its not d time 2 romance leave me
L-twinkle puttar why r u taking dis much time to open d door knock knock…………
T-ha maa just 2 min im changing

L-ok puttar I will wait
T-kunj come on leave me now (by shaking him)
K-came in his sense & said i did not see anything sry twinkle
T-kunj I know u did not see anything we will talk later leave now maa is knocking d door
K-twinkle bye (he starts 2 leave) suddenly he felt a warm hand catching his hand he turn & saw twinkle catching his hand
T-kunj u did not see anything know
K-(to make her angry) twinkle I did not see anything once more pls twinkle starts 2 beat him (he ran away) he was getting down he landed safely & passed a flying kiss 2 her & left d place

twinkle opened d door:-

L-twinkle ur taking this much time 2 get ready u must b fast I donot know how kunj going 2 handle u
T-(murmurs) everything happened coz of kunj only
L-wht r u saying kunj came here but I did not see him
T-(thinks-siyappa)nooo maa kunj did not came he called me & said we want 2 dance in ARSHI’S reception know so called me & said he & jiju’s will come on 10’o clock fr practice
L-ok twinkle get ready soon
T-maa infrom 2 didi’s & mahi too
L-ok I will inform 2 dem

ITS 10’O CLOCK our 4 heroes came 2 taneja mansion they talked fr sm time dey started deir dance practice abighya danced fr jiya & saiyaara,ishveer danced fr jeena jeena & tum hi ho,twinj danced fr tu zaroori & jeene laga hoo & yuhi danced fr danced tumhe apna bananeka & khuda jaane and finally every pair fr sanam re dey practiced deir dance well dey were ready 2 per form in d function IN ARSHI FUSTION abighya,ishveer,twinj,yuhi showed their graceful moves in a strong way everybody clapped fr deir lovely performances ……………………………………………………………………………….

Here twinkle was talking 2 her frndz mahi comes & says
M-di can do one favor fr me
T-yes dear say wht help I should do fr u
M-actually not fr me its fr kushi
T-ok say me wht should I do
M-di kushi kept a gift fr arnav bhai it is in her she cannot go up im having sm work can u pls bring d gift frm her room now
T-ok mahi I will bring it now itself (twinkle leaves)
twinkle was climbing upstairs & she reached kushi’s room it was full dark she gone near switchboard 2 on d lights but sm1 hold her frm waist she was abt 2 shout but suddenly sm1 closed her mouth with deir hand it was our hero kunj

K-twinkle pls donot shout its me
T-kunj leave me I want 2 go down every will b waiting fr me
K-twinkle wht happened 2 u why r u not looking @ me & speaking
T-kunj I want 2 go down I have 2 take d gift made fr arnav by kushi
K-that type of gifts is not there I only said mahi 2 say lyk dat
T-ok come on we can go down every1 will b waiting fr us
K-wht is ur problem

T-kunj im not able face u
K-twinkle u donot trust med truth is I did not see anything I only saw u face with sm water droplets
T-kunj I trust u but I just said dat Im feeling shy 2 face u nothing else
K-so my would be got shy dat is wat d matter
T-kunj not only dat whn ur coming close 2 me I feel butterflies in my stomach
K-so doctor twinkle get butterflies in her stomach when doctor kunj comes close 2 her
K-so let me do sm treatment so dat ur problem get solved
T-wht type of treatment Dr.kunj is going 2 give
K-(he comes vry close 2 her he took her hand in his hand slowly rub her hand so she will become calm)twinkle look into my eyes
T-(she looked into his eyes)
K-how u feel now
T-better but wht abt butterflies & shy
K-twinkle ab treatment to bahki ha close ur eyes
T-wht r u going 2 do
K-Dr. saying know so just shut ur mouth as well as mouth
T-ok Dr
K-twinkle just answer my questions do u love me
T-umm….(just she noded her head)
K-wht umm answer me yes/no
T-u only said me 2 close my mouth wht should I do should open or close my mouth
K-open ur mouth & answer my question
T-yes I love u

K-do u trust me
T-yes I trust u
K-will u leave me fr anything
T-no never ever think about dat
K-ok r u feeling relax
K-ok now give me a bone crushing hug
T-(huged him vry tightly)
K-I think so ur shy & butterflies r gone
T-ok thank u kunj
K-(now they broke deir hug)twinkle u forgot ur promise
T-wht promise
K-on our confession day u promised me dat wht ever tasks given by u if I completed dat means I will get a kiss
T-not now(she ran frm der)
K-twinkle wait he smiling by her behavior
but suddendenly his lips was locked yes twinkle came back & completed her promise lights got on (they broke deir kiss fr breathe)
T-dis is fr compelection of challenge (she gave a long liplock she then broke it & told)
K-dis one is fr?
T-to make feel relax she said dis & ran away with shy

Precap:romance of other jodi’s arshi wedding masti

Thank u fr supporting & loving my ff tara I will try 2 give long episode but I donot get enough time 2 write a long I started writing dis epi yesterday mrng 7’o clock but u will not belive me I finished writing dis 2day mrng 11:36 am I don’t know how many of u read my reply fr ur comment I wrote dear thank u keep supporting love u dear frndz thanks fr reading my ff keep reading keep smiling keep commenting keep loving make others happy always smile when ever ur facing probs if u face it with a cute smile it makes u feel brave so that u solve it easily its time say small bye b4 dat I love u all readers till d height of the sky byeeeeeeeeeeee………….meet u all 2morrow in my nxt episode……………with love sanjana………..

Credit to: sanjana

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