sssssooooooooo soooooorrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyy dear frndz i uoloaded one episode but donot know why it didnot get upload now here is d 14 episode starts:- taneja’s & sarana’s reached arnav’s mansion fr kushi’s mehandhi function praghya,ishani,twinki,mahi goes & sits near kushi & starts teasing her then mehandhi function starts mehandhi artist(m.a):asks kushi wht name should b written in her hands kushi’s lovely frndz shout ARNAV’S name m.a writes arnav’s name in kushi’s hand usha:leela ji if u donot mind can my DIL’S can fill deir hands with mehandi with deir would be’s name? bcoz dey r going 2 get married in few weeks na leela:no problem usha ji dey will have mehandi leela:my dear dolls pls cm here every1:2gether s ma coming leela:u all will have mehandi in ur hands cm down fast after having mehandi ishani:ma whr r u all going leela:we parents& old people will go down fr sm rituals ok after having mehandi cm down fast all 2gether:ok maaaa [only youngsters r there] m.a starts 2 put mehandi in our heroines m.a asks praghya wht name should b written on ur hands ishani,twinkle&

mahi shouts ABHISHEK SARANA IN 1 HAND & ABHI IN 1 HAND nxt d m.a asks ishani wht name should b written in ur hand RV or RANVEER SARNA rv:says RV ishani smiles twinkle:says & RANVEER in other hand every1 laughs m.a:asks twinkle wht name should b written in ur hand kunj hears dis & cms & sits near twinkle k:twinkle donot feel shy say ur HANDSOME BF CARING LOVER ROMANTIC WOULD BE UR HONE WALI LOVING HUSBAND KA NAME twinkle smiles & starts 2 spell d letters of his name K…U…N after dat she was silent k(whispering):twinkle i know im handsome & hot donot feel dis much shy bcoz ur face is getting red & ur becoming vry beautiful den i cannot stop myself romancing u so stop blushing & shying m.a:complete it madam t:A…L & laughs k:stop it donot write A L twinkle r u out of ur mind my name KUNJ not KUNAL t;kunj u only said me 2 say my bf name so only k:den who am i 2 u t:kunj i was just kidding write it as KUNJ m.a:mam in other hand k:write it as TWINJ t:TWINJ wht does it mean? k:TWI STANDS FR TWINKLE NJ STANDS FR KUNJ every1 was happy by his reply twinkle was flyingm m.a asks d same ques 2 mahi uv:says UV in 1hand YUVARAJ IN OTHER HAND. After mehandi every1 goesdown der arnav announces 2morrow der will b a evening party is der so without fail everyone must participate without fail every couple should dance fr sure its compulsary here i will announce the names of d pairs abighya,ishveer,twinj,yuhi & sm others name also every1 goes 2 deir houses PRECAP: COUPLE DANCE AND LONG &

special episode thanks fr reading keep commenting love u all its a short episode but i will try give a big nxt time again sorry fr late update waiting fr ur comments bye…….sweet dreams………..keep loving & caring take care…..with love sanjana

Credit to: sanjana

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  1. hey y so short one yaar??
    plzz make the next one longer..plzzzzzzzzzz…..this was very nice bt just that i want long one…

  2. hey sanjana u r amazing beautifully riten pls post asap jst cant w8

  3. Sanju I love ur ff but try posting longer ones

    1. sanam thank u my dear u r also rocking

  4. baby thank u dear

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