hi frndz really very soooooo soooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy fr late i know ur gung 2kill me bt i was very busy sorry again forgive me dear story goes here recap: twinkle makes him wear ring they both hug

2days episode k(thinks):tw u makes me feel very special 1st making my & ur confession very & our marriage gung 2 fix u informed in a very special u made 2 days very memorable days dat i never forget till my dead i will make ur bday most special dat u cannot imagine its ur unforgetable bday dat u have ever celebrated in ur life time i donot dat will i able 2 do special u made bt ill try my best k:tw u promise me t:wht promise kunj she breaks d hug k:if i something happens b4 he cud complete twinkle locks his lips with hers tum hi ho plays they break deir lip lock to breathe t:here donot say anything lyk dis k:if i talk lyk dis then i can get many kiss lyk dis t:pls fr fun donot say dis wrds if ur der twinkle will b der if ur not der then twinkle is not der got it if u need kiss ask me directly i will give u she realises wht she said kunj starts walking 2wards her k:s i want a kiss give me t:kunj 2day its enough kiss at all after marriage oly stay away k:dis not fair he pins her 2 d wall t:closes her eyes & say everything is fair in love & war she slightly opens her eyes & sees kunj is very close 2 her deir lips just a cm away kunj moves little close 2 her she again closes her eyes very tightly kunj smiles & kisses her forehead i love you i wonot leave twinkle i will not talk lyk dis fr fun also she opens her eyes & hugs him thightly t:we need 2 go everyone will b waiting k:ok twinkle kunj’s phone rings kunj attend d phone its was his maa k:

ha maa usha:come directly 2 palace hotel r u in hospital is twinkle is with u k:s maa u:bring her also tanejas r also here only he cuts d call k:ur family & my family is in hotel palace we need 2 go t:ok now we can go 2gether k:shall we go t:s we can dey reach the hotel dey go 2 their family der everyone sit usha(uh):leela ji i lyk ur family shall we conform our relationship leela(l):yes uh ji we r ready dey make deir relationship packa uh:2morrow is kushi’s mehandi we will meet der bye leela ji l:ok ushaji dey reach dey home nxt day in arnav’s taneja’s & sarana’s fr mehandi function

precap:our heroines writing their heroes name in deir mehandi

pls share ur views i know its very but my net balance is low soo bye love u all fr reading my ff’s

Credit to: sanjana

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  2. nyc episode sanju keep it up dear love u

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  4. nice…eager for ur next one!!

  5. Very nice sanju but a longer one if possible

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