@sarna mansion-s.m a:pra is workng in my studio as dance trainer
r:maa ishu is workng in my company as jewel designer k:bhai ishu in teasing way even i&twinkle workng in sam hos as doctor
uv:bhaiya’s dis n’t plst surprize mst sweet cute surprize mahi is also working in my office as my PA u:im so
happy dat u can spent time with my dil’s (same is gung on taneja mansion t.m) every boys&girls left fr work @hos:-m:hi kunj whtssap man u r so happy 2day k:hi,im so i cann’t describe it by wrds i gung to get married with twinkle i thought hw 2 say to my family dat i luv twi i wnt marry her m:dats gr8 yar wish all luck kunj luk der twi is comng k:i wnt 2 share dis with her t:see kunj is happy she thnks i shld make him fool k:hi twi im very happy i wnt 2 t:hi,im sry kunj im very busy k:listen 2 me twi u will b happy by hearing dis t:maya come with me dey goes
kunj angrily leaves 2 his room on d way m:why r u ignorng him u its abt ur marriage t:ik dat its spcial i hav
2 share it with kunj in special way pre:twinj moments

Credit to: SANJANA

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  1. nyc episode long time no see hw r u? why dis much late to write ff dear r u enjoying ur holiday?

  2. Sanju u r an amazing writer but try posting long ones

  3. Nyc episode

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