TwiNj : Taneja & Sarna’s Runaway Love By TuttiFrutti Chapter : 01


A black sport car enters through DPS College grabbing everyone’s attention. A girl with tight jeans and Sleeveless top came out of the car. Her pony was placed high which moves right to left whenever she moves her head giving her cute look. “Twinkle…college ke pehle din bhi late…” Her gang came towards her…”oh come on what’s about this first day… We are here from school…”Twinkle replied arrogantly… “And princi said no ragging at all” Chinky reminded her knowing her friend very well “Chinky we are seniors here…So officially we have all the right to rag newbies…” Twinkle smirked. “Twinkle see…a newbie…lets go…” other girl from the gang said. They came towards a boy having two glasses, brace basically total geek in their views.”What’s your name?” Twinkle asked scanning him top to bottom scaring hell out of him “a..adi” he stammered “a.a.adi what type of name it is.” All laughed at him Twinkle took his glasses making fun of his…Twinkle looked at Chinky who was completely lost in Adi…”what’s wrong with you…” “please Twinkle spare him na…See he is so cute…please…” “ What !!!! Are you mad Chinky…How can you find him cute? And No ways I am gone let him  go this easily every newbie has to go through all the rituals before entering to class room…samjhi…” then turns towards Adi…”oyye sun…”she stopped adi who was about escape… “You have to….”her talk stopped in middle as she heard “omg what a hunk…”she turned towards where all are looking… A Boy getting down from his red sports car…”not better than mine sporty” she thought… Twinkle’s eyes popped out seeing his car parked so near to her sporty. As no one dares to park any vehicle near her sporty… It is her special place And the scratch on her sporty because that guys car just erupts molten lava in her… “Oyye… How dare you scratch my sporty with your khatara…” “Excuse me??” All the girls hooted hearing his so manly voice… She stared at all angrily and turns again to Kunj… Glaring at him Kunj forwarded money towards her “yeh lo thik karalo khud ki khatara…”he was about turn and left she held his collar and pulled him… “You just said khatara to my sporty my…Twinkle Taneja’s…what do you think of yourself…” “Kunj Sarna” Kunj said jerking her hand away from his collar… All the girls just screamed few even fainted Twinkle looked at them disgustingly… Kunj smirked at her and left. Twinkle couldn’t believe he is Kunj… He changed so much… Obviously he was handsome before 5 years back but now he turned so manly… much like Greek God… But that doesn’t matter to her anymore. She hates him… She will show him his place.

“Oyye Sarna…” Twinkle stopped Kunj who was about enter the class room…”Yes Taneja…” “Say madam as I am senior to u…” “senior when that did happen you are younger to me by 6 months 3 days 5hrs remember”Kunj answered with smirk… Twinkle always hates his smirk it shows how arrogant, cruel and utterly s*xy he is…she mentally slapped herself for thinking such thing about him. “Look yaha meri chalti hai…it’s my you”  Kunj cuts her in between “Really Taneja waise kitne me kharida ye college…” Twinkle was about to pounce on him but all girls dragged her from there as they saw principle was coming in their direction. Kunj laughed “you didn’t change a bit meow…”left to his classroom.

Bell rang all students settled in their classroom. Twinkle came with her gang all made way for her. She sat alone at her usual place. Princi came with Kunj introduced him to whole class as Kunj was their trustee’s son. “He is new here students so co-operate him.” After fifteen minute’s of princi’s lecture regarding Kunj’s success… Princi said  “So he will seat with…”he raised his hand toward “adi” but Kunj pushed his hand towards Twinkle…”Thank you sir…”and even before anyone could react he sat next to Twinkle pushing her toward other side…Twinkle angrily scratched his hand with her nails   “Ahhh meow…” “Don’t you dare to call me that ever again…” Twinkle said with hatred “why?” Kunj asked “Because you don’t hold that right anymore” Kunj kept quit the moment.

To Be Continued….

Hello Friends !! Hope you remembered me Shirali writer of TwiNj OS : Dinner Night !! I’m here with my new story hope you like it !!

Fenil Bhai ~ Yeh Aapke aur Aapki Sab TEI Sisters ke liye !! Love you Bro !!

Baby,Presha,Sia,AnshikaJainn, Lama ,Nishuu, SS ,Ramya ,Sana785 ,MSMahi ,Stary02 ,Yashika,Yoraynat13….You all are special for me Thank you so much for showring your love on my First TWiNj OS.



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  1. Fenil

    Fabulous Start.Meow meow hahahah kunj calls her meow.
    After a long time shirali…happy to see you back.waiting for the next.

    1. TuttiFrutti

      Thank you Bro !!

  2. Presha

    Loved it

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      Thank you Presha !!

  3. awesome start
    loved it
    twing scenes were amazing
    post the next part soon

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      Thank you so much !!

  4. Himanigaur

    Awesome! Pls post soon!! Love

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      Thank you so much Dear !! Love you !!

  5. Fantastic episode………post next episode soon………plsss………a little bit longer toooooooo…..??????

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      Thank you so much Riya !!

  6. Cheena2001Cp

    I don’t if I commented or not but hey I am Cp, you can call me Cheena!
    I loved it!!!! So good! ???
    Ayeee!!! Kunj and Twinkle!!!

    Btw nice name Shirali!
    See you soon,

    1. TuttiFrutti

      Thank you so much Cheena !!
      Love yaa !!

  7. Baby

    ohhh my god of course i remember u tutti frutti how can i forget this pretty name ?
    shirali u were just soo amazing i soo much loved it ?
    i soo very wanted u to write on twinj ?
    meow that’s hella cute yrrr ?
    osm loving it ?
    kunj or twinkle ka tashan osm ?
    love u lods am soo glad n would be more glad to be ur frnd n knw u more n in a mch better manner ?
    post asap ?
    why have kunj lost that right and all am excited ? when he is gonna gain that bck woooshhh ?

    1. TuttiFrutti

      Awww u made my day Baby !! Glkad you loved it..Thank you !!

  8. Fantastic start
    Awesome chappy
    Luved it
    Plz post soon

    1. TuttiFrutti

      Thank you so much !!

  9. Hi tutti-frutti loved the epiosde it was a fabulous start u write it so well man everything was like a movie been player in front of me love it plsssss post soon

  10. SSK

    Hi Shirali, that start was fabulous, loved Twinj fight…Please post soon 🙂

    1. TuttiFrutti

      Thank you so much !!

  11. SidMin23

    Nice start

    1. TuttiFrutti

      Thank you !!

  12. Ananya_DSK

    Hello!! This is really a lovely concept… Seems pretty interesting… And you are doing a great job at it… You literally began with a bang! Those dialogues made me really curious…. I can’t wait to know what had actually happened… And you are a really amazing writer!!! Twinkle ragging! That was something never seen before… So cool!! Absolutely loved it!!!

    1. TuttiFrutti

      Thank you so much Dii , Glad you loved it , Yaa Twinkle and Ragging mean dhamaka .

  13. Awesome start dear
    Superb amazing episode dear
    Twinkle meow meow???
    loved it

    1. TuttiFrutti

      Thank you so much Dear.
      hahah meow meow Jhalli !!

  14. Ramya

    Awesome Amazing
    Pehli shot mai hi itna tashan just loved it.
    But why do twinkles hate kunj
    Bata nahi
    Lovely dear

    1. TuttiFrutti

      Thank you so much Ramya Sis .
      Glad you loved it.

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