A Twinj Tale – Summary So Far

Hi everyone …..(srry for such a long lasting hiiie but kya krun aap logon ko dekh k mere emotions pagal sand jaise ho jaate hai…mere kaboo mein hi nahi aate…)and u know na emotions and motion are not easy to control…
So Kaise ho sab..I know ekdum fit hoge…hai na..
Obviously haan..
Actually kisi ne mujhse kaha ki I haven’t posted my ff since 4 months..
Haan seriously 4 months!!! Ab us vyakti ka koti koti dhanyavad mujhe sacchai se vakif karane k lie…
Ab dekho 4 din pehle ka toh kuch yaad nhi rehta..4 months ka kaise yaad rahega…
So ab summary likh deti hu…shayad yaad aa Jaye .
Btw mujhe bhule toh nhi ho na…mai forever fan of twinj…urf nacheez…
Yaad aaya…hai na..(nhi bhi yaad aaya hoga toh bacchi ka dil rakhne k lie keh do)
So chalo let’s start my summary…
Wait wait wait…mai toh bhul hi gayi..actually na mere 3 frnds…Bq,mili and motichur ka birthday Tha 1,13,26 September ko…socha tha unke lie likhungi but nhi likh payi..
So mere 3no doston ko belated happiiiiiiie bday….shama krna apni is dost ko …
1 month baad wish krne k lie…
So ab summary…without any delay..
And one more thing..
Smile is compulsary…on every face..while reading…

So let’s begin..
Main characters of my story(till now)
Twinkle taneja:- daughter of leela taneja…
Leela taneja :- mother of twinkle and owner of Lt group of hotels…
Riyaan sadaf:- twinkle’s best buddy..
Steven urf satnam singh:- worker at taneja house….
So these are the characters..
Now the story..till now..
My first epi starts with leela in full angry mode..and cursing someone…them the doorbell rings..and twinkle enters in a drunken state …thodi batamizi krne k baad..usko ek tadak se lagta hai..Steven usko uske room mein lejata hai..and then twinkle recieves a call from riyaan which reveals that twinkle was not drunk but it was just her acting..in ffront of her mom…whom she calls her by her name because she hates her…riyaan asks her the reason behind all this ..twinkle replies that she is doing all this so dat leela sends her back to India..where she can meet someone. Which is still in a mystery …
Riyaan wants to know who is d person because of whom twinkle is doing all these ..but she says that she will tell later..
The next day Steven comes with nimbu pani thinking twinkle must be in hangover but twinkle forgets what all had happened and asks him ki so ke mai uthi hu aur neend mein tu hai..suddenly she realizes and comes back in acting mode and asks for beer when she sees leela outside..leela comes inside and asks Steven to tell her that she won’t get anything else except lemon water..steven says the same thing to twinkle and twinkle calls him as leela ka chamcha..hearing this leela leaves angrily…
After all this twinkle calls riyaan to get up and call her after 10 minutes..without fail..
After disconnecting the call she takes a shower and gets ready in 9 mins..next to impossible..isn’t it..?
She comes out of her room and was on her way to the dining hall.when she apsses through leela’s room where she was talking to someone..
Twinkle hears all this and gives an evil smile…a

She comes down to the dining table and intentionally keeps her phone near Leela’s chair..and waits for riyaan’s call..
After 14 mins..riyaan coemsback after taking shower and thinks that twinkle will chew him up..and here twinkle was hell angry on riyaan fr not calling..
But after gaining some strength riyaan calls her and here twinkle’s phone rings with munni badnam hui as the ringtone…which irritated as well as angerd leela..
Twinkle asks leela to pass her phone ..while passing leela sees that the call was from my janu(as twinkle saved riyaan’s no.as this after calling him )
Now leela’s anger reached another level she asked twinkle who is d person ..and twinkle replied arrogantly as her boyfriend ..
And then twinkle started a full on romantic conversation with riyaan to show front of leela..and here but bechara riyaan was confused about what all twinkle was talking.,.because all that she spoke was an unusual thing..and the ultimate thing was when twinkle said that riyaan wants to take her on date in Lt hotel and twinkle should wear short clothes gifted by riyaan..
This had two different impacts on leela and riyaan..
Here Leela was angry because of twinkles’s attitude and secondly she was going on DA date and dat to in her hotel..
And here riyaan was confused because twinkle hated dates and specially short clothes and secondly what all she was speaking was unusual to him..
After this conversation twinkle called riyaan to explain him about all the things she said..riyaan was shocked when she told him that she was talking all this infornt of leela..he started panicking…twinkle calms him..and asks fr his help.fr which he readily agrees..
So this was the summary of my story till now..
Hope u all liked it..

I will post my next epi in dis week..in which there will be the entry of a new character …
Srry for the delay..
Love u all..
Keep smiling..
And will cont..as early as possible..pakkaa..
Here is link of my previous episodes…
If u all like to read …

So will see u all soon..
And love u all
Take care..
And is nacheez ka summary padhne k lie shukriya shukriya and dil o jaan se shukriya..

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  1. dreamer...arundhati

    Hamari nacheez.. My lovely girl… Kidhar thi tu.. Missed u.. And tera ff mai nahi bhuli…. ? im waiting.. Update soon

  2. Oye…sab thanku bolo mujhe…maine hi yaad dilaya hai…
    Huhh…and sunn Amrud Pie…
    Teri story bohot unique hai…toh jaldi post krna…
    And regular post krna…nhi toh I am gonna chop u into pieces…
    Soch le…amrud pie ke tukde krke grp members ko khila dungi…
    Toh abb regular post krna….
    Ja bye bye….love u?

  3. Ranabulbul

    Haye meri Nacheez finally is bakbak ne tera dil basal diya….
    Haye finally u posted …and apna second ff bhi post kr wo jail wala..
    Or ye summary mujhe padhne ki zarurat nhi hai kunki mujhe yad hai….
    Ab Teri hukmaran ne bhi cmnt kr diya Ab post soon

  4. Ritzi

    U knw wht…..ye post karne ki koi zarurat nhi thi….I already remembered yr ff…itne acche ff ko koi bhul bhi sakta hai bhala vaise ‘forevertwinjfan’ naam thoda bada nd formal nhi hai?

    1. Ritzi

      Oh its foreverfanoftwinj hehe….ye toh aur lamba hai

  5. SidMin

    My LD Loved it And Thank you for posting 🙂
    Jalde se next episode post karde Love you 🙂
    Or story mujhe yard hai Acche se Bahaut acche se Khu ke abhi tho hero ke entry hone vale the 🙂

  6. Sameera

    Hayeeeeeeee foreverfan of Twinj missed u alott n Teri cute se baate bhi yaar loved it soo much jaldi post kar dena epi can’t wait for it ????

  7. Twinjfan.tamanna

    atlast aa hi gayi….yaar plz jaldi post karnA.

  8. Heyy!! Thnk you for posting the summary but I remembered the story.. missed this ff.. do cont soon ?

  9. Kritika14

    I missed you so much moti! But maza aagya sunkar that you will post the next episode in this week! So damn excited. So jaldi post kar as I am really excited to read it! Love you ?

  10. Sayeeda

    Finally Amrish Puri agaayi aap ….pata hai aapki Simran ne aapko kitna miss kiya ….
    So happy to see u back with ur ff ….I thought that u will not be continuing with the ff but u proved me wrong…Nd yah u were also writing another ff do post that one Also plzzzzzz……

    Thank you for the summary……bas jaldi se post krde….

    Love you….meri taraf se kyuki aap toh kabhi kahnengi nai ???….

    Accha pakka wala I love you????

  11. Thank u for the summary… But mujhe yeh ff pura yaad hey to iski jarurat nehi thi… Vala itna accha ff koi bhul sakta hey… But yaar pls apna ff jaldi post karona… Can’t wait to read it…

  12. Adya

    Ohhhhh maaaaaaa………finally u back……….missed u soooooo much………yr…….I really forgot……u know…….I m pagal……..Chalo waiting for your next update

  13. Nice

  14. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome…eagerly waiting for next part

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