A Twinj Tale – Part 1


Hellooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Frnds ( sorry fr d long lasting hello)
Vo kya hai na emotions mein beh gayi thi…
So here I m forever fan of twinj urf shruti .many of u know me( agar nahi jaante toh bhi bacchi ka dil rakhne k lie keh do)
I m here to write a new ff based on my twinj.sorry sorry our twinj.
But my dis story is different from others as my story is a friendship story rather than a love story.
But friendship is d first step towards love.m I right guys??
So let’s see whether in dis case love happens or …………..( have patience)
So here is d first epi.intro of d characters will be given in next epi……

Location:- Canada
A very big bungalow is shown which is in combination of white and navy blue and seriously its looking damn beautiful.
Inside d bungalow it feels dat someone has entered heaven.its so beautiful.
But I can’t believe my eyes..
A lady is sitting on d sofa and is murmuring something.and she is hell angry.let’s hear wat is she murmuring.her face has turned red in anger.
Lady:-ye ladki mera dimaag kharab kar k hi chodegi.how careless is she.kab se phone kar rahi hun uthati hi nahi.pasta nahi kahan hai .time dekh hai .its 12:00.phir bhi pata nahi kahan hai.let her come.aaj batati hun ki leela taneja kiska naam hai.
Leela taneja jo pure Canada mein apne hotels ko sambhalti hai.pure Canadians jiski inti respect karte hai uski hi beti apni maa ki izzat ka falooda bana rahi hai.
Let her come.I will teach her a lesson which she will never forget.
So d lady is leela taneja.

Suddenly door bell rings.
She goes towards d door and opens it.
L:-toh tu as gayi.kahan thi inti raat tak.
And vo ladka kaun hai jo tujhe into raat chodne aaya hai.
Pointing towards a guy who is sitting in d car.
Den d camera focusses towards a girl standing in front of leela

(The girl is looking really gorgeous.she is wearing a red colour top with a black coloured leather jacket and a black denim jeans below it.she must be of 25.)
L:- I m asking something.reply.
G:- so ur asking me where I was .are u.and wat does it matter to u.I was at hell.got it answer now let me go I m tired.
L:- u r drunk.tune sharab pee.and who is dat guy.
G:- haan pee.toh.wats ur problem.y r u interferring in my matter.and dat guy is my boy friend.any problem.( she is unable to stand .she is about to fall but takes support of a table.)
L :- is this d way to talk to ur mother.twinkle.
So d girl is our twinkle
T:- who is my mother?.u.u r not my mother.u r leela taneja just a businesswoman who has her hotels all over Canada.and don’t ever take my name from ur mouth .okay.it chokes my ears.
Hearing dis leela couldn’t control her anger and gave a tight one on twinkle’s face.
Twinkle touched her face.she got tears in her eyes but she didn’t want to show it to leela.
So in full atitude.she replied.
T:- aur aapko krna kya aata hai.sirf thappad marte ho.lagta hai ek se mann nahi bhara yoga.ye lo aur maro ( and she takes her hand and makes leela hit her face.)
L:- stop it and she takes her hand back.go to ur room .I will talk to u tomorrow. And even with dat guy.
T:- but I dont want to talk to u.who r u to interrogate me.
Saying this twinkle faints.
Leela:- Steven take twinkle to her room.
Suddenly a man wearing white shirt and black pants appears and takes twinkle to her room.
He makes twinkle lay on her bed and covers her with blanket and goes out of d room .

Suddenly twinkle’s phone rings.
Twinkle opens her eyes and takes her phone.
It flashes riyaan.
Twinkle picks up d phone.
R:- got a slap?
T:- ya.tight one.
R:- offcourse u will get.inti acchi acting jo krti hai.and I m damn sure jab aunty ne pucha hoga ki mai kaun hun.to tune bola hoga.
T:- boyfriend.and thank u meri tareef krne k liye.
R:- lekin twinkle tu kab tak yeh drunk hone ka natak karegi.
T:- jab tak leela taneja mujhse pareshan hokar mujhe india nahi bhej deti.
R:- and tab tak tu mujhe Bali ka bakra banaigi.
T:- haaan.:-) 🙂
R:- tu kabhi nahi sudhregi.
T:- sudharna kaun chahta hai.
R:- can I ask u something.bataigi na.
T:- haan.puch kya puchna hai.
R:- tu india jaane k lie itni desperate kyun hai.kya hai vahan?
T:- kya nahi koi hai.Jesse mai leela taneja k wajah se nahi mil payi .
R:- naam kya hai us ‘koi’ ka.
T:- even I don’t know.yahi puchne k lie toh I was going to meet him.but …..
Let it be kabhi aur bataungi.but itna samajh le ye natak jab tak chalega tu mera bf bana rahega.okay.and one more thing.mujhe naa kehne wale pas and nahi.
R:- twinkle
T:- riya.
R:- riyaan.don’t call me riya.I m a boy.
T:- really I thought..
R:- sochna band kr.and sleep gn.
T:- gn Riya…
And immidiately she cuts d call.
R:- (self talk) ye kabhi nahi sudhregi
Suddenly he gets a text from twinkle.
I m damn sure ki tu yahi bol raha hoga ki mai kabhi nahi sudhrungi.so let me tell u Mr.riyaan sadaf dat twinkle and Charles sobhraj dono kabhi nahi sudhrenge.okay.
Reading d text riyaan has a smile on his face and here twinkle is thinking about something…..

To be contd.
Comments likhna zaroor
Kyunki har ek comment zaroori hota hai.
Is nacheez ka ff padhne k lie shukriya shukriya aur phir se shukriya.

Precap:- twinkle ke ‘koi’ ke rehasya se parda uthega.:-P 😛

Love u all.
Hope u all liked it….:-) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Credit to: forever fan of twinj

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    It’s really amazing and its very nice to see twinkle acting like spoilt girl in your ff pls post next part asap waiting eagelry

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    “” Tumhara ff padke hogayi main itni kush ; tumhara ff padhke hogayi main itni kush;
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