Twinj the Sweetest Couple : episode 5


Hey my sweethearts how are you all ?? Hope all are doing super awesome !!!
Tysm for all your support for reading this stupid ff and supporting me all the time !!
I know I am keeping all of you in tension to find out what is in the letter !!
And enough of my bakbak now its start the ff .

Twinj the sweetest couple : episode 5

Recap : in last episode we saw , twinj’s day out , and twinkle getting shock by reading the letters !!

Twinkle was extremely shocked to read the letters , she heard some foot steps coming towards the room , she hurriedly kept the letters and diary on its original place and takes the dress and wipes her tears . Leela comes to the room ,

Leela : twinkle putar what are you doing here ??

Twinkle : wo wo Maa , I came to take this lehanga

Leela : ohk putar , par what happened to ur voice ?? Did you cry ??

Twinkle : Nahi Maa , wo something fell into my eyes

Leela : tikke putar , go get ready the Pooja will start in next one hour

Twinkle : jee Maa .

Twinkle takes the lehenga and runs to Sarna mansion .

She comes to their room and cries her heart out !!
Kunj comes and sees twinkle in the balcony

Kunj : oye , sappiya queen what happened??

Twinkle suddenly wipes her tears and faces him

Kunj : twinkle were u crying ? Holding her shoulders

Twinkle : nahi toh

Kunj : twinkle you can’t lie to me !!

Twinkle : kunnnj *sobs* kunj

Kunj : what happened twinkle ??

Twinkle : kunj , uv meri bhai hai

Kunj was shocked to core , he didn’t know what say or do !

Kunj : twinkle what the hell are you talking about ?

Twinkle : haan kunj , I am telling the truth !!! Yuvi is my bhai , I read the letters , it was from Anita aunty to Maa , this whole life they acted like enemies just coz that we both doesn’t get married??

She cries and collapse on kunj’s chest

Kunj : calm down, here drink a glass of water

Twinkle : muhje nahi peene

Kunj : twinkle for me !!! Twinkle please don’t be weak , for me !!

Twinkle : paar keaise kunj ? How can I digest this truth ??

Kunj : when we are together nothing will go wrong !! Hmm ok ? Now get ready and stop crying like a baby

Twinkle : I don’t look like a baby when I cry

Kunj : yes u do

Twinkle : nahi nahi nahi and pushes him and goes to get ready !

The Pooja went well , all were happy with the Pooja but *twinkle was still numb*

@night twinj’s room

Twinkle kept her head on kunj’s chest and he is caressing her hair

Twinkle : kunj

Kunj : hmmm twinkle

Twinkle : if uv is my bhai , then how can Mahi and uv get married

Kunj : even I thought that twinkle , well did you read all the letters and the pages in diary

Twinkle : nahi kunj , I couldn’t finish reading the pages in diary by that time , Maa agaya

Kunj : tikke , now meri baby socha , him kal jakke dekuka

Twinkle : tysm for coming into my life kunj
And she peeks his lips

Kunj : mera baby thoda zayda naughty hogayeka ?

Twinkle : kunnnj *blushes*

Kunj : chalo let’s sleep

Twinkle : Goodnyt kunj

Kunj : goodnyt twinkle , I love you

Twinkle : love you too
Kunj peeks her forehead

They both sleeps even though twinkle couldn’t sleep properly .

Precap : twinj face to face with Leela about the truth !!! And twinj telling the truth to whole family .

And tysm for all your support , Sidmin , Jiya , ayu , presha , chiku , diya , queen , priya , riddhi , ramya,
Twinj.fan_tamannah , sohi , supriya , Sidmin23 , purnima , anaya 🙂

Love you all 🙂

Lots of love

Tanu ??????????❤

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  1. Sohi

    Unexpected episode that’s what I could say

  2. Ayu

    Omg!!! I am ?
    What just happened?!
    Plss posst soon…..i am shockeed.

  3. I’m totally shocked and the way kunj supported twi was superb and plz post asap dear

  4. Presha

    Hey its cute lovely sweet like u

  5. Anam_sidhant


  6. Omg…..bro and sis Wala twist….but a question .did twinkle love uv previously?

  7. I don’t expect this
    Mtlb Yrr…… twinkle n uv…….siblings
    Wht a twist Yrr
    Eagerly waiting for next episode post soon ????

  8. Jiya_Ani

    Wait…let me digest….Twinkle and Yuvi..Brother-Sister!!!….these four words in a single sentence!!!!!!!!!!???

    My goodness.. Tanyu…kya twist hai yaar!!!!…soo awesome.. Post asap..?

  9. Ramya

    Tanu u r superb kamal ke io
    Mtlb srsly twinkle n uv r bro sis my heart is dancing like anything yrr I loved dis n I’m no able to control my smile after reading it ita sooo cutee kashserial mai bhi aisahota it’s so cute
    Loads of love keep smiling

  10. Chiku

    Omgg!!! Twinkl uv bhai behen????…… i am shocked.
    Twinj scenes are lovely.
    Plzzzz post soon

  11. SidMin23

    Cute episode and love twinj moment
    what an twist uv twinkle are brother sister wating for more update.

  12. Adya

    Hey Tanya … Firstly my biggest sorry for not commenting on the previous one.. but I’m a bit bzy yrr…
    What !!! Uv – twinkle… brother – sister…
    Strange …. I’m too excited as the precap is too interesting!! Plas post soon…
    Loads of love !!

  13. Omggg…this is a just shocking epi…..what a twist year….I don’t know what to say….just 1 thing this is amazinggg…. ur going good so don’t u dare to say that again its stupid ff got it….
    OK now post ur next epi soon…
    Keep smiling…love u….

  14. SidMin

    Loved it Interesting twist
    UV and Twinkle are brothers and sisters
    Wow 🙂
    Post soon 🙂 Love you 🙂

  15. SidVee_Yashvee

    Heya, I’m commenting on ur ff for the first time.. sorry for not commenting on ur previous ones.. the story line is amazing.. I loved it.. today’s epi was quite shocking.. eagerly waiting for the next ❤

  16. Very nice dii.l am queen,but today real name se comment de rahi hoon.

  17. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing shocking suspense full epi…

  18. Aanya_pandey

    Aawww.. last part ws jst super cute one?

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