TwiNj: Strange Love ~ by Ria and Shatakshi (One Shot)


TwiNj: Strange love (One Shot)
(Cover pic credits: Laddoo)

Hellooo lovely ppl,
Shatakshi, the author of “ So a lion fell in love with the lamb (season 2)” and Ria, the author of “ Is everything really so perfect as it seems to be?” are here with an OS… its our first attempt to do something together with a combined effort.
We Both are good friends but finally after a long discussion we are here to present something together.
It was difficult to jot down together as our style of writing is totally different from each other 
Hope u all will like it …
So let’s start. 
The view revolves around a pool side area covered with tiny bulbs and neon lights giving it a spark. The place is occupied with many youngsters which gives it a complete party look.
Alcohols, DJ occupied the place… 
“Twinkle please dont be a spoil sport….have some guts!!” Demanded Aranya who seemed to be a bit drunk.
This disturbed Twinkle who was looking at one corner of the pool side.
“What fun do you get in having such creepy competitions …. I’m not gonna do it n that’s final…”, she raised her hand in a way to surrender.
Hearing this Aranya gave a pout.
“ That’s not fair Twinkle!!”, she exclaims.

Twinkle just passed a flying kiss in order to irritate her….and again started looking at that corner.
“Huh??…. you are just impossible Twinkle”, she says angrily. 
Suddenly, Aranya noticed something n gets a plan in her mind. 

“Umm….twinkle that guy is hot…right??”, she says teasing.
“Wh…who…what are u talking about??”, Twinkle questioned hesitantly.
“Arree….the same guy whom u are staring since long”, says Aranya with a naughty grin. 
“Shut up Aranya….its nothing like that okay??”, says twinkle preventing any eye contact with her.
“Babes I know u since childhood….. Stop hiding it from me okay??…and btw I know that guy….but its okay if u are not interested in him then what is the point in giving u his introduction…. Well I must say he was a nice guy ….and single too”, says Aranya dramatically… 

This gazled up Twinkle’s face…. 
“Ummm….Aru….u are my best friend right??….no no sorry sorry….u are my bff right??….so please na say this name ….plshhh”, pleads twinkle buttering Aranya.
Aranya gives a smiles. 
“But on one condition…”, says Aranya.
“Spill the beans”, says twinkle impatiently. 
“U have to take a drink with me….just one shot”, says Aranya. 
“Okay”, says twinkle reluctantly.
“Thats like my sweetheart”, Aranya jumped in excitement.
Thereafter Twinkle took a vodka shot….it was a strong one but, was managed by Twinkle. 
“Now say….who is he”, says Twinkle….with patience crossing the bound.
“He is Kunj…Kunj Sarna….the only son of Manohar and Usha Sarna….n the Owner of Sarna Empire”, describes Aranya.
Twinkle was quite impressed.
“But I am warning u….this kunj is a very nice guy….but her friend Alisha is a bit over possessive for him….even though they are not dating….she doesn’t likes any girl in his life….and here kunj is unaware that his childhood that this Alisha has warned many girls to stay away from Kunj….”, says Aranya.
“Isn’t she being over protective….strange” says twinkle with a weird face towards Alisha who was standing next to kunj holding his hand.
Many a times their eyes meet but soon was broken …. now it was confirm that kunj too had noticed her. 

“Hey guys Party it too dry….let’s Party Hard….Music!!”, yelled someone from the crowd.
DJ starts  “Aabhi to party shuru hue hai”.
All the ppl started gathering at one place….n dance their heart out …so do Kunj and Twinkle….they are at a bit distance but due to constant moving now they were face to face but still didn’t see each other… 
All of a sudden twinkles eyes caught him n he too saw her.
Both still dancing passed a smile.
“Hey”, says Kunj. 
“Hi…twinkle here”, says Twinkle. 
“Sorry I didn’t hear. What u just said ….this DJ…”, says Kunj leaning towards Twinkle. 
Here twinkle stood on her heels to move towards his ears.
“Hey…I’m Twinkle..”, says Twinkle.
“Hi Twinkle…I am Kunj….nice to meet you…it seems that u aren’t enjoying the party”, says Kunj.
Still they both are dancing and are close to each other having a talk. 
“No…its nothing like that…..”, replied twinkle with a smile.
Thereafter they have some random talks….but they didn’t see Alisha who was fuming in anger seeing them like this. 
“This Twinkle Taneja….how dare u come near my kunj….now u just wait and watch”, and she smirks evilly.

Twinj excused themselves….n Twinkle went towards the bar counter to drink water…. 
Waiter passed her some glass….she was about to drink when Kunj held her hand.
“What happened Kunj”, asked a confused Twinkle.
“No….nothing….u take this bottle”, lied kunj passing her a bottle.
She smiled and took the bottle.
Kunj left the area dragging Alisha out.
“What’s wrong with u kunj??”, questioned Alisha 
“What’s wrong with me???….What’s wrong with u Alisha??…. Why did u mix sleeping pills in Twinkle’s water??”, asked kunj angrily.
Alisha prevented eye contact with Kunj.

“I saw u mixing pills in her drink….why did u do this??….What did u think I never noticed that u dont like any girl near me?… It’s just that I ignore becoz u are my best friend….but this time it was too much….Go and get a life Alisha….”, says kunj harshly. 
Alisha was welled up with tears.
“Becoz I love u Kunj….I loved u since childhood.. ..and I can’t see u with someone else”, says Alisha.
“But I don’t Alisha….I always considered u as my best friend….nothing more than that..”, says Kunj. and left the party leaving a crying Alisha behind. 

She got up wiping her tears. 
“Now just wait Twinkle….I will ruin u….u snatched my Kunj from me right??…now u have to pay for this”, says Alisha. 


Manohar called RT urgently at Sarna Mansion…. 
Both RT and Leela reached there and saw Manohar, Usha and Bebe tensed and Alisha standing behind them with faking a sad face. 
“What Happened Manohar….. Why did u called us urgently??… Is there any problem?” asked RT. 
Manohar didn’t say anything and just showed them some pictures.
RT and Leela were shocked to see the pics. 
It was Twinkle and Kunj’s pictures while they were talking and dancing on the dance floor….they were standing so close to each other. 
“What’s all this?”, RT asked still in shock.
“Alisha gave us this pictures and said that Kunj and Twinkle love each other”, says Manohar with a dropped face.
“But how come Kunj and Twinkle…. Twinkle shares everything with me….then why did she hide this from me”, says leela.
Leela called Twinkle and ordered to come in Sarna Mansion. And, here Manohar called kunj from upstairs. 
Now both Twinj were standing before the family giving death glares to Alisha who was smirking looking at them.
“What is this kunj??”, asked Manohar raising his voice.
“Do u even know the consequence if these pictures were leaked in media….what would be our reputation in society….”, he continued 

“Papa its nothing like that….u ppl are misunder….”, says kunj but was interrupted by Usha. 
“Kunj, atleast u would have told me right….if u love Twinkle then what was the need to hide it?”
“But Aunty its nothing like that please understand“, says twinkle trying hard to convince them.
“Its ok puttar….no need to give excuses now….if u ppl love each other then we dont have any problem with it….we are ready for this marriage….right RT?”, says bebe smiling. 
This brought a smile on everyone’s face.
“I am so happy that my Twinkle chose such a good life partner for her…..u won’t believe it Mr. Sarna but I was thinking of Twinkle and Kunj’s marriage since long but didn’t get the chance”, says leela smiling 
All agreed to her.
“Siyappa!!” murmured twinkle. 
“Yeh sab siyappa teri vajah se ho raha hai”, murmurs Kunj. 
(This all is happening becoz of u) 

“Now what did I do?…ask ur cunning friend okay….and don’t u dare to blame me”, says twinkle with attitude. 
“Whaterever”, says kunj rolling his eyes. 
(Tashan e ishq title track plays) 

And here Twinj were looking at everyone blankly….nit knowing how to react…. 
But the worst reaction was of Alisha whose jaws were touching the ground… 
Alisha thinks, “Shit!!….what nonsense is this ….I thought that after seeing these pictures their parents would accuse Twinkle and her character and warn her from meeting Kunj….but these ppl are insane….” 
She stormed out of the house in anger.
“Kunj puttar….u take twinkle to ur room….we all have to discuss about ur marriage”, guided usha smiling. 
Kunj didn’t say anything….just grabbed her fist n dragged her towards his room… 
“Kunj leave my hand”, she says on the way to his room.
They reached the room.
“I said leave my hand Kunj”, saying this she freed her hand in anger. 
“Just look at u…aisa lag raha hai jaise maan me laddoo photo rahe h humare shadi ki baat sunke (it seems like u are very happy with this marriage)”, says Kunj.
“Are u mad….do u really think that I’m happy with this marriage….see my fate….I have to bear this misunderstanding throughout my life….and all thanks to ur best friend cum ur unofficial over possessive gf”, says twinkle completely frustrated.
“Just fit some things in ur small brain….which u hardly have….First thing that she is not my gf n secondly stop taunting me all the time…and what did u say that u have to bear me….so mam here is a correction….That miss brainless Taneja or can say to be Mrs Kunj Sarna its not u who have to bear me its me  have to bear u throughout my life….” says Kunj. 
Till that time twinkle had tears in her eyes.
“Hey….twinkle….I didn’t mean to hurt u….I m sorry….Shh….stop crying….aacha ok….I’m soo sorry please”, says Kunj holding his ears 
Twinkle smiled a bit. 
“Now??” she asked 
“Now what??…Marriage….did u see our parents eyes…they were very happy with this marriage..  N think practically that if not us then in future we have to marry some or the other person so its better to let this marriage happen”, says Kunj. 
Twinkle nodded in agreement.
“Do u have a boyfriend??”, asked Kunj. 
“Shut up Kunj…agar hota to I would have never agreed to this marriage….but I know u have a girlfriend”, she says smiling. 
“Who?”, asked a confused Kunj 
“Alisha”, saying this she burst out into laughter. 
Earlier kunj faked anger but then smiled seeing her laugh.
(Sajna ve plays in the background) 

Days were passing along with their marriage rituals…. Twinkle found Kunj good and so did Kunj but tashan between them was still the same….or can say they were enjoying this new bond.
Finally the day had come….its Twinj’s marriage. 
After a long journey….TwiNj are married now… 
Both were happy but were hiding i.t 
Then, twinkle left for Sarna Mansion after the marriage.

They both entered the house. The family seemed to be quite happy of the marriage inspite of Twinkle not being their own choice. Usha and Bebe welcomed Twinkle after performing all the rituals while Kunj was busy working on his phone. “Kunj, leave that phone for sometime”, said Bebe. “Why Bebe? I was just reading the news feed”, replied Kunj. Twinkle looked at him wierdly while Usha said, “Kunj, stop being so childish. It’s your marriage today. Now, leave it or else, I’ll throw it outside.” Twinkle secretly giggled while Kunj put his phone back. Usha welcomed Twinkle inside the house after completing all the rituals. Kunj walked in front when Anand said, “Kunj, aren’t you forgetting something?” “Now, what?”, asked Kunj. “Our tradition. Twinkle can’t walk up till you room. Come on”, said Anand. “So? You want me to drive a car from the hall to the room or what?”, asked Kunj irritatingly. “Babaji, whom did you get me married to? He’s so dumb. Uff!”, murmured Twinkle. “Kunj, now don’t be so shy. You need to pick her up and go to the room”, said Nikita, Anand’s wife. Kunj rolled his eyes and picked up Twinkle in his arms. They both shared a short eyelock but, soon composed themselves and Kunj walked away to the room.

TwiNj room
Kunj entered the room and made Twinkle stand. Twinkle looked at Kunj disgusted. “Did you expect I’ll carry you all the way till the bed?”, asked Kunj. “You’re truely hopeless. You’re saying as if you’ve to walk some 1000km to reach the bed from the door”, said Twinkle. “It’s 10 steps. You’re so fat that I would’ve fallen down after this”, replied Kunj. “I’m not fat”, replied Twinkle irritated. “You are”, said Kunj. “No, I am not”, replied Twinkle. “Okay fine patlu”, said Kunj. “Kunj”, called out Twinkle irritated and hit him picking up a pillow from the bed. Kunj ran around the room and later, climbed on the bed to save himself from Twinkle. “What do you think I can’t climb on the bed?”, asked Twinkle climbing on the bed. She started hitting him and soon, they lost their balance and fell on each other. They had a long eyelock unless they were disturbed by a phone ring. They quickly got up and composed themselves. “I’m”, Twinj said. “You say”, both of them again said together. “The phone again rang when Twinkle said, “Kunj, your phone.” Kunj hurriedly picked up his phone and went to the balcony. Twinkle cleared the bed when Kunj entered the room. “Kunj”, called out Twinkle. “Don’t feel wierd. I’ll sleep on the couch. You lay down on the bed”, said Kunj picking up his pillow. He walked away to the couch while Twinkle smiled to herself and felt asleep.

The next day, Kunj woke up and found the room completely empty. “Where’s Twinkle now?” “Twinkle”, he shouted. Twinkle came out of the bathroom wearing a bathrobe and arching her eyebrows asked what. “Twinkle, can’t you come out wearing your dress?”, asked Kunj closing his eyes. Twinkle smiled and quickly taking out her clothes from the suitcase went to change. She came out after around 5 minutes and found Kunj arranging the cupboard. “What are you doing?”, asked Twinkle. “I’ve cleared the cupboard. You can arrange your clothes now”, said Kunj and rushed into the washroom to freshen up. A broad satisfactory smile covered Twinkle’s face.

Later that morning, some of Usha’s friends came to her home to talk to her about how the marriage happened and all. “Twinkle, please can you bring some snacks for us?”, asked Usha. “Ya maa. I’ll just bring it”, replied Twinkle and walked away to the kitchen. After 10 minutes, Twinkle came back with some pakoras and tea for all of them. “Ma”, exclaimed Twinkle keeping the tray on the table. Twinkle stood on the side while everyone started eating. “Yuck! What is this?”, said one of the ladies. “Usha, doesn’t your daughter in law know to cook? What kind of girl have you chosen?”, she continued. “Aunty, you have any problem you can talk to me. Please don’t blame maa”, interrupted Twinkle. “Haven’t your parents taught you how to behave with elders?”, asked the lady. Kunj who was observing everything from the stairs said, “Aunty, you don’t have any rights to talk about Twinkle’s parents.” Twinkle lovingly stared at him while he continued, “Thank you for coming. You may leave now.” The ladies made disgusted faces and walked out of the house.

TwiNj room
Later that evening, Twinkle and Kunj were in the room. There was complete silence when Twinkle said, “Thank you!” Kunj looked up from his laptop and said, “For what?” “For talking in favour of my parents”, replied Twinkle. “It was my duty Twinkle. They’re my parents also now. By the way, thanks for being by maa’s side also”, said Kunj. “That’s my duty Kunj”, replied Twinkle. They both smiled at each other and Kunj started working again.

Days passed by and TwiNj had become very good friends. Twinkle used to love Kunj but, was never sure of Kunj’s feelings and thus, she always kept her feeling suppressed.

One day, Kunj’s friends called him and told him that they were arranging a get-together among their friends circle and it would be really great if he could bring Twinkle along. He didn’t know what to reply and said he isn’t sure about it.

After sometime, Twinkle came inside the room when Kunj hesitantly said, “Twi..Twinkle” “Yes?”, Twinkle asked arching her eyebrows. “Would you mind coming with me to a get-together this evening that my friends have arranged?”, asked Kunj in one breath closing his eyes. Twinkle’s face lit up and she immediately hugged Kunj. Kunj found it wierd and stood there clenching his fist. Twinkle realised her actions and pulling back said, “Sure.” Kunj smiled and said, “Okay, 6:30.”

TwiNj reached the place at around 7. It was a calm and quiet place near the beach. Twinkle was wearing a black knee-length skirt with a white crop top while Kunj was wearing blue denims along with a black shirt. They found a camp fire set in the middle along with a bar towards one end and a bunch of people sitting around the fire laughing and talking. Kunj smiled and walked towards them pulling Twinkle along with himself. Everyone shouted, “Hi!” Kunj waved at them while Twinkle smiled. They setlled down on the sand when Naina said, “Let’s start the game now.” “What game?”, asked Twinkle. “Ohh.. We used to play truth and dare always in our college so, we just thought of reliving the memories so, that’s it”, said Varun. “Okay”, Twinkle replied as they started the game. They spun an empty alcohol bottle.

The bottle was spun and it landed upon Aarav and Shweta. “Shweta, your question”, said Kunj. “Okay..truth or dare?”, asked Shweta. “Truth”, replied Aarav. “Fine. How many girlfriends did you have till now?”, asked Shweta. Aarav looked at Naina and said, “I did have many girls in my life but, now there’s only one and she’s mine forever and I’m hers.” Naina smiled as everyone hooted and clapped for them. The bottle was spun and this time it landed upon Kunj and Varun. “Truth or dare bro?”, asked Varun. “Dare”, replied Kunj. “Fine. Let’s have a huge round of applause for your couple dance”, said Varun as everyone started clapping. Twinkle smiled while Kunj said, “No. I’m sorry. Truth.” “You can’t change your decision. Come on, don’t be a spoiled sport yaar”, said Naina.

Kunj stood up and hesitantly asked for Twinkle’s hand. Twinkle quickly gave in her hand while both of them romantically danced on “Bol do na Zara”. They had many cute eyelocks in between their performances and the performance was absolutely in sync. After sometime, they finished their performance while everyone appreciated their skills and continued with the game. They stopped the game around 9 when everyone wanted to have their dinner. The girls served themselves and talked to each other sitting around the camp fire while the boys sat on the other side. “You really love her right?”, asked Aarav. Kunj was about to speak when Varun said, “Ofcourse. After all Twinkle is so beautiful. She’s a beauty epitome.” “Hey Varun. Mind what you speak. She’s my wife”, said Kunj. “Oho possessiveness”, said Varun and Aarav together. “Nothing like that. It’s just that”, said Kunj but, Aarav interrupted and said, “It’s all about love. Anyways, ill go get myself some more salad. Varun, coming?” Varun nodded his head in agreement and walked away while Kunj thought to himself, “Am I really in love?” He looked at Twinkle and found her laughing. He was mesmerised to see her. He reminisced all their moments as a smile covered his face and he murmured, “I love you Twinkle!” All of them had a pretty nice time and left the place at around 11.

After a few days, Usha, Manohar and Bebe called Twinkle and Kunj to the hall. “We’ll not be there at home for few days. We’ll return day after tomorrow. We’ve an invitation at Mrs. Singh’s house”, said Usha. “Okay maa”, said Kunj.

TwiNj room
Twinkle and Kunj entered the room when Kunj said, “Let’s go out in the evening.” Twinkle smiled and asked, “But, where?” “Dinner?”, asked Kunj. “Okay”, replied Twinkle and both of them smiled at each other.

In the evening, all the elders had left and only Twinkle and Kunj were there in the house. Kunj was waiting for Twinkle to get ready and was roaming around in the room. After about 10 minutes, Twinkle came out of the washroom dressed in a blue knee-length dress with matching accessories and her hair left open. Kunj was mesmerised to see her and walked towards her. “Kunj, what are you doing?”, asked Twinkle. Kunj placed his finger on her lips and said, “You look gorgeous.” Twinkle turned crimson and said, “Thank you!” He held her by her waist and pulled her closer to himself. He rubbed his cheek against hers and whispered, “I love you!” Twinkle smiled and continued relishing his touch. He kissed her right cheek and said, “I expect an answer Twinkle.” Twinkle hugged Kunj and said, “I love you too!” Kunj smiled and separated themselves to look at Twinkle. He smiled and pulling her closer kissed her. Twinkle responded back with equal passion and after sometime they pulled back. Twinkle pushed Kunj away and tried to go but Kunj held her wrist and sensually moved his hands on hers. Twinkle turned completely red as Kunj romanced her. Twinkle smiled as Kunj came in front of her. He bent down and picked her up in his arms. Twinkle wrapped her arms around his neck while Kunj walked towards the bed. He gently placed her on the bed and switching off the lights they took their relation to a new level.
Did you all like it? Please drop down your comments as both of us have really out in a lot of efforts trying to figure out the story and then, jot it down. Negative comments are always acceptable but, please no ill language.

Love you all. Take care. Bye!?

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