TWINJ: a story of two different people ( introduction)

Hi guys sriya here many of u don’t me because I am new here I usually write Swaragini ffs but this one is my first twinj ff. I love siddhant gupta so thought to watch tashan – e – ishq but he left the show I felt bad and I want him to come back to the show. Anyways I will be beginning with my intro.

Introduction: –
Kunj sarna: a rude arrogant heartless business man who doesn’t believe in love due to his dark past. He loves only his parents and sister.
Twinkle gupta : a fun loving caring beautiful girl who always smiles and makes other smile too. Enjoys her life to the fullest and is a prankster.
Anushka sarna: loving caring sister of Kunj loves him a lot wants him to get out of his dark past.
Raj and Shruti sarna: loves their both son and daughter a lot wants their son to get out of his dark past.
Ram and shanaya gupta: fun loving and caring parents of twinkle loves her a lot as she is their only child.

So guys done with the introduction of main characters. Guys did u liked it or not if u want me to continue then only I am going to continue suggestions are always welcomed love you guys bye take care don’t forget to drop your comments.

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  1. please update next episode asap.the intro looks interesting

    1. Sriya

      thanx nrk for the comment it means a lot to me writing first episode now only love u loads xx

  2. Kritika14

    it was great! continue soon 🙂

    1. Sriya

      thanx Monica will be continuing writing first episode now only love u loads xx

  3. SidMin

    Siya please do continue I have not read your Swaragini ff but I would surely read this one please post soon 🙂

    1. Sriya

      thanx Sidmin no problems if u haven’t read my swaragini ffs thanx a lot for reading it means a lot to me will post soon love u loads xx

  4. Purnima.agrawal30

    Nice intro…interesting…do continue soon….

    1. Sriya

      thanx Purnima. agrawal30 for the comment glad u find it interesting>>>3 will surely continue love u loads xx

  5. Hey Sriya story seems interesting. continue soon

    1. Sriya

      thanx sidhantfan seems like you are very big fan of sidhant same pinch me too hehe will surely continue glad u find it interesting will continue soon love u loads xx

  6. Fan

    Awesome continue

    1. Sriya

      thanx Fan will surely continue soon love u loads xx

  7. Ria

    Waiting for the next update. Liked the intro please post soon.?

    1. Sriya

      thanx Ria will be posting when i finish writing your dp is awesome love u loads xx

      1. Ria

        Sriya, if you get time do read my ffs. I write two of them. One is “I Love You” – A Twinj journey which has the same cover pic as yours though it has gone a pretty ahead but, please try it out once and the other one is IS EVERYTHING REALLY SO PERFECT AS IT SEEMS TO BE? I’ve started this fan fic recently and am only done with 4 segments. Please go through it if you wish to.
        Loads of love.??

  8. Baby

    amazing sriya of course pls continue ll b w8ing fr it

    1. Sriya

      thanx Baby will surely continue thanx for waiting it means a lot to me and do you write any fanfic on twinj if yes then please tell me would love to read it love u loads xx

      1. Baby

        no sriya i dont rite bt rote an os it ws my 1st 1 n aftr dt i m thnking 2 rite more dear if i ll i ll surely tell u n may ask sm question if u dont mind iwere do u live n in which class r u

  9. Angita

    Nice intro….continue yaar

    1. Sriya

      thanx angita will surely continue already posted first episode love u loads xx

  10. Nusz Khan

    Thank god I saw this!! Oh my god Sriya it was beautiful!!! Please update soon and also you’re

    an amazing writer Hun. I like it can’t wait for Twinj romance aha.

    Love you aha.

    Anyways keeps smiling like always xx.

    ~Nusz xx.

    1. Sriya

      thanx Nusz dear i read your ragsan ff which sanskar is blind and raglak ff and your and fatarjao ff and your twinj ff aka sidmin you are amazing writer di me too love shravan reddy and twinj aka sidmin
      love u loads di!
      keep smiling like always xx

  11. Intresting plot…luv 2 read more…Ctd soon

    1. Sriya

      thanx maggi will continue soon already posted first episode love u loads xx

  12. Intrstng plzz update fst glzz witing

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