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Hi guys here with the next chappy of twinj ff. Hope you guys like it too and guys if everyone who commented on my ff do they write any ff then please tell the names I would love to read them because I have no idea about any ffs of twinj which is good which is bad bla bla. I am too talkative right well you guys have to agree it.

Episode 1
We see a man jogging on the ground. He was looking hot and too handsome (You guys must be thinking why I am describing too much about Kunj because I love siddhant gupta too much hehe lol). He is none other than Kunj sarna. He was jogging when he sees a girl playing with few children. He gets mesmerised seeing her she was none other than twinkle gupta. Then he thinks why I am thinking about her all girls are same first make us mesmerised with their looks and then make us fall in love with them and ditch us. He leaves from there. The children asks didi didi we want ice cream twinkle says tum sabko ice cream chaiye hai tikhe abhi leke aati hu. Twinkle says bhaiya panch ice cream the children say kyun panch hum toh sirf chaar hai twinkle says four for you one for me. The children says okay they all have ice cream together and do some masti and twinkle leaves from there. She was driving the car when she gets a phone call yeh putra aaj bhule gayi tere pehle din hai aaj office mai jaldi nikala office ke liye bhulakaad kahi ki ( my friends in Mumbai also used to call me bhulakaad when I used to forget anything hehe lol). Twinkle says tikhe maa jaa rahi hu and cuts the call. Twinkle says hai ram aaj mere pehle din office mai aur aaj bhul gayi hai hai mere toh boss dhake mare ke nikhla dega. Thinking this she leaves to office. As soon she enters the office all men are mesmerised seeing her and some girls are jealous of beauty. She enters the boss cabin. The boss is none other than phatoo no just joking hehe the boss is Kunj sarna.

Kunj pov
oh my god she is here also first I met her in the park now she will be working in my company her beauty looks are making me crazy it never happened me with any other girl why with this girl is only happening. Is she is special different from other girls his mind says Kunj stop thinking like that all girls are same she is also like them his heart says no all are girls are not same she is different I think you are falling in love with her Kunj heart and mind was fighting with each other Kunj gets irritated and shouts stop twinkle gets scared listening him shout she acts as if she is crying haye dekho mera boss kitna khadoos hai mujhe aane bhi nahi aane dera hai ram aaj din kitna bura jara hai mare saath. She sheds some tears in front of him she thinks twinkle tune toh aaj kamaal kar diya kya acting kari hai boss toh koi bhi phighal jayega teri acting se. Kunj says no I did not mean like that I am sorry come and have your seat. Here are some files you have to check them and let me know if there is some important file which I have to sign then give it to me your cabin is next to me. If u want any help then call my pa she will help you. Twinj both are busy in work. It becomes late night twinkle completes her work and she is leaving kunj work is also finish suddenly all lights goes off twinj were going in front of each other twinkle gets scared and hugs kunj tightly and says I am scared of dark what if any ghost eats me then I will not be alive please save me khadoos. kunj says okay don’t worry let’s go from here I am with u so no need to be afraid lets go. They both leave to their homes.

Precap: – twinj some funny moments.

So guys did you liked the first episode surely u would liked it hai na chalo koi baat nahi pasand bhi nahi aaya toh anyways everyone who is commenting I want to know any ffs only on twinj not twiraj because I am fan of siddhant gupta and twinj aka Sidmin then please let me know I would love to read them. Love you guys bye take care don’t forget to drop your comments in the comment box.

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  1. Sameera

    Wow nice yep I wrote a ff named twinj Rab miliya

    1. Sriya

      thanx Sameera i read your ff episode 26 and comment on it also love u loads xx

  2. Kritika14

    It was great! Eagerly waiting for the next episode x post soon 🙂

    1. Sriya

      thanx Monica for the compliment it means a lot to me !

  3. Preety Sid Bieber

    hey dr, yr 1st epi is ammmazing.I like it..

    1. Sriya

      thanx Preety Sid bieber for the compliment it means a lot to me ! love u loads xx

  4. Ria

    Hey Sriya, the episode was amazing. I seriously loved it. Can I suggest you something? Hope you won’t mind but, can you please make the dialogues a bit more defined as it becomes a bit confusing. I’m sorry if it’s offensive. Anyways, I would be eagerly waiting for the next episode.
    Also, I write two ffs. “I Love You” – A Twinj journey and the other one is IS EVERYTHING REALLY SO PERFECT AS IT SEEMS TO BE? If you have time, please read me and please don’t forget to drop your comments there.?

  5. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome epi…

  6. Shatakshi

    It was just Awesome
    N I write an ff
    N do continue next episode…I m waiting❤❤

  7. It was amazing…do post next one asap

  8. Awesome epi

  9. Baby

    heeyyyyyyy sriya luvd d epiosde dear wen she says merko drr lgta hai koi kha jayega muje n yah d most epic 1 khadoos to him luvd it cntinue asap n yh read evry ff n os ifposibl

  10. SidMin

    Wow Loved it the way Twinkle overacted (drama queen) and Kunj was lost in her did someone break his heart coz he was talking about girls ditching ………
    Loved it waiting for the next pls post asap

  11. Aamu

    hey sriya it was amazing n sorry for not cmntng on previous 1 as i m busy with my test so i dint cmnt
    anywas it was amazing awesome fab
    n yaaa i write a ff name JUNOON WALA ISHQ-TWINJ

  12. Gr8….amazyn…Luvd twinkles acting

  13. Angita

    Hehe I’m sure that’s was a whole list of ff….but I suggest you start reading os first…
    I write one
    Bffs,haters or lovers
    And if a commenter is reading this then pls suggest more
    Enticing little incident
    As it was not mentioned
    Devil of my angel
    Amazing episode

  14. sidhants dieharder fan (manu)

    Hi sriya di your first epi is awesome and love it vey much I want to kniw why ku told that every girl ditched……I think there is mistery by sriya di I will wait till it get unfolds and u know what I also diehard fan of sid jusr love him and his acting and ya I write a ff twinj dil se dil ka connection nafrat se pyar ka safar plz read it and my fav ff r tashan e dewangi, I am devil of my angel and I can’t stop loving it and also a never ending live story how tasham changes to isjq u will also love them just read it…..

    1. Sriya

      hey sidhants dieharder fan ( manu ) i think u didn’t read introduction no problem here is the link for you u will get to know when u read it and yes there is do a mystery will surely read your ffs love u loads keep smiling always xx

  15. Sayeeda

    Hey ….Sriya first of all I’m so sorry for not commenting on ur previous intro episode ….just now I read ur both episodes …
    Amazing yrr ….awesome plot ….loved it ….looking forward for upcoming episodes ….
    Nd dear now a days I’m quite busy if I don’t comment then forgive me ; everyone knows that I always support ff writer but this time I’m hell busy wid my work …

    I write two ff ….” I can’t stop loving u – twinj love ” nd ” Caught in love embrace of a wild beast ” …

  16. Rashiverma2199

    Sriya it was lovely dear….

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