TWINJ: a story of a girl and her saviour (Prologue)


Hi guys I am new here my name is kashish. I am crazy sidmin fan. So here is my first ff on them. Hope you guys like it if yes then please do drop your comments in the comment box. No proof reading there maybe typos and incorrect spellings.

This is a story of a girl who loved a boy deeply madly and unconditionally but what happens when she gets to know that he married another girl. She decides to end her life but a person came there and stops her from doing so. He becomes her saviour. So this story is of a girl and her saviour.
Prologue ends

So guys how was the prologue. Love you all bye take care not to forget to drop your comments and who is your favourite writers in twinj or sidmin ffs. Anyways whom do you think the girl and her saviour are guess if you can till then bye take care see you soon with next episode if I get enough response.

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  1. Shatakshi

    Hey kashish
    The prologue seems interesting
    Go for it girl
    Will be waiting for the next episode❤❤

    1. Kashish8456

      thanks shatakshi!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. seems interesting
    plz update the episode soon

    1. Kashish8456

      thanks priya xx

  3. Ishika

    Wow interesting plot continue soon

    1. Kashish8456

      thanks Ishika xx

  4. Bulbul23



    Blast yr kya likha hai just loved it to the core and plz plz post soon and if u got time then read my ff it was always u ,I can’t love u because I

    1. Kashish8456

      thanks Bulbul for the lovely comment of urs my happiness has no bound xx will read your ff

  5. Sayeeda

    Hey Kashifa first of all welcome to TEI family….
    Ur prologue was wonderful… Mind blowing… Amazing… Loved it…. Too good..
    All the best dear.. U will surely gonna rock..

    1. Kashish8456

      thanks sayeeda i am not kashifa i am kashish my happiness has no bound after reading your comment i am on cloud9 love u loads dear xx

  6. Aamu

    ur prologue was amazing…..n d story seems interesting…
    do cont asap….
    n u ask dat who is my favourite writer favourite is many
    1.sayeeda n shatakshi…..u must read haa der story is just……no words.. shattu is suspense queen n sayu is rocking queen
    2.sameera,sabt,lovely aka shreya n angita n ritz: der ff is also speechless i
    in short i love many ff dis is only my hot favourite writers name
    bohot bakbak karliya but wat can i do..its not my mistake…….
    anyways…i want to ask u how old r u?

    1. Kashish8456

      thanks Aamu I am going to turn out 13 in 13th January 2017

  7. Hey kashish di welcome to our sweet tei family yrrrr what to say about ypur prologue jist speechless the concept is very very very interesting and different and trust me ur ff is gonna be a block baster superb hey can I know your age and in which class do you study????? And my fav writers r sayeeda di for I can’t stop loving u, caught in love wih the embrance, shamzzz di for tashan e deewangi, saby di for I am devil of my angel, jisha di for tashan vs love l, sweety di for tei tashan e dosti to shadi shatakshi di for a lion fell in love wih the lamb andddddd kashish di for twinj: a story of a girl and her saviour…………post ur epi asap………

    1. Kashish8456

      thanks manu and i am just 12 years old girl will turn out into 13 in 13th January 2017 my happiness has no bound you said me a best writer not at all dear its just your good heart that you think about me like that anyways love you loads xx

      1. Kashish love u yr and glad that u reply me back now I am nit the smallest in tu I am 13. And ya okz post asap eagerly waiting for it and sry for not replying as busy with exams

  8. Peewangmo

    Good Luck for your ff ??
    & my best writer is Saby (i am a devil to my engel) & others too..
    I think the girl in your ff is twinkle(jasmin) & her saviour is of course kunj(Sidhant)

    1. Kashish8456

      thanks well let’s see if your guess is correct or not xx!!!!!!!!! will read her ff

  9. Kashish di welcome to tei family nice prologue liked a lot please continue its a different story line interesting

    1. Kashish8456

      thanks Isha_

  10. Sameera

    Hey kashish nice prologue
    Do cont with it fast
    N haa welcome to tei family

    1. Kashish8456

      thanks Sammera will continue soon xx!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Romaisha

    Heyy welcome to the family yaar ❤❤❤
    And ur story seems very interesting … Can’t wait to keep reading ??

    1. Kashish8456

      thanks Romaisha you have to wait dear xx love you loads xx!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. A great start I must say. The plot seems so interesting. Continue soon x and if you have time .. I would like you to read my ff called – the enticing little incident (twinj)

    1. Kashish8456

      thanks Monica will read your ff love u loads xx!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Baby

    kashish welcome to TU family luvd d prolouge i thnk dey r kunj n twinkle n yr i shuld tell u so i read all d ffs of sidmin twinj ridhima di saby di shatakshi di sayeeda di ammu sara sameera romaisah isha ishika manu bulbul all yr so cnt say all r amazing so u shuld read all haha cntinue asap dear it seems interesting

    1. Kashish8456

      thanks baby may be or may not be will read all okay fine now but tell me which ffs they all write love u loads xx

  14. Purnima.agrawal30

    Interesting awesome…do continue soon

    1. Kashish8456

      thanks Purnima.agrawal30 xx will continue soon xx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Paavu

    hi kashish wlcm to our lovely tei tu family interesting plot do cont asap and my fav ffs are vall as i read all of them but most favs are of saby i.e. i m devil of my angel and second of happiness i.e. poor or rich luv knows nthng

    1. Kashish8456

      thanks Paavu will read them dear love u loads xx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Angita

    So sorry late comment dear
    Very interesting go for it girl

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