TwiNj SS : When Topper Fell In Love By TuttiFrutti (episode 5)

Next day, Twinkle sits on her chair while Kunj distributes the papers. He looks at Twinkle and gives her the question paper.

Twinkle looks at him with a dreamy smile. He shakes his head at her childish acts and continues distributing.

‘Damn it ! Kitne easy answers hai. Haye Babaji !! Attention paane ke liye kya-kya karna padta hai!’ Twinkle says to herself.

(Damn it! The questions are so easy. Oh god ! For attention I have to do so much.)

Kunj looks at his watch and then back at the class.

“Now you all can write.”

Everyone starts writing except Twinkle who was casually looking here and there and sometimes at Kunj who looked dashing as ever in his black shirt with his top two buttons left open and sleeves rolled up revealing his muscled arms. His black trousers and black watch added more to his handsomeness.null

Kunj’s eyes lock on Twinkle’s who immediately looks down and writes the date and her name on her sheet.

The bell rings and Kunj collects the papers and notices Twinkle had written only one answer and that top of half

Twinkle leaves the classroom grinning, not even caring she’ll fail this time.

Kunj also walks out and Twinkle notices him.

“Cutie !!” Twinkle waves at him while he looks away and starts walking but Twinkle follows anyways.

“Hey Cutie !!” Twinkle runs trying to match his long strides.

“Mujhe apka number kaise mil sakta hai?” Twinkle grins but he walks into the staff room.

(Can I get your number?)

“Huh ! It’s okay Cutie. Run away as much you want. I’ll still get time to spend with you.” With an evil grin, Twinkle turns around to walk into the cafeteria of the college.

For the next week, everything went on the same. Twinkle calling him cutie in front of everyone, ogling at him,
making him angry, getting scolded by him, asking him his number and address and then making him pisses off again.

“Ms.Presha, you did great !! I’m glad you’ve performed well.” Kunj congratulates Presha and then looks at the next name.

“Twinkle.” Kunj pauses and looks at the sheet where there was just one word answer and half marks out of 30.

“You need to pay attention instead of looking around. I’m disappointed. Agar  Tumne re-test mai accha nahi kiya. Toh I swear I’ll take you to Dean.” Kunj scolds her.

(——. If you don’t do well in re-test.——.)

“Yes Cutie !” Twinkle says with a grin.

“The re-test will be held tomorrow. Mai kisi ko dobaara fail hota nahi dekhna chahta.” Kunj leaves the class and
everyone starts gossiping.

(—–. I don’t want to see anyone getting failed again.)

“Twinki !! Seriously ? Tum fail hui?  I can’t believe this.” Rahul says with disbelief.

(You failed?)

“Jaan, Mai ye toh jaanta hoon tumhare dimaag mai kuch toh chal raha hai.” Yuvi says with a frown.

(I know this much that something is going on in your mind.)

“Twinki ! Tum mujhse kuch toh chupa rahi ho !!” Foram exclaims.

( I know you’re hiding something from me.)

“Calm down guys ! Aisa kuch nahi hai. Maine Bas prepare nahi kiya tha.” Twinkle lies.


Even though she hated lying to them, she had to do it anyway .

(It’s nothing like that. I just didn’t prepare.)

Next day, Kunj distributes the papers to the failures and keeps his eyes on Twinkle.

Twinkle bites his lips wishing she writes all the answers but for gaining something she had to loose something.
This time Twinkle writes an answer worth 1 mark.

Kunj recollects the paper and sighs when he sees Twinkle’s paper.

“Ab toh iss Ladki ko Dean ke pass le jaana hi padega.”

(Now I’ll have to take this girl to the dean.)

For the rest of the day, Twinkle continued to run around Kunj like a puppy while Kunj was just smirking thinking what punishment the dean would give Twinkle.null

To Be Continued….


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  1. Fenil

    cool chappy

  2. ooooh frutti ur story is awesome ,hd red all the story….kunji was dazzing…myself completed 12 th and waiting for collage…what aboit u…my english sir had said his age and he is single on the first day itself of my english class to all students..he is jolly type…my sir too 25

    1. TuttiFrutti

      Ohh Thank you so much !! I joined my college in commerce with BBA !! Then u r lucky very young sir u had in ur time !!

  3. Nice epi …
    Can u plz post little bit longer epi …
    As I enjoyed a lot while reading it ..

    1. TuttiFrutti

      Thank you so much !! I will try but can’t promise !!

  4. OMG!!!!!
    This all getting exciting?
    Plzzz post soon??

  5. Awww it’s cute

  6. Hi di lovely episode and kunj ka band twinkle baja rahi hain but twinkle is right kuch paane ke liye kuch khoon padta hain so twinkle has to give something really twinkle is crazy I wish sidmin come in a show having exactly thus same storyline love u take care psots soon

    1. TuttiFrutti

      Awww its so sweet comments !! Thank you so much !!

  7. Sana785

    Loved it….

  8. Shalu Choudhary

    Nice episode dear twinkle is totaly crazy god save kunj from twinkle syappe

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