TwiNj SS : When Topper Fell In Love By TuttiFrutti (episode 4)

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Next Morning ,

Pillow’s POV

Good Morning !! Twinkle woke up early and prepared her favorite breakfast with coffee with one spoon sugar ,but what I m seeing is horrible for me Pagal ne aaj ke newspaper kop had ke uske gole banaye bahut sare phir dishes saaf kar ke books rakhi beg me and who gole bhi…kya pata kya chal raha hain iske dimaag me …uhhh bhago bhago kaash me bhag pata yeh aa gayi mujhe kisses dene ewwww …then ghar lock kar ke chali gayi college !! Aapko agar pata chale na iss pagal ne unn golo ko kya kiya batana zaroor !!

At College ,

“Um, Ah !! Ugh !! Chook gaya.” (Um,Ah! Ugh! Missed it.) Twinkle  was taking paper balls and was aiming at Kunj to get his attention but unfortunately as if he understood her plan, he would duck his head or walk away
missing the shot.

“This is not fair !!” Twinkle  says and pouts.


Today again her friend’s didn’t come. It was as if they were planning to skip college together and prank
Twinkle .

“Cutie!” Twinkle yells and stands up with a jerk and this time her chair falls down and the class bursts into laughter.

“Sorry.” Twinkle  apologizes and smiles sheepishly.

“Cutie!” Kunj ignores Twinkle and continues teaching but no one listened to him as they were too shocked when Twinkle  called Kunj ‘cutie’.

“What Twinkle ?” Kunj asks finally.

The class gasps when they hear him not using ‘Ms.’.

“Do you have any doubts?” Kunj asks ignoring the looks students were giving him.

“Yes, Mere pass doubt hai.” Twinkle  nods her head and smiles

(Yes, I have one doubt.)

“Toh please batao?” (Then please tell?)

“Apki age kya hai?” (What’s your age?)


The class laughs again making

Kunj fume.

“Is this your doubt?” Kunj scolds angrily.

“No.” Twinkle  says shaking her head.

“Mera doubt ye hai ki aap 23 ke hain ya 25?”

(My doubt is that are you 23 or 25?.)

Kunj looks at Twinkle for a minute before closing his eyes and taking a deep breath.

“That’s not something you should know.” Kunj gives her a tight smile before shushing her and the class and
continuing teaching.

“Ahem.” Kunj clears his throat after clearing the doubts of one topic.

“Students! Mai ye batana chahta hoon that there will be a test held tomorrow and it will be on the topics you were taught earlier. Mai kisi ko fail hota nahi dekhna chahta. Anyways, agar koi fail hota bhi hai toh there will be a re-test where you can try once more and if you fail that too, I’ll take you to the dean.”

(Students! I wanted to tell you all that—. I don’t want to see anyone getting failed. Anyways, even if someone fails then there is a re-test if again u get fail I will take you to dean–.)

Twinkle grins and whispers a YES which was too loud to be a whisper. Everybody looks at Twinkle  as if she had grown two horns. Kunj frowns and doubts her behavior but nonetheless ignores it.

The class ends and everybody leaves but Twinkle was the last one to leave while Kunj was placing his books in order.



Kunj freezes on his track.

“Yes Twinkle?” He asks trying to be calm.

“Apne question ka answer nahi diya. What’s your age?”

(You didn’t answer my question. What’s your age?)

“As I said that’s not something you should know.”


“Please? Apko paisa nahi lag raha hai batane ka. Please.

Please.” Twinkle makes a cute puppy face making him melt a bit.

(Please? It’s not costing you anything to tell. Please.Please)

“I’m 25.” Kunj says with a sigh.

“And I’m 20. You’re only 5 years older than me. Koi baat nahi It’s okay. Hum manage kar lenge–” Twinkle rants.

( No worries ! It’s okay. Well manage)

“Ssh! Twinkle. Calm down. There’s nothing happening between us and can you please stop calling me Cutie?
It’s really very irritating. I’m already fed up with you. Please just leave me alone.” Kunj leaves.

“Itna lecture dene ki zaroorat nahi thi kyuki mai apka peecha hi nahi chodne wali.” Twinkle says naughtily and leaves too.

(You didn’t have to give me a lecture ’cause I’m not leaving you anyway.)

To BE Continued…

Happy to see your response friends !! Age wala kand mene 12th ke end me kar liya before my boards exams with my english sir !!

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  1. Fenil

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  2. Amazing part
    Twinkle has gone crazy in kunj’s love..hehe
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    1. TuttiFrutti

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  3. Aur English teacher ne age kya bola tha???

    1. TuttiFrutti

      i irritate him for 4 days ….then finally he told his age 33yrs in corridor of school when we both are going for principal office for results purpose with smile and says i m his fav student !!
      Thank you for reading !!

  4. twinkle is really crazy ….
    kunj is seriously a cutie …
    luved it..
    post soon
    fir English wale sir ki age Kya thi ?ye toh btao

    1. TuttiFrutti

      check reply to mehrin
      Thank you

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  9. Hahaha!!!! Lovely…. Awesome

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  11. Sana785

    Hahaha!!! Quite funny….. Loved it…

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