TwiNj SS : When Topper Fell In Love By TuttiFrutti (episode 1)

Tick !!
Tock !!
Tick !!

“Ahhh, Mein Bahut bore ho rahi hoon ( I’m so bored) .” Twinkle groans and continues tapping her pen on the bench.

Her friends didn’t come to college and now the lecturer too didn’t come. She was sitting on her seat near the
window alone and was tapping her pen to pass the time.

Tick !!
Tock !!

“Good morning students !! ” A velvety voice welcomed.

Twinkle frowns immediately. This wasn’t the lecturer’s voice ! She raised her eyelashes and looked up. Her mouth opened slightly as she took in the beauty of the man in front of her.

He had chocolate brown eyes and dimpled cheeks. His hairs were perfectly jelled up and he had muscular arms. He wore a white shirt with the top three buttons left open and black trousers.

Every girl of the class was drooling over the handsome man who was standing in front of them with three books in his hands chahe woh Presha ho Baby Ya Sameera Ya Sia Ya Mahi Ya Aananya Ya Ammu Ya Aamna Ya Kiya ya yashika ya Sanjana ya Nisha ya Shirali (me)  all are ghayal with his charm. He walked over the blackboard and looked around at the class.

He raised an eyebrow at Twinkle who had her mouth open. She immediately closed it and turned red with
embarrassment. He turned his eyes back to the class and cleared his throat.

“I’m Kunj Sarna. So students, As your economic lecturer has left the college. I’m assigned to teach you all.
I’ll try my best to get comfortable with you all and I expect the same. I would send the student out of my class
who would create any nuisance or would be day dreaming.” His eyes darted towards Twinkle who immediately understood he was talking about her.

He continued, “Well, We’ll just begin introduction of the class today. So one by one stand up and tell me your name.”

The first girl sitting on the side was Twinkle who was still ogling at him. Kunj cleared his throat and Twinkle’s eyes widened slightly. She jolted up and the desk in front of her fell down. The class laughed while Kunj rolled his eyes.

“Umm,….M-My name is –Twinkle Taneja .” Twinkle stammered and

picked up the desk.

“Ms. Twinkle, Mein apko ye advice dunga ki aap sapne dekhna band kar de aur mai apko jo bata raha hoon uspar dhyaan de (Ms. Twinkle, I would advice you to stop daydreaming and rather concentrate on what I’m telling.).” Kunj scolded.

“I-I’m sorry.” Twinkle bit her tongue and smiled naughtily.

To Be Continued….

Hello friends !! Missed You all and TEI Family !! i am here with small SS Hope You will like it !!

  1. Fenil

    Awesome start !!

    1. TuttiFrutti

      Thank you Bro

  2. Awesome part
    Loved it
    Kunj as lecturer ?
    Eagerly waiting for the next part plz post soon

    1. TuttiFrutti

      Thank you Dear.

  3. SSK

    Amazing start, please continue 🙂

    1. TuttiFrutti

      Thank you Dear SSK

  4. Nice episode!!!!!!
    Loved the track
    Do continue plzzz
    Plzz post soon?

    1. TuttiFrutti

      Thank you Dear Aahsin.

  5. Nice starting dr liked it

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      Thank you dear parul

  6. Wow!
    I know it’s difficult to fulfill but I have. A request I study in a boarding and I’ll be joining back within a week I wanted to read few more parts so if u you can post?? no forcing

    And for the Episode I really loved the concept

    1. TuttiFrutti

      Thank yOu Dear ..ohh sad to know but studies is imp i will try

  7. it was an amazing start…
    plz continue soon…

  8. Interesting story dear
    Awesome start
    Plzzzzz post soon
    Luvvv u

    1. TuttiFrutti

      Thank you Mahi !!

  9. Superb
    loved it…
    plzz post soon

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      Thank you Rayna sis

  10. Aamna_2690

    It was cute ?
    I could not stop giggling at Kunj’s entry wala para ??
    Yes everyone here is smitten by the charm of kunj Sarna ??
    Superb ?
    Loved it ❤❤

    1. TuttiFrutti

      hahahah Thank you so much !!

  11. Ramya

    Student and lecturer love story.
    Seems interesting.

    1. TuttiFrutti

      Thank you Dii

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