twinj sidmin will miss u~my story

I am here…………………
With the episodes of 14th and 15th n my stupid n cute n maybe boring journey of tashan e ishq……………because of which I cried laughed and got all the emotions and senses in my life love also……………………………
14 th september episode of tashan e ishq
Episode starts wth Uv & Simple fight,Kunj tells if Uv changed for good,Twinkle tells yes and plans test
Uv gets concerned & runs to sve Simple seeing car & gts angry for being careless,TwiNj tries to resolve
Simple tels UV to act bad infront of her parents,Kunj Manages & tell Simple’s parents to attend wedding
Twinkle feels she has to make UV realize his feelings for Simple,Haldi ceremony of TwiNj starts
Simple & Uv r tensed seeing Anita bonding with Simple’s parents,Bebe tells Usha will attend wedding
Kunj wishes to stay happy with Twinkle forever,Twinkle wishes for same ,Simple drags uv aside
Simple & Uv fight cutely seeing bonding of families,Simple’s ex-fiancee’s frnds see her & ask cherry
Kunj sneaks into Twinkle’s room & gets romantic,Twinkle denies for Kiss,Kunj insists,she slips,he holds
Bebe comes and Kunj hides,Simple’s Ex-financee’s frnds think Simple is bride and informs him
Precap :Simple’s Fiancee Kidnaps Twinkle thinking its Simple,Simple tels family abt kidnap al r shocked.

15th september episode of tashan e ishq
Epi starts with Uv & Simple Argue,Kunj stops & sends Simple to Twinkle,Simple compliments Twinkle
Piddhy mistakenly kidnaps Twinkle thinking its simple,Simple tensed rushes to family & tells abt kidnap
Kunj slaps Uv,Uv tells he hs no reason to kidnap twinkle & unknowingly reveals he has Simple In his lyf
Simple tells its Piddhy who kidnapped Twinkle,Kunj decides to go,Uv & Simple goes along to rescue
Piddhy and his frnds r shocked to c Twinkle,they wait for Simple to come & rescue,Kunj-UV-Simple arrive
Kunj and Uv fight goons,one goon drags Simple with him,he calls out for UV,Yuvi is angry & saves her
Simple falls for Uv seeing his concern for her,Uv beats the goons for Simple,Twinkle beats Piddhy badly
Twinkle tells Kunj she dn’t wnt prblms & they should get married sooner,Twinkle & Kunj take leela aside
Simple asks Uv to marry her,Uv is surprised,Simple tells they r alike crazy,daring,frank & gud partners
Simple tells she jst want to spend life with him & gets on her knees proposing,Uv looks on at her
Precap: Pandit is not available,all r worried,Twinkle asks Kunj if they can get married without prblm………

I don’t know how to say but.
D serial which changed my lyf is gonna end
Yes for me it ended on the day when sid left the show but still there was a strong connection attraction affection in me for tashan e ishq……
First I use to be eagerly witing for tashan e ishq that oh babaji I cant leave to watch it I want no no I need to watch it at any cost but then It all changed…I left watching it sometimes I use to just because of jasmin bhasin but now its done with it everything is over… was my passion sidmin became my love there use to always be a suspense or a happiest moment waiting for me at each and evry day at 8 o clock but now it ended……I use to wait for it like crazy people I was so much crzy that I skipped my meals for tashan e ishq if something bad use to happen with twinj I was the one who waas hurt and got tensed was stupid for it really it made me damn crazy for it ……….i infact cried for it I don’t say I still don’t cry for sidmin I do…….but really I will miss this serial madly……….because of only because of this serial I got so many friends sisters I use to live my life with simplicity watching television cartoons and I am seriously a big cartoon only this my cousin brother says teasing me……..

I got my aami ridhima di sayeeda di lovely lover saby di sara ria shatakshi ritzi sameera di sidmin jisha di tara di roshini di romaisah sunheri thanmy junnu di mannat di shonaa di anya ayu mishaer soooooooo many people are there who loves me soooooo much..i cant express …..
I was new here I didn’t new any I just was so crazy fan of tashan e ishq that one day paaglo ki tara inke piche me yahan aa tapki……don’t know when I reached here it was the day I was nt able o watch tashan e ishq and just nothing came in my mind and I searched for tashan e ishq and saw this TELLY UPDATES and opened it I saw was golden treasure u people your precious writings with whom now I am addicted to….first I use to hate reading but now I love it……… first I use to hate shayris but now I am in love with them…….
I saw sidmin or say tashan e ishq for the first time when I was at my bua’s place I was sitting lonely like a broken angel….. 😛 and my bua was watching tashan e ishq I saw SIDMIN n at the first site fell in love with them could not keep myself away from them I just took glances of them as I was a bachha for all so use to see it from another room sitting there showing that I am studying but use to watch sidmin……they became my dream couple and still are and will forever…….once .i was having my exams and mere dad ne tv band krva dia tha basically tv tha bt connection nhi tha mobile was also there but there was no net connection at that time I was all alone I srsly faught with my daddy just because I could not stay away from TU and TASHAN E ISHQ SIDMIN …………when this happened in my life tab I came to know that mere cartoons and mere iss bachpane se bahar bhi life hai….
Jab id tha I could not resist from me to watch tei isrsly use to try and tell mom please take dad anyhow outside or I use to think I can not watch tei………and the day he got shooted I was like hell go out with me I didn’t actually ate anything till 4 to 5 days my mom was in tention as she didn’t knew why I was behaving like that and I use to cry….and uske baad when he was eliminated I was in same depression…..

Pagal hun na mein thodi and ab jab tei end ho rha hai toh I am sad but sirf isliye because jasmin is going yeah she will come in other serial but not as my twinkle…..
Phele mein wait krti thi kab aayega episode ka written update kunki most probably I could not watch tei but voh bhi piche rhe gya tha after sid’s exit…bcoz I stopped waiting impatiently for written epsidoes……but the love for twinj was same…
These were some cases or say some stupid and cute tactics I did for my life love passion craziness…..
Even uknow my brother I mean he loves to irritate me I havent told anybody at my home that I use to watch tei so one day my bro came and sat beside me I was watching tei n it was very cute scene of twinj I was crying also my bro started teasing me and snached the remote and changed the channel you wont believe I suer I hit him so hard because of which he cried yr guys he was making fun of my sidmin I srsly 😛 could not tolerate………..
But now everything would end there would be no suspense in my life sid jhalk se chala gya I don’t know when will I be able to see him now but will miss them like I am mad for them……..kabhi alvida naa khena……..

Please all the writers requesting you all please promise ki koi bhi nhi ruke gaa and all will stay in connection FOREVER all will write ffs and os…….
Jab tak saanse rhengi hum sab sath rhenge…………uff hehehhehe jyada filmy ho gya naaa or mene bore bhi krdiya…….ek baar sayeeda di said that zaroor apni story batana we would love to read it toh aaj I told you all n bhot bore bhi kiya
Uske liye SORRY…………………..really sorry……..Bye guys…
See you guys everyday with updates of are lovely couple sidmin..ab toh dil mein bas gye hain yeh mere or kbhi nhi jayenge or I will wait for them to unite kahan? I too don’t know……..
Yr krne ko toh I have millions of talks but abhi I cant sooooo I will do rest of my bak bak some other time…….see ya……………….
Love you guys thnaks for reading it I know bhot pakaya mene so ab paka wala bye……….
Aaj …
aaj ek hasi aur baant lo …
aaj ek dua aur maang lo …
aaj ek ansoon aur pee lo …
aaj ek zindagi aur jee lo …
aaj ek sapna aur dekh lo …
aaj …
kya pata,
kal ho naa ho
i will miss u twinj sidmin
love you enough now i cant write more i can just cry………

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  1. SidMin

    Baby the last part
    Aaj …
    aaj ek hasi aur baant lo …
    aaj ek dua aur maang lo …
    aaj ek ansoon aur pee lo …
    aaj ek zindagi aur jee lo …
    aaj ek sapna aur dekh lo …
    aaj …
    kya pata,
    kal ho naa ho
    Sid ke yaad dila de
    Miss Tei
    I promise I won’t leave TU ever 🙂

    1. Baby

      Yr shruti sid ne kha tha tbhi toh mene likha or bhot rii likhte hue unn lines ko kya krun attachment thnjs fr giving a promise dear

  2. Zuha Fatima

    Awwww….mera bachaa…kitna senti ho gaya ? Baby u are srsly a cutie pie ? Seriously gonna miss Sidmin ? And how can I forget the most cutest villain ever my Yuvi ? Well the journey for sure touched every one’s heart and those words AAJ EK HASI AUR BAANT LO AAJ EK DUA AUR MAANG LO AAJ EK ANSOON AUR PEELO AAJ EK ZINDAGI AUR JEELO AAJ EK SAPNA AUR DEKH LO…AAJ…KYA PATA KAL HO NA HO???Since Sid said them in JDJ those words were like ……….


    1. Baby

      Thanks n yeah I ll miss zain d villan of sidmin tei

  3. Sameera

    Awesome yaar yeah I am sad too but what to do now tei ended yeah we will stay here
    ??????????????Will miss ZaiSidMin?????but happy to know tei gave a cute tu family ….

    1. Baby

      Hmm yup di ll miss dem lyk ughhh……bt wuld hate if any1 leaves me here hhehe luv u di

  4. Kruti

    Baby those kal ho naho wali lines always make me cry ever since sid said those
    Nd SIDMIN are someone whom i can never forget in my life…….The Journey of TEI was truely amazing with each and every cast of d show giving there best in each nd every epi
    Gonna miss this show d most……this show gave me d best actors nd d best ppl of my life my frnds of TU nd one amongst them is u

    Love u????

    1. Baby

      Thanks soooo mch di luv u n ll b w8ing fr ur ff n kbhu alvida naa khena hmko di yup tei ws wow bt today it ended I ws srsly thnking ab kya hoga mere sath….kal raat 8 bje se vaise itna eager nhi hoti thi me bunny ke exit ke baad bt still twinj dil me the or sid ko jas ke sath imagine krkr dekhna acha lgta tha…..

  5. Yeah u r right… I will miss tei very badly… I’m already missing sidhant badly… Nd now I’ll miss our fav twinkle, kunj, yuvi nd all tei crew… Thanks to them for giving me such a wonderful journey… Some awesome memories…

    1. Baby

      Thanks yup ll miss drm sooo mch I luvd sidmin n still luv dem

  6. hey dr I am also having the same situation.I hope trio will be back in tv soon. can’t wait. gonna miss u dr

    1. Baby

      yup its d true…….

  7. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Yeah I’m really gonna miss Tashan-e-Ishq badly but why to think negative …..hope to see sidmin again as twinj in the season 2 but u won’t believe that in craze of wanting Tashan-e-Ishq season 2 I predict n provide a script or track too of the season 2 to rakesh urf raka sir on insta …hope he read that n your last lines of kal ho na ho ?????miss my sidhant badly …..n it was Awsome…….??

    1. Baby

      thnks dear n yeah i 2 wanna read dat script………..

  8. Ayu

    Baby pls yaar..rula diya naa? Gonna miss tei a lot…i will miss twinj a lot!!!! Par sid ke bina ye adhura hi tha…i will have to move on n we all will have to…its sad that sometimes people are inconsiderate towards their fans…but we cannot help it…when we love something….its magical! N we r a family…n will stay like one…love u dear?
    Stay strong…n i swear to god i will never attach to something which will break my heart to pieces again!!!

    1. Baby

      awwwwwww………soo sry i m so bad rula dia bt mene nhi ye toh sbko inn pyaare se sidmin ne rulaya hai yup i have said dis to sm1 i hv promised sm1 already my di dat i ll never evr get atractd to sm1 so mch bt inhone kuch jaadoo kr dia tha dere was sm magic.n it was magic of love………hehe love u 2……

  9. Ur last lines on kal ho na ho????? made me remind of sid when he said that in jhalak..??.. my eyes were full of tears.. even for me tei had ended wen sid left but I couldn’t resist myself from reading written updates after that.. will miss SidMinAin so much.. the best trio.. hope to see them again together soon ?

    1. Baby

      same here or voh last lines hehe vhin se toh churayi thi jb se sid ne bola tbse dis is my fav hehheeeeeeee……sry smile pls i ll also miss dem dats y bhadas nikaldi likhkar heh : P

  10. No words…speechless ? ~*wiping tears*~

    1. Baby

      : D thnks

  11. Kritika14

    The last part that you wrote makes me so damn emotional as these were the last lines said by sid when leaving jdj. My eyes are full of tears. And now even tei ended .. i am so sad. I am gonna miss it so much!

    1. Baby

      same here monica bt ab apni ff end mat krna nhi toh i ll not talk 2 u i luv it n d concept also………. : D

  12. Baby rula :,(:,(:,(:,(diya yrrr….
    Sachhi mein…
    The lines which u wrotewas vry nicw …
    sid ki yaad dila di…..
    sid said these lines when he was eliminated frm jhalak ……
    I was crying seeing this….
    Yaa i ll miss sidmin vry much …..
    Dont know when i ll see sid… Missing him yrr especially his eyebrow look…..

    1. Baby

      yup its true sry vaise roi toh mein bhi………. : D

  13. Tara

    baby..teri shayari ne rula diya…?? ??
    hum sabhi ki kahani almost same hain..
    kabhi fursat mile toh mein bhi btaungi apni story.. if u all are interested then…
    bt dont worry..i wont leave TU
    and all of u.. love sisso.. muahhh

    1. Baby

      thnks di yup
      ofcourse intrested to listen 2 ur stry………..
      luv u 2 di

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