Twinj -School Love (season 2) part 6

School Love


Scene 1

Twinkle came inside her bedroom and immediately bolted it… she turned around and then started laughing holding her stomach…???..

“Hehe. Kunj. He is so sweet. Thought I got angry on him calling me tomatoes ????..” she said in between and again started laughing….

“I love you soo much.. you are so cute…” she said looking at his tensed face from window and gave him a flying kiss which is unnoticed by him which she thinks?.

She opened the room and get inside the washroom while in hall.

Kunj smiled seeing her laughing from the mirror which is placed in front of him..

“What you thought my kiddo wife. I wont know about you. I love you so much?? and i love this smile on your face.” He said and moved towards the room..

After some time.

Kunj was standing outside the washroom keeping a tensed face while Twinkle came out of it in a bathrobe.. seeing what his breathe got stuck in his lungs..

He kept on staring her while she kept a annoyed face just to tease him…

He made a sad face seeing what twinkle was about to melt but then remember about her fake anger and moved forward.

“Twinkle….” called Kunj for her but she ignored and kept moving..

He held her from her wrist and pulled her back suck that her back got crushed in his chest..

“I Love You.” He confessed placing his lips on her skin of neck and kissing and sucking it slowly yet intensely…

His hand wrapped around her waist slowly caressing it above the robe..

Her lips parted and a moan was about to escape her mouth but she realised and freed herself from his hold and pushed him back lightly…

“Think something else Kunj.” He thought to himself.

When she was about to move out of the room..

A voice came from behind ofcourse it was of Kunj??..

Jo teri khatir tadpe pehle se hi
Kya usse tadpana o zaalima, o zaalima
Jo tere ishq mein behka pehle se hi
Kya usse behkana o zaalima, o zaalima (x2)

He sung for him holding her hand from behind and revolving around her.
She smiled seeing her singing but then covered up and kept a annoyed face.

Aankhen marhaba, baatein marhaba
Main sau martaba deewana hua
Mera na raha jab se dil mera
Tere husn ka nishana hua

Jiski har dhadkan tu ho aise
Dil ko kya dhadkana
O zaalima o zalima

Jo teri khatir tadpe pehle se hi
Kya usse tadpana o zaalima, o zalima

He sat on her one knee and feet and sung the above lines..
He kept his hand on his heart and then stood up and then kept his hand on her heart.

Saanson mein teri nazdeekiyon ka
Ittr tu ghol de.. ghol de
Main hi kyun ishq zahir karun
Tu bhi kabhi bol de.. bol de (x2)

Leke jaan hi jaayega meri
Kaatil har tera bahaana hua

Tujhse hi shuru tujhpe hi khatam
Mere pyaar ka fasaana hua

Tu shama hai toh yaad rakhna
Main bhi hoon parwana
O zaalima o zalima

He took her in his arms from behind and then both moved slowly along the beats feeling each other so close to each other.

Jo teri khatir tadpe pehle se hi
Kya usse tadpana o zaalima, o zaalima

Deedaar tera milne ke baad hi
Chhute meri angdaayi
Tu hi bata de kyu zaalima main keh layi

Kyun iss tarah se duniya jahaan mein
Karta hai meri ruswayi
Lyrics at
Tera kasoor aur zalima main keh layi

Deedaar tera milne ke baad hi
Chhute meri angdaayi
Tu hi bata de kyu zaalima main keh layi
Tu hi bata de Kyu zaalima main keh layi

He made her turn around towards him and looked in her eyes and then his eyes travelled down to her lips and he without wasting time captured her lips with him wrapping his one arm around her waist and other hand held her throat.

She snaked her arms around her neck and started responding him with equal passion..
Both kissing each other… kunj soon deepens the kiss entering his tongue inside her mouth and savouring and tasting each corner of her mouth while she did the same with him..

Soon both their tongues played inside and lips moving accordingly.. she pulled his hairs as he bit her lower lip making her moan…

They both parted away not because they wanted but because to have to breathe even.. looking in each others eyes yet passionately..

“I love you twinkle.”

“I love you too.” She said kissing his cheek lightly.

“Why you did this when you know I am not angry?”

“Because I cant see you upset even if is fake.” He said truely looking in her eyes. Her heart flattered with every word skipped his mouth.

She without thinking placed her lips on his kissing him passionaltely showing what his few words left affect on her.

She rubbed her muscular chest over his shirt.

He opened his robe knot… her breath hicked as soon as she realised but he kissed her making her calm..

She trusted him and went with the flow.

He took her towards bed and made her lay down and came over her…

He kissed her side of neck and shoulders leaving marks while she was moaning his name..

Soon the room gets filled with the sound of their moans and the pants and smell of their sweat..

After about the love making of 3 hours they layed hugging each other under a single comforter naked such that her back was in his chest and his arm wrapped around her and she was busy playing with his fingers…
While he was still kissing her side of neck.

“Twinkle.” He said stopping in between.


“Lets go for a holiday..” he suggested.

“Kunj. Are you sure? You know its not safe. You know what I mean right?” She said turning towards him and circling his chest with her fingers.

“Yeah. I know. But we cant stay like this forever locked in a house. We have to face him today or tomorrow. Lets go somewhere and enjoy and believe me I wont let anything happen to you.”

“Hmm. I believe you. I know you wont.” She said and lightly pecked his lips in the way to say tht she believe him.

“You are gonna pay for it.” He whispered in her ears.

She looked confused towards him.

“For arousing me again.” He said with a smirk while she blushed and came on the top of her kissing her deeply and both get involved in the another round of love making..?

To be continued.

I will starting teaser probably from next epi… so if some is having aby special demand regarding some scene of twinj do tell me. I will try to add it. Before going a bit serious…??.
Next part is full of holdiay and romance as well??..

Do comment and let me know how much I bored you???

Thnk you?????????

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