Twinj -School Love (season 2) part 5


Twinj- School love

Chapter 5
“Punishment Time Wify” he said and carried her in bridal style.
They reached the room and he make her stand straight and locked the door.

Twinkle turned around and looked at the whole room with teary eyes.
All the memories, sweet and bitter, came flashing in front of her eyes.

She came back from her world when she felt someone..nah.. Kunj hugging her from behind.

“Its Ok.” Kunj said rubbing his hand on her hand and she nodded.

“I missed you.” She said with shivering voice remembering every moment she spent without him.

“I missed you too.” He said looking around the room where he spent his time being lonely.

A tear drop fell on twinkle’s shoulder making her realise that she is spoiling the perfect moment with memories of dark past. She cant do anything with the things happened but can improve present situation.

She wiped her unshed tears and turned around and looked in his eyes which has same pain. She wanted him to forget everything.

She tip-toed to his height and kissed his eyes slightly sucking the tear drops from his eyes. Trying to remove the pain from his soul.

He looked shocked first then smiled on the sweet gestures of his wife.

She kissed his forehead lovingly. He held her from her waist and brought more closer to him. There heart started beating faster feeling the proximity after long 3 months.

She slowly kissed his cheeks, chin and the tip of nose while Kunj was smiling all the while.

She then kissed him to the corner of his lips and moved away teasing him.

He looked shocked and was about to catch her wrist when she ran away in the room.

“This is cheating.”

“Is it? But I dont think so.” She said while running.

He ran behind her. Both ran in the whole room, Kunj chasing Twinkle.

While running her leg got twisted and she fell on bed and Kunj too fell on her in the process of catching her.

Kunj on Twinkle, lost in each others eyes, measuring its depth.
Depth of love for each other.

His eyes moved towards her lips. He without taking time, places his mouth over her. Started sucking and licking her lips.

While Twinkle responded him with equal passion.

There tongues entwined with each other, sucking and tasting each others.

Soon they broke due to lack of oxygen.

Kunj came down to her neck and started placing hickey’s there.
While she moaned at his sweet touch of lips.

He switched the lights off and the room was enlightened only with the moon light. Making the view and environment more romantic and beautiful for the love birds.

Soon they both were naked was only covered by each other.

The room was filled with the moans and heartbeat sounds.

The birds again make love and slept in each other’s embrace feeling complete and satisfied.

To be continued.

I know this is short and boring. Sorry for this bakwass episode??. I was busy.

Will try to compensate in next episode.
This chapter is for Priya and Lovely?.
Thank you chikuli for posting???.

Thank you☺

Plzz everyone do comment. ?

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  1. Ayu

    Oye! What do you mean by boring??
    N ‘bakvaas’?
    Meri di ke writing ko yun mat bol! Bhutttt amazing hai! Mujhe ni pta tha ki aap itna achcha romance likhti ho…mujhe bhi sikha do na?
    Truly amazing! Loved it?
    N sholly prev epis pe comment ni kiya…padne jaa rhi hoon?
    Aap ab so jaao?

    1. Ridhima

      Hey bhagwan???. Tujhe boring aur bakwas ka mtlb nhi pata.
      tch tch tch. So bad.

      Vaise main sharma gyi tera cmment padh ke???.
      aja sikhao??. Kya sikhegi?.
      Ja padh.

      1. Ayu

        Haye Ram! Aapko boring ka matlab ni pta! Koi ni…mere saath rahogi…sikh jaaogi?

    2. Baby

      ohhhhh ayu dear………
      di itna acha nhi isse bhi kuch jyada hi acha romance likti hain u dont know
      read her phele ke articles uff…..sharam aa rhi hai mujhe
      hahhahahaa but sachi 😀
      love u lods ridhi di♥♥

    3. Baby

      oyeeeee my idiot…….
      di itna acha nhi isse bhi kuch jyada hi acha romance likti hain u dont know padke dekh faint hi naa ho jana khin………nhi toh ye monkey kya kregi *pout* hahahahaa….. 😛
      read her phele ke articles uff…..sharam aa rhi hai mujhe
      hahhahahaa but sachi 😀
      love u lods ridhi di♥♥

  2. Hey u r really good in writing romance scenes really so nice episode??

    1. Ridhima

      Thank you so much dear??

  3. SidMin23

    Awesome episode and it not at all boring waiting for your post

    1. Ridhima

      Thank you sidmin23????.
      will post soon

  4. OMG OMG……….My multi mixed talented Queen is back…m sooo much happy……
    U know ki why i m given u this big title because tum ek comedian,, emotional,,funny,,sudden u-turn twist and a perfect romantic wala queen ho….insab ka talent tum pe kut kut ke vara hay….
    Mene tumhare liye ek shayeri likha hay…

    ****Mehreban e kadarnan ho tum.,,,
    Ham Sab ke liye shan ho tum.,,,
    Or tu pe talent or brilliance ki dukan ho tum…….****

    Kesa laga cmnt karte time soch ke likh diya…I no it bad sryyyy 4 that…I wrote it 4 u…and I had tears in my eye’s because u r the 1st person and 1st time who wrote this epi 4 me…and m jumping like kangaroo when i saw this…..well i no m bak baking to much… Sryyyy…..he he he…….
    Now the epi is filled with bit emotions and a romantic aroma….love to the core…how can u write so well in all perfection?????… Plzzzzzz post next epi soon……….
    M waitngggggg janu….. Love u yaaaar soo much….ummaaahhhh……

    1. Ridhima

      Omg….. you killed me.



      dont dare to say it bad???. Main naraz ho jaongi????…

      Vaise thank you sooo soo much for you lovely comment

  5. Ranabulbul

    Ye kab hua kaise hua kaise hua aacha hua kunki him to tu se the bekhabr links to dedena Behan samajh kr ……..
    Are wah gana ban gya per mujhe kuch samajh ni ayaa mujhe links cahaiye ???????per Jo bhi aacha ho gya love u loads and grup ko bhi miss krti hun main

  6. Ramya

    Superb episode
    Its nt at all boring n bakawaas
    Insted it is superb

    1. Ridhima

      Thank you sooo much dear???

  7. Panchiii

    Hawww…. tjhe ye epi boring lgta hai mtlb kuch v……. epi was jst awesome,superb…….. loved it so so so much…… u r jst superb my cutu…… love u ??????

  8. SidMin

    Loved it awesome 🙂
    So sweet 🙂
    Post soon can’t wait 🙂
    Love you 🙂

  9. Aanya_pandey

    That ws jst sooo.. good dear.. jst loved it

  10. Ridhi it was awesome… Loved it yaar….

  11. Chiku

    Hayeee itna pyaaraa cute romantic episode ?????I seriously love ur ff. itnaa pyaaaraa haayeee
    Nd yeh boring nahi hai okay. Its just amazing ?????lovely. Itna acha romance kaise likthi hai???????
    Aur thank u mat bol post karne ke liye kyunki mujge sabse pehle padhne ko millaa ff???????
    Post soon
    Love u?

  12. Kruti

    Hey Ridhima………Firstly sooooooo sorry for not commenting on your previous parts…….karti kaise I hadnt read them only…..i read them all just now
    nd ismein meri galti nahi hai……all fault goes to books nd clg……waise saare epi ek saath padhne ka maza alag hai 😉
    ok enough of bak bak…..coming to d point
    D story is just on track…….its Just amazing……nd that twist angry twinkle ka pariwartan… was almost like a shock
    Nd tdy’s romance was not bakwas……It was amazing……….Loved it
    Ab zyada wait na karwao….post d nxt one asap…..pls

    Loads of love 🙂

  13. Jiya_Ani

    Yeh sahi nahi…bilkul nahi…gussa aa raha h mujhe…huh!!???

    Iske 2 kaaran..hain..
    1-..mere maths exam k pehle post kyu kiya???…practice chod kar aayi..

    2-…mere liye!!!!!…(lovely naam par meri hi baat ki thi naa..????)..mere liye epi like..aur …boring keh diya!!!…

    Ek baat kaan kholke sun lo…
    Pehle kaan kholo…

    Yeh ki..Boring.. Ridhi…aur uska ff…ye ek sentence main nahi aa sakte chahe Atoms stable ho jaaye…chahe Hydrogen main nuetron aa jaye…

    Weird naa…aaj Science paper tha ?????…

    An amazing epi jaaneman…??????

  14. Twinjfan.tamanna

    Oyeee…. Meri romance queen… Tussi pehle na apne aap nu underestimate karna band karya si.. Tussi aisa na kiya karo… Mennu dard huasi… Vo bi yahan *pointing towards heart* aur tenu changa lagega jab teri saheli lnu dard hua si… Dek pehle tussi kaha ki tennu punjabi seekhani nai aandi aur ab tussi mera fav ff nu bakwaas aur boring keh ke asi dard diya si… ab tussi thodi taarifien sunlo… Tussi ff mennu vada pyaara si… Tennu aaj da epi vada changi tarah (beautifully) likhya si… Sahnu tera ff bada pasand hai… kaisa laga mera punjabi… Agar samaj nai aya tho keh de…

    Tennu pyaar kiyasi (love you) *translation*

  15. Hey ridhu how dare u call today’s epi boring and bakwas haan?
    It was not at all boring OK… Its just amazing and romantic epi… Loved it to the core… Post next soon…

    Love you

  16. Hey Ridhima, it was not boring n bakwas…it was sooooo sweet n mindblowing epi…. n their romance was superb…loved it…. pls post nexf asap…..
    N sorry for not commenting on your previous episodes…
    Lots of love


  17. Baby

    ohhhhhh god ridhi di aapke paas mele liye thola sa time bacha hai kya?
    haan ni toh dekho naa kbse aapse baat klne ki koshish kal lhi hun time hi nhi milta kbhii kuch kbhi kuch………..ummhhuummm…… ri hun…………
    didu…………ohk funny hai i know….but………
    or didu d episode aapko pata hi hai super cutest……..romantic full romantic full……♥♥♥
    love u lods♥♥
    post soon if yet not………♥♥hahahaa dhamka rhin hun 😀 😛 😛 😉 love u♥♥

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