Twinj -School Love (season 2) part 4

Chapter 4

“I hate you. I hate you so much.” Kunj said.

He walked angrily towards kitchen and pulled Twinkle by her arm.

“What are you thinking, haan? Standing over here?” he asked her eying angrily.

She looked at him confused.

“Aa.. Kunj.” She winced in pain.

“Thinking about past?” he asked. She nodded.

“hm.. lets make some new memories.” Saying this he held her from her waist and leaned forward.

She tilted her head backward and kept her hand between them.

“I checked. Dont worry.” He said and removed her hand from the middle and slightly pecked her forehead.

“Looking like a complete devdas.” She commented seeing him.

“Only because of you mam?.” He said.
“Vaise punishment is waiting for you.” He said while winking.

“Which punishment? For what?” she asked.

“For keeping me away from you for these 3 months.” He said.

“But that was..” she spoke but he cut her in middle.

“What haan.? Now you will give that lame excuse.” He said
“you know na kunj. It was for our good. It was necessary. Blah blah blah.” He said mimicking her.

“Have you ever thought of me??. What I was going through? These 3 months were.?. And that Samar was toh..”

“Dont bring bhai in between”.

“I will. Huhh. You know what he was also responsible ?”

“Dont accuse him baselessly.”

“I am not accusing him baselessly. I am saying truth. He is gabbar in our love story”

“huhhhh… you know what? Keep your thoughts, your accusions with you. Now I am really very much angry on you.” She said and left the place??.

“Bhai Kunj. Isse bolte hain apne peir par kulhadi marna. Jab jhoot moot ka gussa thi toh yeh devdas bana diya ab pata nhi kya hoga.” He thought and left behind her.

“Twinkle. Yaar. Sun na.” He tried calling her from behind.

He saw her sitting on the sofa with angry face. His heart aches on seeing his love angry on him.
He went near her and sat down holding her hand.

“I am sorry, Twinkle. I really am. I know this was so much difficult for both of us to stay from each other for 3 months. And more tough for you. I am really very thankful to God for sending you in life, even after so many allegations on me you still trusted me and helped me. I am such a fool instead of thanking you I was fighting with you. I know what Samar did was right as a Brother he is protective towards you. And which brother will want his sister to be married in a family who tried to kill her family. Because of whom his mother forget everything, his dad is in coma and his sister didn’t knew that he have a Brother with him. I am sorry. Really sorry. Because of me you have to face so many problems.” He said and started to go backwards.

Twinkle was having tears in her eyes.

Both were reminding the painful time they spent without each other.
He turned and stood still hiding his emotions from her.

He turned wiping his tears and was shocked on not finding twinkle there. He walked forward calling for her.

“Twinkle. Kahan hai tu yaar? Where are you, Twinkle?” he called out for her and moved forward.

He was about to move forward when he felt something came and hit him from behind. He fell down in sudden contact.

“You. Idiot. Duffer. Haan? What you think of yourself? ? You will be giving that stupid emotional speech. You thanked me and even said sorry.?? . Apna thank you and sorry apne pass rkho mujhe nhi chahiye. I dont want that???.” She said and came forward and keeps on beating him with cushion.?.
(Pati atyachar??).

“and haan what you mean a man from the family and blah blah blah . You know what any brother will be happy and blessed to send her sister to a man like my husband. He is the one who helped me, supported me, who didnt left my side when there was no hope of me coming back to life, he is the one..”
She was unable to speak further as her mouth was sealed??.

Kunj departed his lips from her’s
“I got to know how much mahan I am. But this is getting much more than emotional. Janta pak jayegi?.” He said

Twinkle nodded and hugged him tightly and he hugged her back.

They stood there in silence for few moments but the silence was broken by a phone call.

Both parted away.
It was twinkle’s cell ringing.

Bhai calling.. it reads.

Twinkle immediately picked up the call. While kunj made faces.

“huhhh. Kaash i would have given more money to judge for restricting him to call along with meetings?” he thought.

After some time she cut the call.

“Punishment Time Wify.” He said while winking and carried her in bridal style?.

To be continued.?.

Thank you☺
this episode is for Chiku and Sidmin????????. Love you both sooook muchhhh.???❤❤❤

Han jisko jisko punishment chahiye wo wo comment kro??. Warna punishment change kr dongi????..

Thank you.
love you❤

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    Hey….this is cheating….M longer one I need….n the story is awesome but one doubt….did twinj were acting? In court….

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    Just loved it thank god Twinj are together Pati meh atyachar ???
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