Twinj -School Love (season 2) part 3


chapter 3

twinkle’s pov.

today in judge gave us the time period of 3 months to live together. but i know that nothing can be settled in this period.

the trust which is broken once can never be made.

i know it was not his fault before many years but it is now. he is also in destroying my life.

when everything was about to come back to its place then again i lost them it.

i dont know what have i done to deserve this much.

but i know one thing that i will hate him in this 3 months.

i will hate him more than i loved him once.

twinkle’s pov ends.

she thought all this with tears in her eyes.
pain the most unbearable thing. but it became more worse when it is because of broken trust.
but this pain increases more if it is hidden.

“twinkle, will you be able to take care of yourself?” samar asked.

“yes bhai. i will. dont worry.” she said with a fake smile.

soon they reached kunj’s apartment in mumbai.
(last time the flat was in delhi. it is not same. dont confuse yourself. i will reveal it in past).

it was locked. twinkle went forward and tried opening it with the key she had.

but it didn’t get opened.
she gets teary eyed.
she stepped back and stand near samar who was holding her luggage.

“bhai you go. i dont want you to loose you temper here.” she said emotionlessly

“twinkle i cant u know. i promise i will not.” he was cut off in middle by her.

“bhai dont worry i will manage. vaise bhi swadheenta and rt uncle must be waiting for you” she said while winking.

“twinkle” he said stopping her from faking her emotions in front of him as a warning.

“bhai sachi chill. i wll manage. pakka promise. vaise bhi i have to stay 3 months here without you, i should try handling myself now” she said.

“hmm. i will not but i will snd yuvraj to meet you timely.” he said.

she agreed and finally samar left.
twinkle was looking towards the house with teary eyes.
when she heard the sound of horn.

she didnt turn and closed her eyes to stop her tears from falling down as she knw who he was.

she opened her eyes and saw him near gate and opening it .

pyaar hai ya saja, aai mere dil bata
tootata kyon nahi dard ka silsila
is pyaar mein hon kaise kaise imntihaan
ye pyaar likhe kaisi kaisi dastaan
ya rabba de de koi jaan bhi agar
dilbar pe ho na, dilbar pe ho na koi asar

kunj turned after opening the door and they both shared a painful eye lock.
both the pair of eyes are red due to continous crying. they need each other but are adamant not to accept it.

( ho ya rabba de de koi jaan bhi agar
dilbar pe ho na, dilbar pe ho na koi asar )… (2)
pyaar hai ya saja, aai mere dil bata
tootata kyon nahi dard ka silsila

they entered the house. the first foot of both entered at same time. they looked at it and then at each other.

kaisa hai safar wafa ki manjil ka
na hai koi hal dilon ki mushkil ka
dhadkan dhadkan bikhri ranjishein
saansein saansein tooti bandishein
kahi to har lamha honton pe fariyaad hai
kisi ki duniya chaahat mein barbaad hai
( ya rabba de de koi jaan bhi agar
dilbar pe ho na, dilbar pe ho na koi asar )… (2)

twinkle was going towards the guest room.

“you can use “our” room” he said.
“its ok mr. sarna. u use your room. i will lye in guest room. and there is nothing like our between us.” she said and left.

leaving a heartbroken kunj behind.

koi na sune sisakati aanhon ko
koi na dhare tadapati baahon ko
aadhi aadhi puri khwaishein
tooti footi sab farmaaishein
kahin shak hain kahin nafrat ki deewaar hai
kahin jeet mein bhi shamil palpal haar hain
ya rabba de de koi jaan bhi agar
dilbar pe ho na, dilbar pe ho na koi asar
ho ya rabba de de koi jaan bhi agar
dilbar pe ho na, dilbar pe ho na koi asar

they both spend some time in there room. after some time came down at same time.
twinkle was about to fall but kunj caught her at nick time.
again sharing a eyelock.

she came to her senses and stood straight and left from there without uttering a word.

ho o o pyaar hai ya saja, aai mere dil bata
tootata kyon nahi dard ka silsila
ho o o o ho o o o
na poocho dard bandon se
hansi kaisi khushi kaisi
musibat sar pe rehati hain
kabhi kaisi kabhi kaisi
ho o o o… rabba, rabba ho o o ho
rabba ho o o, ho o ho rabba

she entered the kitchen gate and gets teary eyeas again.

“twinkle twinkle twinkle. khana de de yaar.” kunj shouted from the hall.

“na. na. na. nhi dongi ??. i have a lot of works to you. today mr. sarna you are going to cook.” she shouted back. and giggled.

on not getting his reply she turned towards the kitchen gate where he was standing leaning on it.

“ok. as you say madam. i will cook food but for that i want something as tip or reward.” he said and winked.

“ok. but cook properly. vaise what you want.?” she asked not noticing her wink and smirk ??.
bichari fass gyi??.

“a night with my beautiful wife.” he said?.

“if you will cook good food only then?” she replied.

“ok. i wl cook good but before that i need some wishes and energy.”

saying this he pulled her towards himself and locked her between him and the kitchen gate.

before that she can speak anything

he placed his lips on hers.
he placed his hands on her waist and started kissing her gently.

firstally she didnt responded due to sudden action but started melting his arms and moulded her lips to meet his while his hands went to her hairs.

he was rubbing her waist sensuously while trying to enter in her mouth but she didnt gave him the entry teasing him.

he pressed her waist tightly, she gasped a bit and taking it as opportunity. he entered his tongue inside her mouth and started exploring her every corner.

he sucked her tongue while she moaned.

she too replied him in same passion kissing him.

soon after they broke off because of lack of oxygen.

“shameless.” she commented.

“only for you.” he said and walked inside the kitchen wore an apron and started doing work.

seeing him she smiled and went towards him and started helping him.

#flashback ends#

twinkle wiped her tears and entered the kitchen.

kunj’s pov.

i hate you. i hate you so much.

to be continued.

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love you all..??

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