Twinj – school love ( recap )


Hey guys….
MISSED ME…?? ummm i guess no?…
But i missed you all sooooo much….

And i wanted to say that??…
I m writing season 2 for School Love…
And i promise this time i will not leave in middle??…. Pinky promise…
Bs tum log jutiya na marna firse pakane ko??….

Kis kis ko story yaad hai…??…
I know no one??….

So i wl be giving a short recap to you all….

Season 1

Kunj and Twinkle… two souls studied together in 10 std. In a relationship.

Ofcourse finding a true soul mate in 10 std is quite shocking but they did it..
They proved true love can happen anywhere, any time nothing matters when it happens…
It all care is about your partner….

They loved it each other but unfortunately
Twinkle’s father got to know about there relation….

So he separated them as asked kunj to prove himself…
He left no stone unturned to fail kunj even he made circumstances so no company can accept him…
But it is said na no one can stop the power of true love…
Even aftr so many years there love for each other hve not lessened a bit but increased with eaxh passing day of separation.

Kunj made a carrier in singing…

Then destiny brought them again face to face…
They got separated in a marriage and again united in another.

Rt tried to make twinkle marry sid as his mother died so as per her last wish…

But sid being a good person united twinj.

He understand the meaning of true love.

Then twinj got married
Then kunj get selected in a music competition.
Then twinj honeymoon. Where they met a person named samar. Who assigned twinkle in his company as a fashion designer…

They started leaving happily but one day somone knocked on there door.. A girl named swadhenta…

On the other side… Sid was in pain of loosing his mother and was able to see her everywhere and always he heard was that he was not able to fulfill her last wish… So he decided to separate twinj unwantedly…

It was revealed that
SSamar was twinkle’s real brother and his real father was in coma and her mother forget her memory…
This all happened when she was 6… in a car accidnt….
Rt took away twinkle and her mother….
While a man named Rajat helped samar and his father….

After so many years he is here to take revenge from Rt as per him he is the one who is the reason for his families distruction…

Aftr some days…
Twinkle met an accident and went into coma…
Kunj for twinkle participated into competition and won it…

On the other side….
Sid looses his mental stability and thinks himseld as murderer and wanted to ask forgiveness from twinkle… and it is also revealed that Rt is sid’ father who is not able to see sid in this state and cries on his fate and sid’ mother who is rt’ sister is alive and is actually her bua?….

Aftrr about 10 months….

Twinkle came back from coma..
Kunj was really happy on seeing this and was excited….
Kunj went out and at that time samar came….
And in that conversation it is revealed that
he hates kunj and thinks he is also responsible for there painful past….

end of season 1????


Haye kitna confusing tha??….
any one having any sort of queries can ask in comment section…
as it will be a problem in readin season 2??…
bcz that is going to be more confusing??….

Sooo who do you think is swadheenta..???
Who is real culprit..?? Why samar hates kunj and thinks of his as culprit…??
Who is Rt and wat is there relation..??

Ooopppesss soo many questions…?? Isnt it..??
But answer exists in season 2??….

and also do tell me what you want in season 2…?? I will add the scenes which you wanted… ??… tell me either in comment section or message me personally??

Thank you sooo much bulbul.. she is the one who asked me to continue this and torcher you all?? ….
Jo bolna bulbul ko bolna??…
Seriously thank you re..

And happy birthday Ammu…?????? .
If u r reading this??…
God bless you??

now guys this was okk.. that i m writing season 3….
but tell me truthfully how many of you want this…???
I will only write if you people will read and comment??….

Thank you… meri bakwas sun ne ko
ab main chlti hoon.

Love you all??

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  1. Apurva

    I will read as i also read ur 1st season… so mera toh pakka hai..

    1. Ridhima

      Thank you soo much????

  2. SidMin

    Me me me I want a season 2 Loved your story and mujhe story yaad hai acche se 🙂 Post soon 🙂 Love you 🙂

    1. Ridhima

      will try to post asap
      thank you??

  3. Joonakanksha

    Do write yr…..eagerly waiting for it

    1. Ridhima

      thank you sooo much??..
      will post asap

  4. Panchiii

    I will read…. i m eagerly wtng fr season 2 …… missed u tooo…..

    1. Ridhima

      Thank you dear?

  5. Ohhh ridhi is back welcome back dear

    1. Ridhima

      Thank you rosh??

  6. Chiku

    Ridhiiiiiuuuuuuuu wowwwwwww????????
    It’s awesome
    Thanks for continuing it. Love u sweetheart.
    Waiting for first episode

    1. Ridhima

      Thank you chikuuuu????????
      hehe…thank you for supporting me?…
      love u tooo
      will post asap??

  7. Angita

    I’m shooooooooo excited for season two yaar

    1. Ridhima

      Thank you angu??

  8. Adya

    Ridhu di….I know u must not b knowing me…. Actually I was a silent reader……bt I registered nd have started posting an ff…. honestly…I’ve read ur ff…..nd have loved it a lot since the beginning,……di…it was always a fab….a fab…nd yeah I’m the happiest person through my eyes…knowing that you have continued it… u soooooooooooo mucchhhh

    1. Ridhima

      Thank you dear…????
      ahaa…silent reader
      Give me the link of your ff if possible…
      will love to read it??…
      love u much more ?????

  9. Paavu

    aaja ridhi madam ab bach kekahan jayegi hunnnnnnnnh tell na aisa kehne ki himmat kaise hui ki we didnt missed u we missed u like u cant imagine and haan u r soooooo bad ab ayi ho shukr hai ridhi ne kaha aur aa toh gayi warna pata nahi kaha gayi thi sach me missed u love u yr ab w8 mt karana aur jaldi se post it plssssssssssss

    1. Ridhima

      itna miss kiya???…
      senti ho gyi main toh….
      maine v tum logo ko bht miss kiya…
      i wll try to post asap

  10. Ramya

    Hey ridhima happy to see u back srsly I have nt forgotten dis ff eagerly waiting post sson

    1. Ridhima

      Thank you soo much dear…
      will post asap

  11. Twinjfan.tamanna

    mujhe chahiye… khana nahi yaar season 2 hehehe… mazak side may… but I truly want a season two…plz plz do continue asap…

    1. Ridhima

      tu khana v lele??…???
      okkkk dear..
      will continue asap

  12. Purnima.agrawal30

    finally you are back……accha hua tum vapas aagyi….bhot miss kiya tumhe…..vese season 2 ka bhot besabri se intezaar h……do post asap….

    1. Ridhima

      Yeah finally??….
      maine bhi bht miss kiya sab ko….??
      will try to post asap??

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