TwiNj, SaRi, Ishra and Virika (Part 1)


2 very beautiful girls are shown 1 wearing western dress and heels (pari) and the other wearing jeans and a top (twinkle)
Pari and Twinkle hug each other
Pari: hi i am seeing you after ages
Twinkle: same here
Pari: i think we should have a girls night out na what do you think me, you,ishu and jeevu
Twinkle: ya i think we should but i have to ask my papa and you know how he is na

Pari: ya i got an idea
Twinkle: what
Pari tells her idea

Scene is shifted to twinkle’s house
A angry man is shown (mr bhalla from yeh hai mohabbatein) he shouts at the servants
Mr Bhalla: Twinkle you are back from college how was your day
Twinkle: yes papa it was ok
Mr Bhalla: ok
Pari enters with another 2 beautiful girls who both are wearing western (Ishita and Jeevika)
All three say: hi uncle keise ho aap
Mr Bhalla: ji beta i am fine
Jeevika: uncle can we take twinkle out for today
Mr Bhalla: why you know twinkle isn’t allowed out by herself
Ishita: yes uncle but twinkle isn’t by herself we are here
Pari: and raman bhai will be there aswell

Scene shifts to showing 3 handsome young men walking in college (Sattu, Kunj and Raman)
Then another handsome man comes running (Viren)

Viren: i found the book now we can do the project
Raman: wow you found it quick but we decided to do another project
Viren: kya yaar you always do this
Raman’s phone rings he picks it up
Raman: hello
Twinkle: hello ya bhai i lied to papa saying you are coming with me for today with my friends so if papa asks you say yeah ok
Raman: no twinki you always do this and make me lie you know I can’t lie to papa
Twinkle: plz na bhai
Raman: ok only for you last time
Twinkle: ok bhai thank you i love you
Raman: love you too
Kunj: yaar raman was that twinki
Raman: yeah why are you asking
Kunj: nothing just like that

Scene shifts to twinkle’s house

Mr Bhalla: let me call raman and ask him
He phones raman talks then cuts the phone
Everyone is tensed
Mr Bhalla: ok beta just because raman is coming with you
Twinkle: thank you papa love you
Mr Bhalla: love u too beta go now be careful
Twinkle: ok i will papa bye

Twinkle,Pari,Ishita and Jeevika go in mall and have loads of fun and party
Then suddenly they all remember that they had to finish their project off and all run to college
All are sitting in canteen

Twinkle: i will just go and get the book from library
Jeevika: ok twinki but come quick
Twinkle: ok

Twinkle is on her way to the library but she bumps in to kunj and falls in his arms they share an eyelock
Kunj is lost in her he can’t get his eyes off her sajna ve plays………

Twinkle: uff kunj can’t you see where you are going
Kunj comes to his senses
Kunj: ya sorry

Twinkle goes to library

Scene shifts to Viren,Raman,Kunj and Sattu

Sattu: yar Raman are you going to your class
Raman: yes why you asking
Sattu: because i was thinking why don’t we bunk the class
Viren: have you gone mad Raman and bunk class
Kunj: no way he is too good to bunk class

Twinkle comes

Twinkle: bhai i need this book have you seen it I can’t find it in the library
Viren: this book twinki
Twinkle: ya viru where did you find it
Viren: I thought we neede it for our project but these idiots decided to do another project
Twinkle: ok thank you viru
She takes the book
Kunj thinks yaar she is looking so beautiful today shall i tell her no no these lot will make fun of me

The girls finish their project and head home

Pari is on her way home when some goons start teasing her Sattu was on his bike and gets angry seeing this
He beats the goons really bad

Sattu: pari you want a lift
Pari: no its ok i will walk it
Sattu: come on Pari i will drop you home
Pari: if you insisting so much then ok
He drops her home
Pari: thank you Sattu
Sattu: its ok next time anyone teases you tell me
Pari: why do you get angry when someone teases me
Sattu: because I lo…..
He stops himself from saying he loves her
Sattu: because I can’t bear any girl getting teased by goons especially you
She looks at him they share an eyelock mast magan plays……
Pari thinks what is happening to me why do I feel so happy hearing this
Raman is driving his car home when he sees Ishita crossing the road and a truck is about to hit her
He runs and saves her he falls on top of her yeh hai mohabbatein plays………
Raman:(sounds worried) are you ok
Ishita: yes thank you for saving me
Raman: whats there to say thank you about your my friend
Ishita: ok i will leave now
Raman: want a lift
Ishita: no my house is here
Raman: ok next time be careful bye
He goes

Scene shifts to Jeevika’s house
Jeevika’s phone rings she picks it up it is Viren
Jeevika: hello
Viren: hello jeevika i am missing you so much
Jeevika: same I didn’t see you in college today
Viren: ya i was with kunj,raman and sattu
Jeevika: ok be careful what if they see us together
Viren: so what we are bf gf
Jeevika: but if pari,twinki or ishu finds out they’ll tease me for the rest if the college year
Viren: ok baba we won’t meet in front of them
They talk for the night then fall aleep
Episode ends

Precap: Raman gets jealous seeing Ishita talk to a boy Kunj and Twinkle see
Jeevika and Viren hugging and talking sweetly they get shocked Sattu goes to pari
To tell his feelings will he be able to or will he hide his feelings?

Credit to: Shimmi

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  2. Nice start.

  3. Wow awesome and I m so happy that someone is finally writing a ff on SaRi I don’t watch MSM much but I love the pair a lot , and I m a Twinj fan and also virika fan m reading this ff for them and ishita is also good 🙂

  4. your ff is so good
    awesome start
    m glad to see someone writing on my favorite pairs specially on virika as their are very less ff on them plzzz keep updating

  5. This is soo good plzz keep on posting more Shimmi. I love u

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