TwiNj,SaRi,IshRa and Virika (Part 3)


Episode starts with the doctor coming
Doctor: the next 24 hrs are very important for us if Mr.Bhalla doesn’t regain consciousness then he may slip into coma
Everyone is shocked
Raman: no doctor please make my papa fine I will pay you as much as you want
Doctor: we will try our best
Twinkle starts crying a lot
Doctor: there is a doctor in Delhi who can treat Mr.Bhalla but…
Raman: whats the problem doctor
Doctor: she is from America and only came for an emergency and her flight will take off in 2 hours
Raman: doctor please do what you can and tell the doctor to treat my papa
Doctor: her name is Doctor Mehrunnisa here is her number phone her
Doctor gives her number
Raman: thank you Doctor thank you so much
Doctor: this was my duty
Raman phones Dr.Mehrunnisa she picks it up
Dr.Mehrunnisa: hello
Raman: hello Doctor only you can help me
Dr.Mehrunnisa: sorry who is this speaking
Raman: it is Raman Bhalla
Dr.Mehrunnisa: yes
Raman tells her everything

Whilst he is telling her scene shifts to twinkle at the temple
Twinkle: baba ji this is the first time I am asking you for something after mom passed away please baba ji answer my prayer and make papa like before
Kunj comes
Kunj: if you are asking from your heart then obviously uncle has to be fine
Twinkle hugs kunj sajna ve plays……..
Twinkle: kunj will papa be fine
Kunj: of course he will baba ji will listen to your prayer uncle has to be fine

Scene shifts back to Raman
Dr.Mehrunnisa: don’t worry I am on my way
Raman: thank you doctor
Twinkle: kya hua bhai
Raman hugs twinkle
Raman: twinki she said she is on her way
Twinkle: really bhai
Raman: yes
Twinkle: bhai I am so happy
Raman: me too
Twinkle goes to Jeevika and hugs her
Twinkle: can you believe it Jeevika my papa will become absolutely fine like before
Pari: yes he will twinkle don’t worry

Scene shows a woman Doctor entering with her assistant
Doctor M: hi so I am Doctor Mehrunnisa
Twinkle: hi doctor I am Twinkle Mr.Bhalla’s daughter
Doctor M: meet my assistant Shanaz
Shanaz: Hi I will be helping Doctor Mehrii with Mr.Bhalla’s case
Ishita: who is Dr Mehrii
Doctor M: it’s short for Mehrunnisa I will just go and see Mr.Bhalla

After a while Dr.Mehrii comes
Twinkle: how is papa
Doctor M: for now he is stable but if he doesn’t regain consciousness in the next 5 hours we will have to go for an operation
Raman: doctor but will papa be fine
Doctor M: yes Mr. Bhalla he will be absolutely fine don’t worry

Scene shifts to Sattu,Pari and Ishita outside
Pari: I feel so bad for Raman Bhai and twinki
Sattu: nothing will happen to uncle don’t worry
Ishita: but I don’t understand one thing
Sattu: what ishu
Ishita: that how did this accident happen
Pari: you are right
Sattu: yes but that man bought uncle here
Ishita: I don’t think he did the accident
Just then they all see the same man talking on the phone they hear him
Man: yes don’t worry boss no-one will find out that you did the accident on purpose and my money
They hear this and get shocked then the man leaves they follow him he goes to a man and gets money of him they are shocked to see ashok the villain
Ashok: here you got your money and go from here don’t tell anyone that I did the accident or you know what I can do
Ishita: he is ashok
Pari: but why would he do the accident
Ishita: when Raman was in the first year of college a girl had a crush on him and that was Krystle Khanna but Raman didn’t like her infact he didn’t even look at any girl at the time when Raman found out he went to her and told her he doesn’t like her after that Krystle was heartbroken and couldn’t get over it so she commited since then Ashok Khanna has decided to ruin Raman’s life
Sattu: what
Pari: so he decided to do uncle’s accident
Sattu: what a cheap person
Ishita: we have to tell Raman that Ashok did his dad’s accident
Sattu: no we know what he will do
Raman hears this and gets shocked and angry he leaves from there

Scene shows Raman going to Ashok’s house
Raman: Ashok Ashok get here now
Ashok comes
Ashok: what do you want Raman I heard your dad has had an accident and is very critical
Ishita’s words echo in Raman’s ears
Raman slaps Ashok hard on the face and punches him hard but Twinkle comes with the police and stops Raman
Twinkle:bhai stop
Raman: twinki do you know he did papa’s accident I won’t spare him
Twinkle: I know bhai law will punish him arrest him inspector saab
Ashok: what you can’t arrest me when I didn’t do anything
Twinkle: you did my papa’s accident
Ashok: what proof do you have
Twinkle shows Ashok a video
Flashback shows Twinkle going to get water but she sees Ishita,Pari and Sattu going somewhere and follows them when she sees the man who was covered in blood meeting Ashok she takes a video of it flashback ends
Inspector arrests Ashok
Twinkle and Raman head for the hospital

In the hospital
Shanaz: Doctor it has been 5 hours and the patient is getting critical
Doctor M: prepare the OT
Shanaz: ok dr
Doctor M: Mr. Bhalla we have to go for the operation or it’ll be too late
Raman: ok doctor
Doctor M: can someone please come and fill in the form
Raman: yes I will
Raman goes to fill the form in
He comes back everyone is tensed and keep looking at the OT light to go off after a bit the light goes off Doctor comes out
Twinkle: how is papa Doctor
Doctor M: congratulations the operation was successful Mr.Bhalla should be regaining his consciousness soon
Raman: thank you thank you so much Doctor I don’t know how to say thank you
Doctor M: no need to say thank you this is my job to save people’s lives
Doctor goes
Viren: I am so happy for you Raman
He hugs him
Twinkle: Kunj you said right baba ji did listen to me
Raman hugs twinkle
Mr Bhalla regains consciousness
Raman: papa are you ok
Mr B: yes beta I am fine don’t worry about me
Twinkle: what do you mean papa don’t worry about(starts crying) you know papa if something happened to you then your twinkle won’t be able to live I will die without you papa
Mr B: no beta don’t say this look I am right in front of you
Raman: papa after so many years twinki prayed for your health
Mr Bhalla hugs Twinkle and Raman they cry

Raman goes to meet the doctor
Raman: Doctor when can we discharge papa
Doctor M: by tomorrow he should be fine
Raman shakes hands with her
Raman: thank you once again Doctor
Doctor M: it was my responsibility
Raman: ok I will leave now
He leaves
Episode ends

Precap: raman and twinkle bring mr bhalla home and they are all having fun with mr bhalla and their friends
Someone frees ashok from jail

Will ashok ruin raman and twinkle’s happiness?

Credit to: Shimmi

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