twinj saga of love (episode 9)


Recap : twinkle and kunj’s engagement .twinkle agin try to run away with but failed as rt cathed her . Rt ask twinkle to with him for shopping..

Episide 9 Twinkle was cring bitterly .. Rt glare her and said .. ” go in ua room and change your dress .. We are going for shopping.. All must be waiting for us . Twinkle went in room and came after change .rt was waiting for her in car twinkle came their and sat in car silently. Offcourse rt was in bad mood. He said in angry tune . Rt- please twinkle .. I beg u… Be nice with kunj and sarna’s . Twinkle looked him sadly and nodded in yes. They reached at mall. They geeet each other. Rt – manoharji .. Where is kunj .. ? He didint came.. ? Manohar- he has in emergency , he will join us in hr.. Rt noded and they went in shop.. Twinkle was looking blankly and sadly.. Bebe notice her and said ” twinkle puttar where u lost ? ” Twinkle didnt resonded. Bebe snap her finger front of her eyes. Twinkle immediately . “ji bebe ? ” Bebe to usha ” look ..someones face is pale .. As kunj is not here . twinkle got irritate but pacify herself and said ” nothing like that .bebe” Usha see kunj was alredy came their.. Kunj was smiling behind her.. Usha ” look ,,,kunj is here only ..” leela : are kunj .when u came? ? Kunj .. Abhi aa hi raha hu.

Twinkle got more irritate and thinks … ” ab ye sab kya kam they.. Ki kunj bhi aa gya.. ” But smile at looking him .. Bebe .. : you both go and do your shopping.. We will joint after . Twinkle : its ok.. Bebe .. We ll do together.. Rt glared twinkle .. As kunj was disapponted .. Rt ” its ok twinkle.. U both can go..” Rt made some space and said twinkle ..” i told u nice with kunj.. I will never say it agian.. If anything happen, i will not spare you. Twinkle nodded and went with kunj.. As she reached one big shop she said kunj ..” kunj .. I want to tell you something.. Its vry important ” Kunj ignore her and busied himself in selecting dress .. Kunj – twinkle look is it ?? Twinkle rolled her eyes said herself .” ohh offo .. Ye kunj .. How much he is excited for shopping…i though only girls like to shopping ..but kunj ? ” Twinkle again tried but this time more loudly .. ” kunj.. Listen to me . I want to tell you something .. and it’s vry important ..” Kunj ” ok twinkle tell me .. What is important other than shopping .. And grined Twinkle ” kunj .. Please be seriouse .. I want to tell you some important ..” Kunj ” please twinkle .. I know what you wants to tell me ?? ” Twinkle was stunned And thought with shock.. ” what ?!how u came to know ? .. If he was know everything ..that i love someone else then why he agree to marry me ??.. No no.. He must be kidding ” Twinkle ” what …??. How u came to know ?! Kunj – Aamm ….. .he thought.. And said ” i wil tell you later” Twinnkle ” tell me right now .. ? Kunj – ok.. But 1st we will complete our shopping.. ? Twinkle was stunned and nodded in yes.. And they went to counter to select clothes teir wedding.. Twinkle was not in mood . She was looking here and there while selecting . She select some dresses and showed to kunj ..

Twinkle” i have done kunj.. Can we talk ?? Kunj.” are u sure .. U want this dress . I mean .. U really like it ?? Twinkle ” yes.. ” and immediately at d dress. It was not weding suit .. Twinkle ” ohh .. Sorry.. ” Kunj ” wait ..i will select for u ..” Twinkle “ok” After searching so much dressed kunj finally select one dress .. And ask her to try.. Twinkle- ‘’s fine..not needed to try n all” Kunj ” but .. What if you will not fit in it ? ” Shoppkeper saw them and said – m’mam please try this ..if Ur husband is insisiting you… Teial room is their . ” Twinkle went in trial .. Kunj was standing near door ..he was waiting for her. Suddenly twinkle screams loudly.. Kunj noticed twinkle is scremeing .. He touched door said ” twinkle .. Twinkle.. R u ok? And hit d door but door was opened by mistake Kunj went in and see twinkle . Twinkle huged him tightly and closed her eyes due to fear.. And said .”. Lizard ..” Kunj ” it is just lizard.. ” Twinkle ” i m afraid to this.. And suddenly ..lights also went off.. So.. ” Kunj ” dont be.. Im here only.. Clam down ” he hug her back and pacify her. Kunj ” ok.. Now leave me.. Lizard is gone .. And lights also came.. ” twinkle : really .? Kunj : haa.. Twinkle realise that she hug him in . And Twinkle jerk him .and put her crossed arms on liital bare chest. And truned . Now her back was his face side . Kunj closed his eye and removed his jocket and make her wore.. She trun agian and said with angry tune Twinkle – how dare u to came in .??

Kunj – sorry.. but u was screaming .. So i was worried for u.. That’s it.. And who told u to keep door open…? Twinkle with stunned – what ? Door.. Doorrrr was opened? He looked her disappointed. Kunj – yes.. He paused and said “agin come fast … ” he started leaving but stoped ..and said ” . And haa .. Lock door now..” Twinkle came by wore beautiful lenhga .. Kunj was stunned to look her .. Twinkle ” kunj this is ok ? I will not try more ..” Kunj ” ok.. It is beautiful.. Rather than your silly .. Dresses.. ” Twinkle – what ? how dare you ?! Kunj – ohh .. Shut up.. It is better than your choice ok ?? Your choice is so bad .. And he made weird face Twinkle – sorry.. Kunj – for what ? Twinkle – i got angry on u in trail. Kunj – it ok (with full attitude)

They ask to pack the twinkles dress and went to another counter to buy kunj’s dress Kunj -twinkle .. now it’s ur turn to select me dress. Twinkle – me?? and rolled her eyes Junj .. ” ha.. U .. ! ” twinkle with surprise ” but u told me that my choice is so bad .. ? Kunj : ohh ha.. Let it be .. Otherwise u will select dress for me .. And after wearing that people will send at shamshan insted of mandap. Twinkle got irritate And said . ” so select yourself .. Why u told me to select ” With same tune.. Kunj ” ok.. But help me atleast” Twinkle in her mind ” wait and watch kunj sarna.. I will select dress .. U will love that.. Muze challenge karta hai “” After searching so much twinkle remove one shewani dress .. And said happily.. “kunj … How is it ?

” Kunj saw her face and got happy Twinkle ” kunj where u lost.. ! This is my choice and before that was by mistake .. Now try this u will look hot in this.. ” Kunj – hmm .. By d way..i always look hot .. He pausef and lovelingly said ” But i will not try this because u select this for me.. Its vry precius to me.. I will wear directly on our wedding.. It doest matter how i will look in it . Twinkle was surprise .. They did their shopping and went in park..

precap: twinjkle ask to break to kunj .. to break this marriage..

Credit to: Tannu (Tanvi)

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  1. Wat???y???has twinki gone mad

  2. Ooooo!!! The precap is lil sad ,,,,btw episode was awwsummm,,,,,,

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