twinj saga of love (episode 8)


……Recap : kunj reached at hospital along with old man ..twinkle was impressed by his immence care of stranger. He call rt and ask if she reached home or not .. And ask twinkle if she really like him for marriage or not.. Twinkle saied ‘yes ‘ due to her fathers botheration.. All were in hall for kunj and twinkles engagement ceremony…. Kunj bought twinkle on stage.
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Kunj bought twinkle on stage .. Rituals were started .. They exchange rings. Twinkle had tears in her eyes as she was sad inside .. Kunj was looking her sadly ..he remove his hanky from pocket nd wipes her tears ” twinkle was looking him sadly.
Kunj in his mind ” ohh .. I can understand twinkle .. It is vry difficult to leave our own family , peoples who loves you so much and shift to new house .new environment . ” he thought it was her nostalgia about her family..
Rt went on stage an and said ” today is vry special day for me and my doughter.. She going to marry with the perfect guy kunj .
I m vry vry happy today.. So .. Nach gana to banta hai.. ” And he call leela on stage. They dance romentically on song Geruwa song.
Twinkle was surprised to see them like this . She didnt see her father so much happy before that.

Later bubbly and chinki togerther dances on pura london thumakda.. All joined them and enjoyed. Rt called kunj and twinkle on stage for dance . Kunj is happy but nervas inside . Kunj himself ” how can i dance with her .i agree that i like her but dance.. ? Uuff .. Such A awakward suitation … But kunj dont miss this chance .you got one more chance to impress her.. All girls like this.” hesitatately went to Twinkle ,who was lost in own thought.. She thinking about yuvi. Twinkle in her mind ” ohh god .. Please give me strenght .. I have tell all truth to kunj ..before its to late.. Its engagement only.. Quit late but ok.!!. .wait.. ! but what if he dont agree to break this marriage .? If he will angry with me ? Twinkle you said ‘Yes ‘ yesterday .. How can i forget ! ??? Whatever.. But fact is , I cant break this .. Only kunj can do this.. ” suddenly she got consicus by someones voice It was none other than kunj. .. Kunj was kneeled in front of her and steching his arm for dance .
Kunj” will you like to dance with me”
Twinkle was surprised .. She was never accept this from kunj..
Twinkle in her mind ” ohh .. What is this .. What do i do ? ” that moment was vry irritating for her. But she strech his arm and put palm gently in his .

He bought her on stage. .. Song started to play .’HUA HAIN AAJ PEHALI BAAR ,JO AISE MUSKURAYA HU.MAIN TUMSE PYAR KARNE KI IJAJAT RAB SE LAYA HU’ .. They danced on song romentically and slowly. While dancing they share cute , romentic eye lock moment ., kunj picked up her in his arms , and at end of dance . She rasted her head on his chest. Her arms was around his shoulders. Her waist was under his arms grip. They were almost in tight hug . She was unaware about this as she was lost in yuvi’s memories . She shoe’s kunj as yuvi and lost in dance. Kunj was rather almost unconsicus , he was not belive that she was in his arms. Twinkle said ” can’t live without you. I will never let you go away from me.”
Kunj was confused , happy. .but replied ” me too. And .. one more ..u r looking vry adorable always .. ”

Kunj was confused by her behavior.. Song eneded she came consicous .. She realised that what she saied few minuates ago. And she jerk him slowly.. Kunj was smiling at her. She peep at him with embrassment.
All went in their respective home ..

Nxt morning
Twinkle was sleeping leela came to her room.and said ” twinkle good morning wake up.. Here is coffiee .. Get up now.. ? ‘
Twinkle waked up with looking at clock.. ” maa ‘ she smiled .. Leela sat beside her .. And caress her face .
Leela : look ,twinkle kunj is not that bad .. He is well settled . When our tym come god gives right person at right time. kunj is a handsome young man who is mature, understanding & everything else a woman can dream of. He has been brought up in a cultured, close knit family & lives by the values that he was been brought up with. His eyes has been telyphy everything.. ”
Twinkle ” enough maa.. I dont wann listen anything about him .. May be he is good but.. Im not feel anything for him.. How can we marry then ? ”
Leela : i think he is the guy made for you. Some dreams can’t come true we shall not see them. we need a person who understands us and we can share our sorrows with him. you are lucky if you find such partner.
leela : please try to forget yuvi.. I know it is not easy. But ” she stoped due door bell rang . She came downstairs and open door ..she fonund girl ..
Girl :. Gm aunty are you.. ? Where is twinkle . ?
Lerla ‘: hellow . Naira .. I’m fine .. U here?
Naira: well .! Twinkle didnt came college from few days .. Is she is fine ? ‘
Leela : she is her room ..! go..

She went in room twinkle was blankly looking from window.
Naira : hellow .. Twinkle ..there is surprise for you. .
Twinkle trun promptly with chuckling .. They hug ..
Twinkle ” yuvi .. Send you here? I know .. ”
Naira with sad face.. ” it was surprise .. ”
Twinkle with emothionaly ” naira .. How is he ? I was not mate him from last 3 weeks . ! I miss yuvi ” tears rolled down from her eyes .
Naira : dont worry .. Today you both are going mumbai ..”

Twinkle ” but And dad?? How to manage them ? .if they cath me again !?!”‘
Naira : look .. They are going for shpooing . You have pretent illness .. When they go..w’ll run away .. Aaj wo rat tak tumhare fm ghar ke bahar hi chupega.. Got it.. ”
Twinkle ” okk .. But call him .. I want to hear his voice”
Naira dial yuvis no. From her mobile and gave to twinkle

Twinkle : hi yuvi .. How r u?
Yuvi ” i m not god without you . . Missed you so much. ”
Twinkle heared noise of footstep coming towards her room ..
T: yuvi.. Dad is coming .. We will meet at night bye.. She cut phone and went hurridly and lie on bed .
Rt came in room and said
Twinkle ” still you are sliping .. It 12 O’clock. ”
Twinkle ” im not feeling well.”
Naira check her fever by thermometer .. And showed it to rt. Which was alredy dipped coffee.
Naira :She has high fever uncle ..

Rt : but .. Today we are going for marriage shopping . .well ..ok ..i will manage ”
Naira : uncle .. You Go .. Im here with twinkle.
Rt nodded
Lela and rt ..waves twimkle and naira and went.
” uff.. Now call yuvi im ready .. She ” twinkle sigh and said hurridly with getting up.

Dolly called yuvi .. Twinkle packed her bag and reached at balcony .. Yuvi was waiting for her in lawn .. Twinkle looked down and wave her hand .. He waved back and sign to come down .. She trows her bag in lawn and reached their.. Naira folled her ..
And .. freak.. Rt was standing in.front of him too . He was red in anger ..
T: dad u ???
Rt : my phone was left ..
Twinkle was trembling and sweating badly .

Rt was glare her and shouted ” so this is your plan .. ? ? Where r u going ..?
Twinkle was stading …numbed with shock.
Rt went towards yuvi and slap him and screme ” go from here.. If you come here again i will kill you.. ..”
Rt grip her elbow and bought her in house. And said .. ” chalo ..sab wait kar rahe hoge hamara mall me .. ”
Twinkle was cring bitterly..

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