twinj saga of love (episode 7)


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precap: kunj ,chinki ,ishan and bubbly went to eat icecream .. bubly made plan to sent kunj & twinkle to garden . kunj ask her if she is happy with their her marraige beacasause he want to listen yes only from her mouth. twinkle tried to narrate about uv but fails due to old man got heatattack near them . kunj reached hospital along with old man . twiknkle impressed by his immens care of stranger man .

kunj was in hospital he called rt and said ” hlw uncle .. is twinkle reached at home ..? i m sorry but i cant drop her at home .due to some emmergency.” twinkle was standing their too.
rt: yes ..just now.. . is everything ok ? ..
kunj: nothing to worry ..
rt: r u sure?
kunj : yaa unkle. .. if you dont mind ..i need to talk with twinkle.
rt: yaa .. sure.
rt thought “.. i cant trust her any more.. if she tell him everything.. then all finished .. and i also wants to know if she behaves with him nicely or not? …and he kept phone on speaker and gave her
kunj : hi .. actually im sorry .. muze tuze aise aklele nahi .. !
twinkle interrupt ” it’s ok. kunj .. i can udersatand .. “with slow voice
twinkle : how is that uncle now ?
kunj : they had small heart attack .. he is fine now ..i called their family members .. they will come soon..
twinkle : ok.. !! thenn..
kunj cut her

kunj: twinkle. .. i have to ask you somthing ? ”
twinkle; yes??

kunj: you really want to marrie me..? dont know why ….when i see you everytime it seem you are not happy with this. i feel .. something is going wrong .. i m sorry i m asking you like this.. but it is related with our whole life .. our future.. .. if you dont like me then please dont do this .. i will never mind .. .it is vry imporatant to me to know what you think about me.. i want to hear yes or no .. any .. from ur mouth only. .. it is not late if you want to say no.. ”
twinkle in her mind ” babaji .. why u always drag in weird suitation .now what i will do if i say no then .. dad will kill me right now.. ” twinkle was trummbling badly. .. her father was standing near her ..
kunj was waiting for her answer..
kunj: twinkle.. r u der?
twinkle glanced rt ..who was angrily looking at her..
twinkle .. : wo.. kuunnjjjj… wo..haa.. i mean ofcourse yes.. i like you.. as much you like me..
kunj got broad smile on his face.. his happiness had no bounds now.. his heart started dancing inside. . ..
he jumped and said .”.yess..”
twinkle. : kunj.. r u ok ? ”
kunj : no im not .. ok.. i m vry vry vry happy ..
twinkle with sad face : ok kunj .. i will talk you ltr.. bye ..
kunj.: twinnnkkklle..
twi : haa??? bolo..
kunj with simling : nothing..

bye ..
twinkle : bye.
rt snached phone from her hand and said ” that means .. you are not behave with kunj nicely.. that why he doughed on you.. it my good that i kept phn on speaker.. otherwise.. dont kown would be happen .. and get one more thing clear that .. you have nice with kunj.. or else .. it not good for u… ”
rt said raman ” keep eye on her .. beacause she dont want marry with kunj.. and wants to marrie with that blo*dy boy.. !”
twinkle: please dad.. listen to me once.. i dont marrie with kunj.. please .. break this marraige.. i cant live without uv .. ” while saing she was on kneels front of rt .. and grip his one leg.. and cring bitterly..

twinkle : please dad.. dont distroy our and kunj’s life too.. and i will never happy with him….i love only yuvi .. ”
rt: enough now.. i told you so many times . ..dont call his name again.. Yuvi.. the crap.. ”
twinkle : dont say that please ..i..
rt cuts her ” shut up now ..go in ur room.. why cant you understant that .. i love you too.. i m doing this only for ur happiness…”
twinkle : but ..
rt : shut up now go…and sleep .. tomarrow is your ebgagement..
twinkle went in her room silently and sadly.. and slept with thinking how rid from this suitation.. meanwhile .. kunj slpt with .. reacalling.. she says yes to me.. and her sweet memories spend with her…
engagement ceremony.:

sarnas and tanejas were gatherd for engagement .. kunj was wore light green sherwani .. .. he was looking so hot as always.. .. twinkle was wore light sattine materials .. green saree .. and blouse .. which was sleeve less …. her hairs was open with slightly curled …. both deessed up had maching colour s..

everyone was wating for twinkle..
kunj .. was only staring at steps .. to saw her.. .. twinkle was coming downstairs ..
kunj was still lost in her.. he was mesmorised by her look in saree
twinkle was in second last step. she was quite nervs. kunj noticed that cames to her.. and forward his hand to her .. she gave her hand .. and leand forward. but she was about to sliped kunj hold her ..and fall in his arms .. his neck was around her hand’s grip .. his hands was around her waist..
they share eye lock .. ( sajna ve momemt)

still they are in same positon
twinkle :kunj. thank ….she about said but kunj put his finger on her lips .. and said.. ” shhhh… dont say it you and me are one.. aur khud ko koi thanq nahi bolta. .and i will never let you fall.. i m always with you… ” she was touched by his wordas..
bebe cane to them and said.. ” if you both have finised your romance ..then shall we proceed for rituals.. ”

they got consicus ..kunj made her stand propely .. and compse themselves …he took her hand in his and bought her on stage..

Credit to: Tannu (Tanvi)

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  1. Wow tannu u r just superb like always ……… but when this youvran will get rid of this ff ….btw episode was awwwwsuuuuuuum

  2. Luv it yrr tannu……….bt i want 2 ask that uv is playing positive or negative……i hope he is negative & twinkle saw his true colors

  3. rupam ..all character’s are ve here…..anin and rupam… thank you for commentic.. this is lot fr me..

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