twinj saga of love (episode 6)

sorry for late update..
preacap : twinkle tried to run off with yuvi. but rt cacth her on time.. and made plan to send her raman mamus place meanwhile rt got call from manohar and they fix kunj and twinkles marriage . kunj was happy and twinkle was disappointed .

twinkle was sitting in balcony she was groanig with pain badly ..leela cames their to consel her . she was looking at leea . leela : i know u r not happy with this marriage ..but kunj is vry good boy . he will keep u happy.. i saw in his eyes he is vry inocent .. dont worry .. everything will be fine after marriage . bebe ,chinki and all vry good minders . you know vry well to ur dad .. he will never let you go with yuvi. he has very headstrong personality…” and she wiped her tears .. but twinkle started cring more bitterly hand kept her head on leelas lap.
leela ( with making her seat) now show me your milloin doller smile .. im came to see ur smiling face .. ”
twinkle get up and smiled at leela and ask ” happy ?” leela: thats like my twinkle . tu to meri twinkle twinkle littal star hai. ”
twinkle : ohh maa ..again u r called me lil star..but im not bacchi ….now im grown up” and frowns . leela : chal ab tu taiyar hoja tuze raman mamu ke ghar jana h na ? ”
t: ok maa..
leela smiled
twinkle : “maa i will miss you soo much. u r a one who understand most in the world ” . leela ::ok now go and pack ur bag. she noded in yes ..aand leela left from their.
@raman mamus ‘s
twinkle & rt as reached as kunj and one littel boy chinki came mamus place too. twinkle was in bubbly’s room.
kunj geets everyone and took their blessing. .. but his eyes were searching for twinkle ..
rt : kunj ..u here ? what a pleasent surprise ?
kunj: wo ..actually ..i.. i mean we ..but chinki cuts him and thought ohh bhai se kuch bhi nahi hoga..
cchinki : uncle . actually.. ishan wants too meet twinkle bhabhi .
where is she? can we out together ?
rt : but suddenly? ..with tensed voice

ca fb was shown:
there ..kunj was sitting in his yellow chai .. and he was doing his office work on laptop. .. chinki and ishan ( kunj’s nephew. 5 yrs old ) came their.. kunj : are chinki and ishan ? you here ?
chinki : look bhai .. ishan were asking… nshe stoped and agian said … uff ..this ishan naa..kuch bhi puchata hai.. i was speechles …
kunj : what is it ishan ?
I : chachu .. chinki anty were saing that you are brining chachi soon .. but ye chachi kya hoti hai .. aur wo kaun hai ?
kunj : come .. i will tell you.. tumhare dad aur mom .. dadi & dada that chachu -chchi..
ishan : ohh ….means she will be ur wife ? chinki : haa ishu…
I: i want to talk her ..dail her no. chachu.
chinki dails leela’s no. and ask for twinkles mob no . but leela said that they leaved for twinkls mamus place . and she left her mobile at home by mistake. ]
raman : jijaji .. jane do na .. baccho ko.. it will be good for them tounderstand each other ..when they spend me together.. ”
rt : she is in bublys room go upstais..
kunj and all went ..
twinkle was surprised by seeing kunj there.. but lil disappointed to by seeing vhinki and ishan their .. twinkle thoutht ” ohh thank you babaji i can easily tell him about my affair with yuvi.. ”
and smiled @ kunj
kunj did same
kunj : hi twinkle .., bubbly.
t: hi… u here ?
bubbly : hi . .and she smirk and again said “look chinki dii.. someone ‘s face is glowing by seeing someone ..” pointed towards twinkle .. kunj and twikle got embrassed
t: bubbly ..shut up .. nothing like that ..
chinki: hellow bhabhi ..and she pointed her hand towards ishan and said ” he is ishan .. our nephew. .. ishan she is your chachi .. say hellow to her ”
ishan : hi chachi
twinkle had broad smile on her face by seeing ishan ‘s innocent face. ..but ferls awakkward when he called her chach..
: twinkle: hi ishan..
they did some chit chat together..
chinki : lets go outside for icecream ?
bubbly : .. yes .. why not ?
kunj was happy inside but by seeing twinkle ‘s face .. said ..” if twinkle doest wants to go then ..why we are going out ? lets go home chinki… ”
bubbly : off couse dii also want to spend time with you all .. and winks at twinkle ..
twinkle : ok .. lets go.
they went in icecreame parlour . they finished thier icecream .. chinki made some space and ask bubbly to leave them togethr for somr tym ..
bubby: jijeeju .. here is big garden near the parlour.. can we go their?
k: ok.. even i also like to go in garden
twinkle : ok lets go.
chinki : u all go i have to bougtht some chocklets for ishan .. i was promice him .. yes ishan? ”
i : yes .
bubbly : even also want to eat chocklet u go .. we will came.
twinkle and kunj went in garden they sat on wooden bebnch . both feels embracing ..
kunj: say something..
twinkle : u say.
kunj : u know what twinkle . .. we have become good freinds first before spouse .. what say? ..

twinkle noded in yes . kunj : so.. friend ( by steching his hand to shake) twinkle shaked her hand with his and said -yes .
kunj : i was vry anxious to meet my partner.. i thought .. she will be vry bubbly .. liking to blubbering .. .. totally differnt than you..but dont konw how i like you ?
twinkle felt guilty and decide to tell him evry thing .. that doesnt wsnt to marry him.
kunj : you like me ? i mean .. u r really happy with this ? i want ur answer forward our relation
twinkle got tensed and started to wriggleing.. kunj notice that and thaught ..” may be she shy to say ok.. and she is girl. .. anand bhiya always says that .. ladkiyon ki naa me bhi ha hota hai.. ”
twinkle : wo .. actually… i also wants to talk with you about this .. .

kunj got surprise and staring her.. her hairs were waving with winds. and her eys were saing wince of her heart .. lovingly (sajna ve moment )
twinkle broke eyelock and said ” i kown ..u r vry good person.. fact u will be endear for evrybody but.. ” she is about told truth .. they heared some sound from behind ..” dump”
kunj promplty went their.. twinkle follwed him there was old man falled on lawn .. heartattAck patient.. kunj : tw
kunj picked him and said hurridly ” go home .. i have to reach hopstile and have to hospitalized him.”
kunj went along with old man ..
twinkle – he is very sage really. it is very difficult to heart him .. i am really sorry kunj .. but i cant marrie you.. ” tears rolled down from her eyes.

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