twinj saga of love (episode 5)


kunj was standing in balcony some one cames to him and hugs him from back. and said good mornig baby .. it was twinkle ..
kunj : .. gm sweet heart
.. then kunj turned toward her and she crossed her arms around his neck .. kunj’s hands were around her waist .. winds started blowing.. .and felt romantic .. weather was also much more romatic.. kunj: do you realised one thing
t: enviroment is romantic.
t: so ,,? she was giggling

kunj : hmm so.. i ..
t : you??
kunj ‘s heart stat breathing heavily..
kunj move forward to kiss her when she closed her eyes….
kunj is about kiss but.. bebe called ” kunj .. .. kunj .. wake up.. you told me to today you have to go early for meeting ” kunj woke up and realised that was his dream …. and broad smile came on his face.. he realised that .. he was totally gonna madly – badly love with twinkle
he woke up with disappointment .. and looed up at clock ..kunj says in barely voiced ” but bebe its only 6 o’clock.. ”

bebe : wake up now.. you only told me to wake up early and what happen to you now? ”
kunj thought ” ohh it means it dream will be come true soon.”
kand smiles .. bebe : kunj puttar r u all right ‘ and started acting like checking if has fever.. ” kunj jerk her hand and jumped with happiness ..and said” wow it is early morning.. .. no no.. it vry good moring bebe..” started dancing around bebe.. make her dance too .. later
bebe also join him .. and asked him .. but why we are dancing … kunj .: because is vry special morning..

bebe was confused..
bebe : god knows ..what is special in this.. ok now go and get ready .” and she leaves.

@ tanejas
twinkle was in her room
yuvi calls twinkle .
t : hi yuvi.. im coming..
yuvi. : come soon.. i m waiting for you at bus stop..
at dining table leela was preaparing breakfast rt was sitting in chair

lleela : twinkle .. where are you going hurriedly ?!
t:winkle answed with tensed voice.. ” maa ..wo.oo main.. ”
lleela : what happen everything fine ? twinkle : submission.. today is submission in college.. and going to friends home.”
lerla ‘:which friend ?
twinkle : mayaa..

leela : ok .. come soon
but rt said ..” wait .. maya.. i never here her name before that .. form your mouth.. ”
twinkle : she is new in college and she is not much close to me.. she is only my group partner”
rt: give me her mobile no.
now twinkle was really tensed… and doesnt move a bit..
rt said with loud voice .. ” i saied give me her mobile no.” twinkle had tears in her eyes. . rt stood up and snached her bag from twinkles hand and opened it.. he got shocked by seeing in her bag. .. remove all lugage from bag .. ithere was found cloths and all necessary things for daily use”

rt in angry tone by removed his mobile and said ” dial your friend no.. ibecause i cant trust on you.. ”
twinklw keenls down and startef cring bitterly.
rt” look leeela.. what is the plan of our beloved doughter.. she makes plan to run away from us. .. for that stupid yuvi.. she thinks that yuvi loves her more than us .. thats why she is going break our trust ..our love..” leela was also cring ..
twninkle : i am sorry dad .. i will never do it again .. im really sorry ”
rt: i dont want to listen anything..

i decied to send you to your raman mamu’s home.. at least there you will not able to meet ..that stupid yuvi … you are going todau itself .. and give me your mobile.. i know otherwise you will definetly contact him .. ” go and get ready.. ” twinkle gave her phone to rt .. and stated leaving..
some one calls rt ..rt excuses and leave to pick up the call
rt: haa.. manohar ji .. boliye..
manohar: so what your douther think about my son..”
rt took glance at twinkle with anger and said.. ” yes.. she ready .. to married with kunj.. and also we ..afterall your son is so caring .handsome and sweet .. how cant she refuese him.. and what about kunj?

manohar :..kunj and we all are waiting for yes only.. ”
rt : so came and meet me tommarow .. we will discuss onther things ..

all were sitting in hall and mahor joins them and .. sats in disappontment .. all were tensed ..
usha: what happen to you now .. what twinkle is thiking about kunj ? if she say yes or no ?!
usha stared bumbarding qustions to manohar.. while kunj was eagerly waiting for mahors answer..
manohar : they not liked our kunj..
all were disappointed.. and kunj stared leaving sadly..
but mahor said .. ” im not done my sentence.. i was saing that.. ”
kunj crunched his eyebrows and said ‘ what?! ”
manohar : they not like our kunj ..but they love to make him their son in law”
all were smiling.. .
here kunj’s heart stared jumping to hered this..

kinj puts his hand on his heart..
twinkles sad face and kunjs smiling ..

precap : twinkle and kunjs romentic dance

Credit to: Tanvi

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