twinj saga of love (episode 4)


twinkle mate yuvi and naratte him all that how much her dad is opposite to their love. yuvi : everything will be fine today itself i come to your home .. and insist him.. you just keep smiling.. your smiling face gives me motavation ..
twinkle: but yuvi.. it is of no use was saw you .. already. we have run away..
yuvi ; what??
t : yes yuvi ..
yuvi : but it is wrong ..
t: it is only one way.. so tommarow we will go for mumbai .. my cousin is there she told me that she will help us.” yuvi : but twinkle atleast i have to meet your father.. !
twinkle.. : ok come tomarrow then we all are going to guptas party. and me too. i dont want to but..
yuvi interrups her ” wow. thats grate we also invited .. ok then we will meet in party .. ..”
twinkle : its too late .. we have go directly from here.. and how can i forget that dad told me to come within 2 hrs.. ”
yuvi : dont worry my crybaby.. we will reach on tym.. lets go ..
they both went from there for party.

@ sarna’s
usha : dont konw whrere is this kunj.. bebe u all go i and kunj will come ..
bebe : but bring kunj with you.. guptas are showing girl for him. also bring chinki (kunj’s younger sister) she doing her make up.
usha : ok bebe.. u go.
then kunj arrived home chinki was at door .. she was waiting for kunj.. chinki: where were you bhai.. even i also ready. n you. . (then she saw a blue scarf in kunj ‘s hand .) ohh.. now i understand .. you was with your girlfriend.. bhai haa ? by d way what is her name ”
kunj : dont know ..
chinki :what ??
kunj in irriteting manner” i dont konw .. i came to me bymistake.. aur tum bhi.. kya yaar.. pata nahi sab kyu mere piche pade hai ”
chink: it ok its quite late.. go and get ready.. give me this scarf ..i will take it in your cubboard.. “.. and snach scarf .. all they reaches in venue..
usha : kunj today is vry special day for you.. you are going to meet a tanejas dougher..
kunj said in irritating manner.
maa you go.. i will park car ” kunj said. he parked car .. and stared to went in.. but he feel that girls presence.. and suddenly turned.. he saw same girl who was wearing pink long skirt..
she was in runnig hurried may be.. ( she was twinkle) she didnt see him as she was looking here and there while runnig and bumps on kunj .. winds stars blowing kunj holds her in his armed but kunj trip by somthing and ..both falls down .. twinkle is on kunj.. kunj was staring at her while she was busy in wipe dirt in her hairs . aja ve saajana .. plays in backgrond.. ..
twinkle stood up and went in hurriedly.. kunj was still lieing on floor.. chinki called him .. and he stood up
kunj : what kind of girl she is … even not said sorry.. but she was so beautiful.. ohh her scarf .. chinki ..that is her scarf . ”
chinki.. but it is at home..
lets go. everyone is waiting for you..
they also went in ..
rt to twinkle ; where was you.. and what kind of cloths you wear.. i told you.. i going meet Sarna’ s and how can i show you like it ?? ur just useless..” now come with me.. ” twinkle followed rt.
gupta intodruce sarnas and taneja family..
manohar ( kunj’s beloved father)calls kunj . and told ” look son.. she is twinkle .. ” kunj is stunned to see her.. ” ttwwiinkle..’ ,he wisphers and thought” so her name is twinkle she is beatiful like her name.”
but twinkle was searching for yuvi..
j: hi twinkle ….happily
t (with fake smile) : hi..
rmanohar told them to went out and talk . they obey.
kunj : what is ur egucation ?
kunj : ur hobbies
t: not special .. reading
kunj: twinkle is it interview? i only ask question and you are answering it..
you dont like to talk ?
t: nothing like that..
kunj : so ??
t: wo actually.. i must have to told you that ..(she was telling afair about her and yuvi but she noticed that her dad ilwas keeing eye on them )
kunj: say it freely..
t: yes i dont like talk so much.. it is our 1st meeting..
(kunj thinks in mind 1st meeting is for you twinkle but not for me.. im already fall in love with)
t:kunj : lets go inside and have some food.. im alredy hungry..
t: ok.
they went in home . twinkle saw yuvi and signs him to not talk anything right now..
kunj “,: r u i ok ? t: yA absoulatey.. all right..
tthey both ate their dinner together..

after party gets over sarnas went to their home .. in parking lit
rt was going to take his car .. yuvi came their and inssist him. to agree for marriafe.. but rt slaps him and went from their . twinkle sadly went her home.
@sarna ‘s all were sitting in the hall

bebe : kunj puttar, how is twinkle?
usha: i konw.. you must have to like .. afterall she so sweet .
kunj lost in her thought .. ” beautiful.” he says all laugh.. kunj cames consicus.. and say ” ok.. if all are insist you.. then i cant tell no.. otherwise she is ok.. for me.. ”
chinki: but bhai she not so much good looking . and aww . how much she is fat.. ohh just fatty..” chinki said in teaseing manner ..
k: just shut up yaar kuch bhi.. i never ever diddnt see such beautiful girl like ther .. you are getting jalous with her.. ” all were stated laughing on him..
then kunj realised that .. what he said .
he went from there with blushing..

precap : twinkle makes plan to run away..

thak you guys for commenting .. if there is grammer and spelling mistakes then please forgive..

Credit to: tannu (Tanvi)

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