twinj saga of love (episode 3)


hi guys. i know there is so many grammer mistakes in previous part. plz forgive for this
twinkle went in room with crying .. closed the door.. and called yuvi.
t: hi yuvi
y: what happen baby ..? are you ok?? yuvi asked her in tensed tone
t: im ok yuvi but.. she agian statr crying.. yuvi: dont cry .. 1st tell me what happen ?
t: it seem to we r finished .. .. dad ..came to know all about us.. he will nerver allow to us for marrage..!
yuvi: dont be frustef dear.. everthing will be fine . . ok im at gurudwara pleaese come here we will sort it out..
t: im coming..

ttwinkle got ready and came downstairs .. leela : where r u going..
twinkle: maa today is sunday .. so i want to gurudwara..
Rt came their and said ” no need go anywhrere.. i know that you want meet that idiot yuvi.. i told u yesterday only.. stay away from that twit man.. i will not tell u again and again.”
but leela interput and said.. ” its ok..what is the big problem in that if she every sunday goes their.. ”
” t: ok dad if you… but rt cuts her off and said “ok go.. but came within 2 hrs.” we have go for the party. of guptas..

here also
kunj was driving the car towards gurudwara .. He was thinking about last night what bebe was told him.
he stopped at signle. .. he was wating for green signal .. suddenly he listen a encharting voice.. ” hey.. please stop him .. please..stop ” kunj promptly look their. and came out from car he started searching d girl .. finally he saw a girl but he was not able to her face . she was wearing pink coloured long skrit and sleevless white short kurtA. and on that light blue colured scarf rolled around her neck.. she was twinkle kunj notice that she was helping a blind man …from boys are breaking signal .. kunj is rather smitten with her voice .. suddenly wind statrs blowing and her scarf fallen on kunj’ s face.. . kehte hai kuda ne is jaha me sabi ke liye kisi na kisi ko hai banaya her kisi ke liye plays in background.
kunj was stlill in half concious then someone called him.. ” hey.. marna hai kya”
kunj got in consiousness and start searching for the girl .but he couldnt . he sat in car in disappointed and moves towards gurudwara..

he pray and started serving food for poor people .. suddenly he noticed that .. that girl is also serving food their.. he rushed toward her to give back her scarf but again she disappers ..

Credit to: tannu (tanvi)

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    nice 1 tannu, keep it up!

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