twinj saga of love (episode 21)


twinkle about to leaves but she notice kunj and chinki somthing about her .

She hides behind pillar.

And listen their conversation .

Kunj – what u come to konw about twinkle. ?

Chinki – im sorry i listen all .. She had affair withsomeone and she still love him .

Kunj and Twinkle is stunned to listen her .

Kunj – dont tell anyone about that.. !

Chinki – what u decided bhai ?

Kunj dosent have any answer..

K- about what ?

C- about twinkle bhabi.. ?

K- no chinki .. I will talk u ltr about that. Please dont talk anyone about her affair.

Chinki gets angry and says loudly..

C- she cheated with u.. Bhai .. .. U have to told me everything otherwise i will told it eveyone in house.

Kunj -no.. Please.. She did nothing.. She never cheated wiyhme.. Usne to such bataya hai… Chahe to wo sab chupa sakti thi.. Par usne aisa nahi kia chinki…..

He poused and looks at chiki..
Who is really angry.

K- ok.. Clam down.. He narrate her eveything about him and twinkle ..

Chiki – i will not leave this twinkle.. How could she did.that with u.. ?

K- shut up.. ! She is my wife.. & im her husband. I know what is im upto. Please u dont tell it anyone. .. ‘maine use shadi ki hai.. Uski khushi meri jimmedari hai.. Wo jo chahti hai use pura karna mera farz hai.. Humne agni ko sakshi mankar ye kasme khai hai.. Ab main isse piche nahi hat sakta.. ”

Tears rolled down from chikis eyes . Twinkle also start cring..

C- bhai.. Aap ko main aise nahi dekh sakti..

Kunj – arey.. Main kush hu dekh..

And he smiles. Chiki hugs him . He hugs her back.
Twinkle see them and surprised by kunj’s words.

c: aap kis mitti se bane ho bhai.. ? Hum sabko aap ki isi nature ki wajah se chinta rehti h..

Kunj breaks hug and wipes her ters..

Kunj – promise me u will not tell it to anyone.. Vhinki says in between sobs. ” promise. ”

Twinkle runs from their… Goes out from gate. She is walking on eoad..

she thinks ” ohh no.. Kunj kitna manta hai shadi ko.. Wo bhale hi muzse naraj hai phir bhi mere bare me kuch bura nahi kaha chinki se.. Aur main ??!kaise behave kia us se… Jra bhi trust nahi kia us pe.. . Wo meri har hal me sirf khushi hi vhahta hai……Muze bhi apni shadi ke wado ko nibhana hoga..”

While in twinj ‘s room kunj comes in room he looks for twinkle ..

But he dosent call her.. As he has angry with her.. He waits her for some tym. But she dosent come. He gets tensed .. And statr seachring her in home.. He calls her but her dosent pick up . He comes to out from house to search her .. He inquires some peoples.. Then someone tells him about her ..

He rushes towards way which man told him.

She is sittng on footpath.. Some goons comes to him and statrs to misbehave with her..

Goon1: look their.. How s*xy girl she is.. ?

G2 :haa yaar.. Chal maja lete hai.. Koi hai bhi nahi yaha..

Twinkle listen them and start running with screaming.. Goons catch her Abd started tiuching her body.

Goon 1: sharma mat.. Tere jaisi ladkiya muze pasand hai..

T : plese chodo muze .. Mai waisi ladki nahi hunn.. Please..

Twinkle start cring ” plsese help.. Koi hai.. ”

Goon about kiss her. . Kunj comes their hit on his head with rod.. Twinkle sees kunj and smiles. “KUNJJ”

twinkle runs towards him .. And hug.him tightly..

K- tu thik hai ? She nods.

goon1: kaun hai be tu.. ? Ja yaha se.. Pitega nahi to.. ”

Kunj breaks hug and hit goon1.

Other goon push kunj and says ,” bola na ja yaha se ..samaj me nahi ata? ”

Kunj gets angry.. And starts beating them badly .. Kunj breaks bottle and about hit him on his head ..

T-kunj .. Plese.. Dont hit him.. He will die..

Kunj stops and says .. ” Biwi hai meri wo . Suna… Biwi hai meri.” ”

Goons runs from their. He looks at her he gives her his shirt and comes in home.

@room Kunj is still angry on her. .
Kunj comes from washroom and twinkle is cring ,sitting on bed. He feels vry bad .. But he ignores her….and goes towards couch.. Twinkle looks at him .

Say says in betn sobs..
“im sorry kunj!”

Kunj dosent reply..
T- kunj please , say something. I know ur are angry on me ..
Kunj dosent looks at her and says ” im sleepy.. ”
Tgoes towards him and hold his hand..
Theylooks at her painfully.
T- kunj.. Please forgive me..
Kunj gets angry and says..
K- kiske liye ??
T i didnt trust you.. Ishan told me that he opned my bag . .and i thought u were checking surviours of my affair …about me & yuvi ”
K- twinkle please.. U dont need to say sorry to me for this.. Bas kuch dino ki bat hai… Phir tum alag apne raste aur main alag apane raste..ek baar yuvi wapas aye.. Main tumhe yske pas chod dunga.. In sab bato ka koi matlab nahi.. It dosent matter that u trust me or not.i dont care and U too should not care about that.. !!”

Twinkle looks at him heart broken..
Twinkle in her mind ”why i feel so bad .. When he says the truth… Muze fark nahi padna chahiye.. ”
Twinkle looks at him. Tears rolled down from her eyes.
She goes to bed and sleep silently..

Precap : twinkle tells to kunj , that she wants to move on..

Credit to: Tanvi (tannu)

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