twinj saga of love (episode 20)


Hi … Thank you for comments on previous comments plesse bad or good any .. @twinj’s room . At evening . Kunj comes in room from office. …he sits on chair . Tired. Suddenly he sees twinkles bag is open .that her golden box is open… He see and goes their to keep it back in cupboard. But he dosent undeestand to did this .. Who can open her bag ? Kunj lift box in his hands ..he is about to open twinkle comes their… She says angrily.. T- KUNNJJJJ….. Kunj looks at her .. He stops. Kunj – twinkle ??! T – what is this ??? Haa ??? T- i ..really Tcuts him. T- just shut up.. !! How dare u to touch my bag and. This box.. ?? K- at least listen too.. She again interrupts him

T – how dare u to touch my box.. What u were doing haa ?? Ua cheching my bag ?? .. What u want haa ?? I told u everything about my affair .. But u ??! Kunj looks at her with angry , sad .. And goes from their and sits in garden . Twinkle keep box neatly in cupboard .. And cris.. She says herself.. ,”their is nothing in our relation kunj love .. No trust.. No friendship.. ! How will i stay all life with you.. ? Why u did this.. ? ” Kunj is sitting in garden He says himself,” even their is no trust in between us.. ? Its better u leave me.. I know it will heart alot but.. Its right twinkle.. For both of us. ” Then chinki comes to him . Kunj lost in his thoughts ..looking blankly. C- hi bhai.. Kunj – arey chinki.. C- u r upset ?? K- na.. C- i know bhai u r upset with bhabi.. I listen everything.. That ur and bhabis talk.. Im sorry bhai.. K- what ?? U came to know eveything.. Meanwhile in twinjs room .. ? Ishan comes to twinjs room .. I- chachi aap ro rahi ho ?! Twinkle listens his voice and wipes her tears .. T: ishu.. U here ?? Come.. I- why u are cring chachi.. ? U querral with chachu ? I know. T: u know ? Means ? I : chachi im sorry … I open ur bag.. And i take ur box out from bag . Im vrybad boy.. Because of me u and chachu…!!! He starts cring .. Twinkle comes to him .. T: hey.. Its ok handsome.. U know ur vry good boy.. Thsts why u accept ur fault. Dont cry U can go.. ” She wipes his tears and he goes. Twinkle thinks.. ” ohh babaji .. I did one more syppa.. I behaved vry rudely with kunj.. He has been vry heart due to me.. ? ” she runs to look him .. She looks at hall ,kitchen , balcony.. Everywhere.. She not founds kunj anywhere.. She goes to bebe. T: bebe .. Aap ne kunj ko dekha ? Bebe : he is in garden .. What happen ! Is eveything ok. She nods and rubs towards garden . She sees kunj and chinki sitting on bench. She goes but stops their .. Thiks ,” abhi baat nahi kar sakti kunj se.. Chinki ke jane ka wait karti hu..

Credit to: Tanvi (tannu)

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  1. Very Nice episode

  2. Osm epi dear bt short tha it’s OK btw osm epi loved it

  3. nice episode loved it

  4. nyc epi…. wtng fr d nxt one….

  5. Nice one

  6. twinj fan-(tamanna)

    awesome….plz post next epi soon….

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