twinj saga of love (episode 18)


…..the maneger comes their and  .. maneger- you ….go out somewhere.., i have arrange car for u.
kunj – thank you.
owner leaves from their.
twinkle –  kunjjj…. i dont have mood to anywhere… u go..
kunj – why .. ? go with me .. as a friend.. ! i m sure .. you will feel good after..
t- ok..
they goes to beach.. twinkle stands at a place. kunj looks at her. he keeps walking alone,
twinkle  sits there and makes wakes on the sand. they both weere quite.
at night –

Twinj come back to hotel at night.
maneger was standing there.. kunj – good evening ….

he says we have a special table for you.

maneger-we have a special table for you. come sit here,
maneger has arranged a candlelit dinner for twinj. They sit there.
owner-have a good time ..
and he leaves from there.. 

twinkle –  it is my favorite dish.why are you doing all this?

kunj- i want you to have a good time. you like ice cream, green color, sea food.

twinkle smiles look at him. kunj smiles back. he gets happy by see her smile
twinkle –  are you hungry? shall we start.
kunj- yes please.
kunj serves her and eat himself. k- twinkle ……!
t- yes??
kunj- i am not doing this to impress you or something i am being myself. That’s all.
Make yourself comfortable

she nods.
kunj -you can be yourself, i wont force you for anything. I just want to understand you.

The waiter brings water, 
kunj- don’t need water, We are having ice-cream. if you drink water withice cream it gets you cold.
waiter- sorry sir.
kunj gets a call from his office his assistant.
A-where you are?
kunj/ i am on my honeymoon, …..hellow . . i can’t hear you.

kunj holds phn and says to twinkle –
kunj-i am coming in a moment. twinkle eats all the ice-cream and drinks water on it.

they  comes to room,
kunj- twinkle…are you okay?

She starts coughing.

kunj- i think you have caught cold. i think you should sleep on the bed i will sleep on the floor. okay?


she coughs again.

kunj -are you okay?
t- i am better.

kunj gives her the
medicine. She takes .
kunj- should i .turn off the lights?

twinkle is quite.

kunj-.. okay…. i will keep them on, i wont have any issue

kunj sits on the chair. and sleeps there.
twinkle coughs again, kunj wakes up.and goes to her.

k-you are not well.
t- i feel uncomfortable,

k- okay i am going out.
Aadi sits by pool side,
the owner comes there..
owner-what are you doing here? k- just sitting.
o- did you fight with her?
k-  no no. ….nothing like that..
o- you can tell me anything.

kunj comes in the room with the owner. twinkle looks at them surprise.
owner -dont fightwith him in the beginning days, you both came here to enjoy together. Good night take care. And its cold outside, dont go out.

he leaves.

k-dont worry. ..!
kunj- you can sleep here.
kunj sits in chair.. twinkle looks at him..
kunj- what ??
t (with hesitately)- kunj . ..u can sleep on bed with me..  its cold and u will feel uncofortable to sleep in chair..
kunj looks at her surprisely.. !
twinkle.. – i mean.. i will make border.  ..


Next morning
wakes up and sees that twinkle  is lying on the floor and shivering.  kunj rushes to her.
kunj-  get up? openyour eyes… he cheacks her fever.. 
k-you have fever.

He makes her lie on the bed and covers herwith a blanket.
k- dont worry twinkle… I am bringing doctor…
he comes with doctor.. .

doctor – she has fever and flu. She will be okay, people get tired during weddings.

He leaves,
kunj – how are feeling now??
twinkle.. -im not feeling better…should we go back home?

kunj -for that you will have to be okay.

Owner comes in twinjs room .owner- how is she now?
kunj- better.
twinkle starts coughing.

owner – rub her back kunj.. sge will feel better..
twinj looks at each other akwardly..
owner- kunj .. rub her back.
kunj rubs her back… 

twinkle is sitting, aadi observes her.  kunj bring shall and make wrap around her body.
kunj –  how you feel now?

t-better, …
kunj – i have ordered the juice for you.

t- i don’t feel like drinking.

kunj- you need energy, i am asking you as a friend.
The waiter comes with the juice.kunj-please drink it, for your health.. im asking as a friend.
twinkle drinks it ..
twinkle – kunj im feeling good now.. shall we go back.. ?
kunj smiles and says ok..

at home.. next morning..
bebe comes in twinjs room
kunj  opens door..
bebe-  kunj … tell twinkle to make breakfast for and her… chinki went in college .. manhar went in office early today.. and me and usha are going for gurudwara..
kunj – ok bebe..

twinkle wakes up and finds junj is not in room..
twinkle looks in washroom but he not there too. twimklr makes ready herself for breakfast comes in kitchen ..but kunj was there, cooking.

she don’t know how horrified she looked because it made him really scared.

kunj quickly ran to her
k- twinkle… are you fine?”

his voice was filled with worries.twinkle -“Why are you
kunj – means ?
with pick one eyebrow up..
he dosent understand what she means ..
. twinkle still looking at him
he realized what she means.
kunj – twinkle… look at me. I like cooking, okay? You can cook when you like and so will

he poused and again says..
kunj -“you are not my slave. You are my wife still .. ”
twinkle looks at him surprisely..
thrn she remember one thing from her do’s. and dont list which her parents gives her..
she remember..leeles voice-

,””If you let your husband step inside the kitchen, you fail as a wife.. ,”””
twinkle has tears in her eyes due to happiness…

Credit to: tannu

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