twinj saga of love (episode 17)


.. twinkle – i dont have his address too.
kunj – give me his mob . no. !

twinkle gets tensed.. stays quite.
twinkle- i think we have to for hoooney .

kunj – now what will we do.. ??

twinkle – its ok kunj. .. lets pack our bags..

junj – we dont have any other option.

twinkle and kunj packs their bags..
and sleeps .

next morning they leave for honeymoon.
they reached at hotel.

kunj goes to recepatinost.
and asked for two rooms. and tells their name
kunj – im mr. kunj manohar sarna..
manger hears a name.  and rushes to kunj.
maneger. – arree.. kunj.. you are son of manohar.. ? you becomes vry big. i saw you in childhood.  !
manohar is my childhood friend.
kunj greet him .
junj – but im not recalling you.
m- let it be…. congrulationas.. you get married… dont you want to introduce your wife to me.
kunj looks at twinkle.
twinkle smiles a bit.
kunj – she is twinkle..
m- not like that .. she is your wife now.. u have to introduce like.. she is my wife my love .. Twinkle.. and hi twinkle..
kunj – yes.. she is my wife.. twinkle kunj sarna..
twinkle. – hlw uncle..
m-but  why you need an extra room ?
twinj gets tens.
knj – haa.. my friend ….he had too.

m- when hear manohar sarnas name.. then i realize that ua son of manihar. Its been long since i met him.

kunj- yes.

The owner says to manager they should have no trouble,.

Manager says if you need anything let us know.

twinj cooms in room .

kunj sits on the bed

twinkle  looks at him with widen eyes. 
kunj – i mean now we don’t have to pretend like a couple at least here. but yes, the separate room plan failed. We have to live in this room, i know you are uncomfortable but i can’t help it. will it be okay?

twinkle -yes.
kunj-  all right, lets get fresh. i go while i get rest.

twinkle is looking for bag. she notice that her one of d bag is missing

 T- kunj….my bag? its not here.

kunj- look carefully .. yaar im sleepy ..dont disturb me.

twinkle – ok.

and starts cring..with sobbing.
kunj – why r u cring.. ? means it us really missing.
twinkle nods.

kunj- we had 3 bags. Did you take it out of taxi ?

twinkle -i forgot it there ..i think.

twinkle -how couldn i forget. We have to get that bag. please find it kunj.
and start cring

kunj- relax we will find it. Was there anything important?

t- yes .. !!
kunj – there is jewelry? money? t- something more important than that.
kunj- don’t worry,.. im going to seaech.. but dont cry.
t: im coming with u.

kunj – no.. u stAy here..

kunj is about to touch her should but stops.
t- no please.. muze bhi sath le chalo..
kunj -ok ..
kunj goes and tells the receptionist about the bag. kunj inquires different people,

twinkle looks the taxi which they travel and inform kunj. kunj goes to driver. driver gives him bag
kunj – thank you bhaisahab.
D- ur welcom ..
twinkle runs towards bag .. and grip it tightly.
kunj smiles at her.
kunj – chale.. ??
t- thank you kunj.. its vry imp in bag. .. ..
kunj -its ok..
some thief sees this and. . snach he bag from her hand and runs..
twinkle screams..
t- kunj. …. bag..
kunj loolks thief and start runing behind them..
they. sits on bike .. twinj sits in taxi. and follw them..
driver finally sucess to stop biker thief.
kunj fight with them .
kunj hit them badly ..
one of goon hit with rod on kunjs back.
kunj stand up and hit him . they runs away .
kunj gives the bag to twinkle.
twinklw looks at injured hand . she teras her duppata and wrap on it.
they were staring each other lovelingly.. ( aja ve sajna ..moment)
t- im sorry kunj.. ua in this state because of me only.
junj – its ok.. im thats like only.
and he smiles. twinkle also smiles.
they reach at hotel room.

twinkle takes out her phone and calls but there is no network coverage. She asks the receptionist that she has to make a call. He says the phone is off, there is a telephone near the hotel. twinkle goes their. and calls leela

twinkle -maa….!

L- are you okay?

t-yes. ….
leela.- did you reach well?
t- yes….!!
twinkle sobs .
t- i really miss you maa.
l- 1min ..puttar..
she holds phone call as

rt comes their. leela says to rt that twinkles phones is here.
rt takes the phone
twinkle – you should focus on kunj.. don’t call again and again here. enjoy your trip…….
and cuts the phone.

twinkle comes in room . She opens bag and takes out the golden box. She puts it in again and looks that kunj is not in the room,

twinkle goes downstairs to look for kunj.
kunj comes from washroom and he also noticed that twinkle is not in room .
kunj- twinkle.. twinkle.. where are you.. !

kunj to himself – twimkle .. kaha gyi ye ladki… bilkul ….syappa queen hai.. batake nahi ja sakti kya.. ??
twinkle comes in room with sobbing..
she is in herself. ,” kunj kaha gye tum.. ??”

twinkle opens the door room and sees kunj is standing in front of her.. !!
twinkle looks at him abd smiles ..
kunj looks back and find twinkle is smiling at him
kunj scold her -twinkle.. kaha thi tum .? bata ke to jati… ?tera phn bhi nahi lag raha hai.. maine kitna pareshan tha.. !
but he stops..
twinkle – kunj im sorry but i went to downstairs.. to look for you. . as you was not in room ..
but where was u.. ?
kunj- i went to get fresh.
t- and but u had to tell me too..
kunj – im sorry.. !!

precap : maneger comes in twinj room with kunj and tells twinkle to not do fight with kunj….

Credit to: tannu (Tanvi)

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