twinj saga of love (episode 16)


after pooja kunj goes in room . he decide to talk about yesterdays night . he is in his room,
Bebe and anand comes there.. she alredy notice that things are not right ib between kunj and twinkle.

bebe- why are you sitting like this? You should eat and stay happy these days. and where is Twinkle ??
kunj – i dont know bebe.

bebe – is personal thing but i unable to see happiness. jjoy and twinkling in eyes in you both like  newly married couple…..
tum dono ki jo bhi problem ho jaldi dur ho jaye ..

kunj looks surprisely at her.

kunj gets emotional inside bit pretend to be happy

kunj – ohh meri pyari bebe.   .im so happy.. twinkle is too..
may be hum alag type ke couple hai.. u know.. jra hatke..

they both smiles

bebe – whatever.. but keep
smilng like that.. wanted to give you a surprise, i want to give you this Kashmir’s honeymoon package, you will really enjoy there. aur koi gele shikve honge wo bhi mit jayege.. may be you feel good after honeymoon..

kunj- yes i have had so many surprises.

anand  laughs
bebe – tu kyu has raha h??
anand- beta kunj…this is the beginning only
kunj and bebe also laughs and leves from there.

twinkle was sittng in garden .
she thinks..
-,”main yahi baithati hu.. kunj so jane ke baad chali jati hu.. aur maa ko call karti hu ”

she calls leela ..
t-hlw maa..
l- twinkle puttar.. !?? kaisi hai tu ??
t: mai thik hu..i missing u maa..
leela – twinkle .. miss u too
me and ur dad  are so happy for you.
twinkle – hun.. !!
leela -you are lucky to be in their house. twinkle puttar.. you should smile more often. they all are vry nice
t: yes maa..
leela : how is kunj .. ?
twinkle keeps quite.
leela : kya hua puttar.. !sab thik hai..
t : haa maa..he is in room.. bye maa…!

Desai and Sanjivni come out, they say why are you leaving? sit wehave fun together, suresh says no some other time please.

.At night,

Twinkle comes to her room and bolts the door.  kunj was sitting on bed. he looks at her

akunj-  why were you out for so long? i was waiting for u..

twinkle – i thought you wont like me to be here.

kunj- right…!!.

twinkle – this is how we will start our relationship?

He goes to her and says
junj -you gave it a startling start already. you loved someone else. but i like that you told me truth i liked it. you could rather keep it inside but you told me. you can tell me anything. It was certainly painful but what can i do about it.

twinkle –  what could i do? I couldn’t say no.
i would never have done this if i could.

kunj- thats wrong, you should always stand for yourself, the society always brings you down. You should know what your rights are.
she keeps looking at him

kunj -can i ask you a question?

twinkle – yes.  ?
with tense
kunj.- I don’t care if he was your love or he still is. All i want to ask is, ….. he poused and again says ……… doyou love me twinkle?
ge looks at her. .in her eyes.. she looks at him for a second and again looks down. ….as kunj was stering at her..

twinkle  is silent,

kunj-  i got my answer. You don’t love me today.

twinkle has  tears in eyes.

kunj look at her sadly.. but happy for she didnt tell lie to him.. she is honest..

kunj – you love someone else but what about me. I don’t know what will my future be… ?

twinkle -no. tell you that because. ..i cabt start our life with lie .

kunj – no twinkle.. you love someone else… have to decide it. Everything is in your hands and you can decide your way as well. i really care for you. i will get you whatever you want, i promise. i wont bound you, your decision will be respected. Good night.
twinkle surprise by his words.. she goes to bed and found honemoon pakage their..
she looks at him .
junj with akwardly
,” bebe ko lagta hai hum dono ke bich me kuch thik nahi hai.. isiliye wo honeymooon.
twinkle – its ok..but ..

kunj – what ?
twinkle – but we are going together??
kunj – we will go tigether from house.

twinkle – and then ?
kunj – you have yuvi’s no..? call him i want to meet both will go for kashmir..and i will return back .
twinkle calls yuvi.. but its out of reach..
twinkle – it is out of reach..
kunj – give me his address.. it is important to meet him..
twinkle- i dont know his address. .

precap – someone stoles twinkles bag.. kunj .. twinkle tells kunj to find it out..

Credit to: tannu

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