twinj saga of love (episode 15)

…. recap : kunj calls twikle and says he was worried thats why he calls her. twinkle was with yuvi at bus stop. she was going to run away with yuvi. but she hears conversion of two ladies and goes to home.. kunj see her and gers tensed she becames uncosious.. kunj lies her on bed.

Kunj makes her lie on bed and sits near her . He sprinkles sone water on her face. He gets tensed about twinkle.
Twinkle becomes consicious and opens her eyes. He looks at her and smiles.

Kunj – thanx god.. Tumhe hosh aya .! Tum thik ho.. ?

T: haa.. ! 

Twnikle tries to up . Kunj makes her sit properly with help of pillows.

She looks at him loveling.

He gets close to her and start careses her hairs. and says in his lovely voice..

Kunj – wont you still talk to ????
I am in love with the innocence on your face, you are not the girl who talks for no reason and dance and all those stupid things. you are really different, really simple. You speak with your eyes.right?

Twinkle is quite. he holds her hand.

She takes her hand back and stands up.  Kunj scroll his eyebrows.

Kunj- what happened? are you being shy? I don’t know what to say either.

Twinkle- but i want to speak today.
i have to speak today, i want to say something.
I can’t live with its burden anymore, if i don’t say it tonight i……you gave me chance to say it but i couldn’t tell you.
You are really nice i can’t conceal it from you.

Kunj thinks “thats why she was cring. But what she wants to tell me.. ? ”
he scroll his eyebrows.
She stays quite for five min.

Kunj – and what is it .. ??

Twinkle closes her eyes to gather some strenght.

Twinkle- I loved someone, more than my life.  i was with him today. I was about to going to run away with him..  ..and his name is yuvi.. ..Yuvaj ludhra.

Kunj  takes aback.

he feels dazzy. He is unable to believe his ears what he hears few seconds ago. He is numed.

He falls on his yellow chair.
Twinkle is cring only..

She goes to him. and holds his hand .  he was not cring ,as he gets big shock. his mind was not working. she sits becide him and holds his hand .

kunj- did you love him or do you still . ???

kunj gets call from someone. he takes. its from his friend . he pickups d phn .
kunj – hellow. .. ??
person- yaar .. main teri shadi mai nae aa saka .. maf kar de.. waise bhabhiji kaisi hai… ?
kunj dosent speak. he gives glance to twinkle ..

kunj turns phn off and throws it away.

kunj goes to her and grab her shoulder tightly.

kunj – what i was asked you.. ? give me ans.. !

but twinkle dosent speak .. she has tears in her eyes.. she looks down.

kunj – your silence is the answer. its my time to speak now but i don’t know what to say. I will talk to myself.

she goes to him
t: im sorr. ..
but he cuts her.

kunj-its quite late. we are really tired. …. you too….please .. stay quite now.
well talk about it later.  im not in mood to talk.

t: but kunj ..

but kunj cuts her
kunj -twinkle please.. i said i dont want to talk.. ..

she looks him sadly and goes to couch.   she sits on couch.
they falls in sleep as it is.

@next morning.
baby goes in their room and see them sleeping on chairs.

she wakes up twinkle .
and says –  why are u both sleep like this .. ?
kunj wakes up by their noise .
je looks at bebe and understand the matter.
he gives glAnce to twinkle and says. – bebe.. i was working on laptop and twinkle was wating for me to sleep. and we both. falls in slept .. as their only.. ! haina twinkle ?

twinkle – jee bebe.

.kunj – but aap subah subah yaha?

bebe – you are newly married couple thats why i arrange pooja today for your good married life. you both get ready and come fast.

she gives saree to twinkle and says .” wear this in pooja. ”

bebe goes from their.

kunj and twinkle looks at each other with guilt.

twinkle – kunj .. i know u are angry on me.. but you have full rights to…

but kunj cuts her..and says in his ever so clam voice..

kunj – twinkle.. im not angry on you.. it all was my bad luck.

twinkle looks at him with surprise.

kunj – whatever has happened int his room shall never go out.

She nods.

kunj – we are husband and wife now officially so we have to sit in this pooja and we have to pretend like we are happy.

kunj pinch his nosebridge with his fingures .
and says.

,”i know twinkle. …. we have not got chance to speak about it…. Its difficult and delicate to take a decision about yourself but we have to pretend this time. ”

kunj smiles littal and twinkle to control the suitation .and again says
kunj –
Miss Twinkle taneja. ….. lets face it. Go get fresh we have to go for Pooja.

twinkle – okay.

they gets ready for pooja and goes downstairs..

precap : kunj askes yuvi’s mobile no. to call him .

guys if their are some mistakes then forgive.. actually im not a writter.. i m just tring to write . i wll update next part asap.
love you guys. . thank you for commenting on my previous part. keep commenting like this…. love you all..

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