twinj saga of love (episode 14)


… kunj agrin tries to call twinkle .. she peeks up ..

kunj – hellow twinkle .. ! tum thik ho ?  phn q nahi utha rahi.. hum sab tumhare liye kitane pareshan hai pata h.. ??

twinkle dosent finds the words to speak. she stays qutite.

kunj – hellow .. tum thik to ho ??! kuch bol q nahi rahi ho ..?

t – mai thik hu.. u dont worry about me..! she poused and says
and i was called u to take permission .. but u was busy..

kunj.- twinkle ..please .. mera wo matlab nahi tha.. u can go where ever u ur hasbond not boss..ok?? and ua my wife.. …but please inform me as i will stay relax.

his words  touches. to her heart.. she was cring ..she keeps phone and stated cring bitterly..

twinkle in her mind.. “is he really cares about me.”

yuvi and twinkle sits on bench at bus stop…  then two  ladies cames their .
and sits becide her. 

lady1 : u know that seema . she ditch her husband .. he was so careing ..helpful.. and runs away with her bf.

L2 : hmm how. .mean na.. ?? what will happen with her hansband now.. ?

L3 : he meets with accident in tension.. ! he is coma now.. but she dosent care.. even she didnt think about her family also..

L2 : how mean na??

L1 : hmm some peples has so selfish like her. bhag hi jana tha to shadi se pahale hi jati.. dusaro jindagi q barbaad kari..?

twinkle hears this conversation ..she has tears in her eyes..

twinkle in her mind ..” is im doing is right ?? twinkle u are wrong.. now u coupled with kunj and his family too.. and u dont have rights to snach his happiness. if anything will happen to him … ?i wll never forget myself. ”

yuvi looks at him and he wipes her tears and says ,” why r u cring ? ”
he says with tense voice.

but she dosent reply.  
she just say Sorry..
and runs towards home.

kunj is alredy in their room. he is sitting on couch ..doing something in laptop.

she feeling shameless…
she reaches at the door of their room . stands their only.

kunj feels her present and looks back.
twinkle is breathing fast… she is looking tired..

kunj – twinkle.. ? why u r standing their only ?? u look tired … . ?

twinkle questions herself.. “what i was doing.. ?? he cares me so much and i..? i was going to ditch him.  ! ”

tears rolled down from her eyes.
kunj goes to her says with clam voice with checking if she has fever ;”.  why r u cring .  ..??is anything unsual happen ? ”

kunj holds her wrist and bring her in room and make her sit in chair.

kunj is also tensed now. he dosent understand what actually bothering her so much.. !

kunj – please tell me .. why r u cring ?? .  i cant see u like this.   ??

she surprised by his words.

she looks at him at kneels down.. she grabs her one leg and make her head rest on his knee.

kunj sweating badly due to tension. but pretend to be clam

kunj – twinkle.. ?! what are doing ??

twinkle – im sorry kunj.. !!

he is more confused now.. he scroll his eybrows .. and sit down with her.

kunj – sorry ..??? for what ??

tere are silence all over.. only twinkles sobbings voice is hear.
twinkle dosent reply.

kunj stands up and makes her stand up too. he holds her shoulder .

twinkle- ii..ii’m not deserve to u.

junj – twinkle. look at me. .?snd  tell me 1st.. ? is anyone say u something bad ??

twinkle nods in no..

kunj – then..?? ua friend says u somthing. bad..???

twinkle again nods in no. and start cring. he removes his hanky and wipes her tears.

he cups her face by his hands and says, “twinkle.. look at me.. !nothing like that.. u r d best.. then why i married you.. ???

Twinkle feels dizzy and she gets unconcious. Kunj holds her and lies her on bed.

Precap : twinkle tell kunj about her affair .


Credit to: tannu

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  1. Wow tannu pls update the next epi asap

  2. Hi, am a silent reader nd today am start to comment your episode so it’s superb Finally twinkle come back to kunj life am so happy., plz daily update.

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  5. thank you.. im so glad.. that u like my ff.. thank you guys.. and keep commenting like this. love u all.

  6. hey iam a silent bt todays wpi waz iresiateble ….coudnt..cntrl mah self ….i v read all ur epi ….update soon

  7. It was Awsome

  8. nyc episode tannu….. pls update d nxt one asap….

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