twinj saga of love (episode 13)


.kunj wakes up as runrays distrubs him .
He sees twinkle sitting on bed. Kunj looks at her and smiles . Twinkle notice that kunj woke up.
K- gm. Twinkle .

T: gm . With broad smile.
K – had u freashen up??  we have get ready .  bhaiya will come to brung us. 
Twinkle nods .
They come back home along with anand bhaiya .
Usha does their arti. Bebe and usha does twinkles gruhapravesh. Kunj bring twinkle in room.

In room .
K: hey .. Welcome to our humble room. .
Twinkle smiles look at him to reply . He gives back .
T: but is very nice .
Junj – ok .. U Relax .. I have to go for office.
Twinkle nods in yes .. And kunj leaves for office.
Twinkles phone’s .beep.
It is yuvi’s message .
Twinkle see’s this and gets angry .
T: dont know .. What he wants from me now ??? im married why cant he understands.
Sand read message .
Is txt’s ” can i call u .. Last one .. ? Please say yes . I want to tell you something ”
Twinkle thinks. ” i have to finish this matter now. !! ”
She txt back him in yes .
Yuvi : hi twinkle. .i want to tell you one thing .. Please can you meet me ??
T: shut up yuvi.. Im married with kunj now.. I cant do meeting with you now. please dont call me again . When you must had to came or call then u didnt.. Now what u want to explain me.. ? I know very well that you will give excuses . But i dont want to listen . stay away from me now. ”
Yuvi : plesas baby more tym please ? Its very imp . !
T: dont call me baby.
Yyuvi : im sorry.. But please meet me . I promice i will never call you again ..
Twinkle thinks
T : ok.. But this is last tym yuvi.
.. .. Twinkle cuts phone and talk herself : i have take permission if kunj . but what i will say him ?? Friend bolu ?? yes .. !bolti hu ke purane friend. Se milba hai. ”
She calls kunj. But kunj in not picking up.

t: i think wo meeting me hoga.
Then bebe cames their.
T: bebe aap yaha ?
B: haa. But ua looking tensed ??is everthing ok ??
T : actually kunj phone nahi recieve kar raha hai.. ..
B: hmm . . Uske bina dil nahi lag raha. ??
With teasing manner .
T: bebe . Nothing like that.. I want his permission to meet my old friend.. He is coming after so many yeaes .
B : are. To ja na. Use mai bol dungi. What is need to take permission in that ?
Then twinkle remembers his faters words .
” where was u !?? U go to meet ua friends without taking my permission dare u . ?? ”
twinkle surprise with her behaviour as this suitation is new to her.
She reaches at hotel. There yuvi is already waiting for her.
goes to him .
Yuvi : plese sit down.
T: im ok. U have only five minutes . Tell me . ..what u wants to talk.. !?
Yuvi ; im so sorry be..sorry twinkle. I couldnt came on right tym.. But there is reason behind this ??
T : ohh please. i dont want to listen anything ..
Yuvi : i k .. U r vry angry on me . But please listen atlist first.
Yuvi : i couldnt came because …

B is shown.
[ yuvi stated to leave for bribg twinkle with him .but he gets call from unkown no.
M: hellow. ??
Y : haa ..who ??
M: yuvraj ludhra is here ??
Y : ji mai.. Aap koun ??
M: aap ki maa ko heart attak hua hai.. Abhi aap hospital aayiye ..
He gives him adress.
Yuvi : coming..
] fb ends
T : how can i trust on you ?? What is proof that u a not liaing to me ?
Y : what .. ??. I dont accept this from u ? now u want proof .. ?
T : yes..
With angry tune .
Yuvi .:listen then .. When i go to hospital. .my mom was laing on ved. She was unconsicus . Docters was cheching her..
When they came out. i asked doctors about her.. but . …
and yuvi stated cring ..
twinkle sits near him and cups yuvi ‘s face. and asked worriedly..

T: but .. ?? what ? she is fine now ?!
yuvi.:twinkle.. i lost her.. .. i m finished.. . yes. u r right.. im irresponsible. i lost u too..
yuvi : as doctors says .. she is no more .. then i thoght.. i cant lost twinkle also.. and rushes to ua home … but u and ua hubby was married their .. i lost everything in one day.. please ho sake to maaf kar dena muze..
and he started cring bitterly. twinkle has tears in her eyes.

T : im sorry yuvi.. i was wrong..
but dont worry . everything will fine.
yuvi hugs her with cring. . he’s unaware about that.
twinkle hugs him back and consloes him ..they lost in each others..
yuvi : please .. tu wapas aa ja. mai bilkul akela hu..
t: even i cant live without you yuvi.
and hugs tight.
yuvi breaks hug and come in senses.
yuvi : kya kaha tumne ??
t : yes yuvi. chalo bhag chalte hai..
yuvi : but ua husband is not bad at at all.. he will be heart ..twinkle.
T: i dont know. i dont care. what he will think .. i only know.. that i love u .and i cant live without u.
yuvi : no twinkle this is wrong.
t : no yuvi.. i cant see you like this .
tyuvi thinks ..but by seeing her conditiin he says
– ok . now lets go..
they reaches at bus stand ..
she gets call from kunj .

in kunj’s office
kunj is tring to call so many times but twinkle doesnt pick up.
kunj is worried about her. and decide to call bebe to ask about twinkle.
kunj self : where is this twinkle.. ? why the hell is not picking up my phone .. ? hope she is fine..
u think i should i have to call bebe.”
bebe : haa kunj ??
kunj. : twinkle ne muze cl kua tha..isiliye mai use kabse call kar raha hu but wo utha nahi rahi.. aap meri bat kara do us se..
bebe. : are she is with her old friend .. she called you to take ua permission but i told her to go.. may she kept her mobile on silent .. thsts why .. u dobt take tension..
kunj : ok bebe bye..
kunj sits in chair and thiks..
but i dont know.. why im feeling .. something wrong is going to happen. i want to see twinkle.
then kunj rushes to car.. and start driving car to home..

Credit to: tannu (tanvi)

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