twinj saga of love (episode 12)

…….Again she losts in her own thoughts…”she is on the bed, feeling terrified. She opened her diary and write , “‘I married a stranger’ “..and quickly hide it under the bed. Her whole body was shaking. She says herself “What do I do?” kunj ata hi hoga’..she questioned herself…”Do I act like a virgin?””But what if he finds out? Do I tell him to wait for it for a few days? …wait..but what if it makes him angry? .. and what anout that list which my mother gives me.. ? what do’s and donts . .. no cant forget .. otherwise my husband will also ditch me like yuvi.. why tuvi not came on tym ?”

kunj is standing out of door .. Kunj is also feeling akward .
. He thinks ” ohh god.. what do i do..? do i ask her for *.? or not .. ?? but if she is not ready then ?? it will make her disappointed…. and what if i will not do anything..? what she will think about me.. ?? secret guy ?? god please help me ”

he take sigh . close his eyes to gather some strength and open front door . their hearts jumps in their necks. twinkle is breathing heavily. The sound of his footsteps give her goosebumps. she looks down and pretend to be calm. kunj stopps at the door when he sees her. she isn’t looking at him. kunj goes to her in two steps .. and sits becide her…. and open her veil and says “twinkle.. “, he says with ever-so-calm voice. she has not dared to look at him. he holds her hand . and says.

kunj – twinkle.. look at me..”

but twinkle doesnt . but she remeber his mothers voice ” “if your husband doesn’t want to sleep with you, you have failed as a wife”.. then suddenly she looks him .. kunj gets littal happy. he takes her hand and kiss it. twinkle gulps and closes her eyes.. tas she closes her eyes she see yuvis ..face and their close moments..” twinkle opens her eyes and jerk him.. she runs.. stands near window.. kunj dosent understands what she wants actually.. he goes to her and touches her back.. twinkle thinks ” he must considered me prude. but i have to tell him about my affair.. i cant srat our life with lie..”

says ” kunj. .. please.. ” kunj – clam down yourself.. im not doing anything without your permission . i was just unzipping ua dress

and he steps back .. twinkle turns . she give glance him again looks down . he looks at her and says. kunj – twinkle.,; im going to sleep on couch.. u will sleep on bed .. ok ??.. twinkle gets surprise by his words.. and looks at him lovelingly.. but stays quiet kunj – .”Don’t you want to ask me why?”, kunj says, with little humor in his voice, trying to cheer her up . she looks at him for just a few seconds and looks down again. kunj- “You are my wife’ ,paused, and again says, “not a pr*stitute”

.she really don’t know what he means as her mind is not working well. she remember rt’s voice “When you don’t know what to say to your husband, keep your mouth shut’ as remember this she obeys him as usual. kunj – were u lost.. im talking to you. twinkle comes littal in sences and immediately says. T: kunj i want to tell u something.. ” kunj :. not need to tell anything.. if it feel u embrassing.. when we’ll becames good friends then u u’ll definately tell me.. he smiles and contineous kunj -if we sleep together when we really don’t know each other, what different you would be from a pr*stitute? We will sleep together someday, whenboth of us wants it. and that dayI’d be making love to my wife. I definitely won’t be having s*x with a stranger.” his words touches her heart .. she smiles at him .. junj goes to couch and agin come back.. he steps forwards to her .. till she reaches to wall .. ge puts his hand on wall and twinkle is in .. she is taking heavy breaths .. she closes her eyes and gulps. she feels terrific now.. but he says funnily, “I am not a secret gay by the way. I promise you that.” and again goes to couch to sleep.. she looks him surprise for few seconds to understand matter .. and stats giggling .

she herself in mind – despite how scared” she sleep on the bed without removing her make-up or anything, tears rolled down from the corner of her eyes.

next morning she wakes up due to rays hitting in eyes. she wakes up and smile.. she finds kunj is sleeping peacefully on couch.. she goes to him and cover his body with blanket .. and eyes him lovelingly . she again goes to bed and sits .. and says herself. ” thank you babaji.. u give me kunj.. .. but now.. i will show you yuvi.. im vry happy without you.. u dont have dare thats why .. u couldnt made me yours .. u ditch me.. u didnt came on right tym on marriage.. i was waiting for you .. u ???.. . i vll never forgive you. i hate you yuvi. ”

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